Every woman desire to have beautiful and shiny hair. The bouncy tresses of women enhance their beauty and boost their confidence too. The problem arises when hair fall starts. Whether men or women, both experience hair fall issues at some point in time. Though it affects every individual differently hair loss at a rapid rate becomes a matter of concern for everyone.

Due to the aging process, some accept loss of hair as a natural phenomenon. In some people, hair loss issues occur due to medical or genetic reasons. If you are a woman who is dealing with hair loss problems, then you can choose the hair restoration procedure. Remember, a transplant option is only for those women who have a thick area of hair on the back and sides to donate to scanty part of the scalp.

Let’s check out the best reasons why women choose a hair restoration procedure:


Extreme Hair Thinning

Losing a few strands of hair while brushing is quite normal. The situation worsens when you notice the continuous hair fall from the scalp. You can notice hair thinning when you look in the mirror. Also, when you try to tie them with barrettes or clip, they slide down which shows not enough hair is present on the scalp to grip. The barrettes and clip you used earlier are now quite big to use. It means that you need to buy small clips for your thin mane. While brushing your hair, if you notice that you are losing more hairs then it is likely that your hair is thinning and you need to take some steps to prevent it.


You want the same thickness of hair you had before

You prefer female hair transplant a good option when you want the same thickness of hair you had earlier. It might be because you may want to style it in the same manner as you use to do it. You may want to get back your long lustrous youthful hair back. Some women want to treat hair loss as they want their hair locks before the loss. No matter whatever the reason but every woman desires to get back their healthy and normal bouncy hair.


Hair loss affects your confidence level

This is one of the major reason for female hair transplant as it affects their confidence level. Getting back normal hair helps to boost their confidence. Many women suffer low self-esteem when their hair is lost. As women’s hair is one of the main features of their beauty and getting back the natural appearance through restoration boosts their confidence.

If you are the one who is facing huge hair loss issues and want to restore it to its original appearance, then you can opt for the female hair restoration procedure. You are a suitable candidate for a surgical hair transplant:

If you have a distinct pattern of baldness such as hairline recession, vertex thinning.
If hair loss is due to mechanical or traction Alopecia
Your hair loss is due to trauma, including burn victims, scarring from accidents, and chemical burns.
You are suffering from alopecia marginalis, a condition that looks very similar to traction alopecia.


Why Choose us?

Hair loss in women is a disorder that can be treated medically or surgically. A medical evaluation is necessary in treating hair transplant for female pattern baldness with a trained medical hair specialist. The Aritus plastic and cosmetic surgery center is equipped with all the modern facilities where the procedure rooms are well furnished with latest devices along with the skilled plastic surgeon, a team of trained technicians are all available can be preferred for the transplantation.

At Artius, our surgeons are well-experienced and are the pioneers of most advanced technique of female FUE hair transplant. They assure to provide 100% guaranteed results along with natural looks which give women pleasing looks. They help women to regain their lost confidence back.

We are known as the best when it comes to female hair transplant in India. The newly transplanted follicular units produced a new strand of hairs after a few months of the procedure. The hairs will continue to grow for one’s lifetime. The cost of female hair transplant is very affordable and usually depends on the number of grafts.