Hair transplant is a surgical process which is used to implant hair on your head. But did you know apart from the head, facial hair transplant which includes mustache and beard transplant is also popular nowadays? Majority of men embrace their beard as it a sign of masculinity. Though it takes time to grow a beard for some, it is quite
challenging and for them, transplant is the best solution to sprout more facial hair.

So, if you have made your mind to go for a beard transplant and you started looking for hair restoration surgeon then here are some important things that you need to know:

1. Same as hair transplant
The process followed for beard transplant is quite similar to a hair transplant that involves the donor hair extraction from the back or side of the hair. Your surgeon will choose the hair that matches and transplant it carefully to the recipient site. A minute difference in the incision size is smaller in beard transplant and bigger in
scalp transplant

2. Takes time
A transplant process takes about 2-5 hours to complete which depends on the area to be covered and the density of hair you want in your beard.

3. Hair growth is the same as facial hair
No need to worry about the hair growth as your facial hair will grow with similar texture and characteristics that your surgeon took and grafted matching with your facial hair.

4. Not only beards
Apart from the beard transplant, the facial transplant can help to get a mustache or fill in sparse facial hair and patchiness. Your surgeon will carefully place the donor hair at right angle and thickness.

5. No pain
The procedure is practically painless just like the scalp hair transplant. Usually, the process is done through FUE hair transplant technique in which the surgeon picks the required follicles for the procedure. In this process, there is no need to make large donor site incisions as in traditional FUT technique.

6. Less hair means less hair loss
To get a beard transplant you need to sacrifice some hair from the scalp. No need to worry about it as less donor hair means less hair loss that can be treated with scalp hair treatment.

7. Various reasons for a beard transplant
Many times, a beard transplant is done mainly for aesthetic reasons. However, sometimes it is done due to the lack of facial hair growth that occurs due to injury or scars.

8. Shaving
Never shave the transplanted hair at least for the initial few days after the surgery. This is the time when the transplanted hair looks more visible. Also, be aware that there will be hair fall after a fortnight of your transplant surgery. This is quite a shocking phase as it paves the way for new hair growth to come on the 3rd or 4th month after the surgery. Once done with this, you can decide whether you want a scruffy look or you want to shave because the new hair will start growing back.

9. Permanent solution
The best part and an important benefit of hair transplant are that it gives permanent results. There is no need to worry about losing facial hair after the transplant procedure.

10. Know Risks & Complications
Though a beard transplant is not a big procedure to worry about still it’s a surgical procedure. There are chances of risks and complications. It might happen due to poor aftercare or if the transplant is performed by an inexperienced hair restoration surgeon.

So, it is always advisable to do proper research and get the transplant done by an experienced surgeon who has done many successful transplant cases. It not only assures the successful transplant but they can also teach the right aftercare to avoid any risk or complications. Also, be informed about the beard transplant cost so that
you can choose the best option.

A beard transplant process is a right choice to flaunt your beard and stay stylish! To redefine a new style statement with a beard transplant, you need to look for a good hair transplant surgeon. You can consult the best doctor for better and quick results.


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