Nowadays, many people experience male pattern baldness at some point of life. It is quite obvious to feel tensed about it. The continuous hair loss can make them go bald and so it’s important to address the issue on time. As the problem is that the longer you wait, the hard it becomes to reverse the damage. Starting a treatment program as soon as you notice receding hairline will increase the chance of holding on your hair.

So, it is important to notice the common signs of balding to take effective measure to treat it:

1. Hair Fall
Excessive hair fall can make you go bald. Often, you overlook hair loss problem and consider as a normal shedding, but sometimes the regular shedding can cause hair thinning. So, whenever you notice a lot of hair stuck in combs or brushes or hair stick on your pillow or you lose hair during the head bath, it might be time to go for hair loss

2. Itchy Scalp
If you have an itchy scalp, it’s a sign of hair loss.Though it isn’t directly related to male pattern baldness but can give rise to the dermatological conditions like psoriasis or dermatitis. Due to itching, excessive rubbing, scratching and brushing of the scalp can cause irreversible damage to the hair follicles. Make sure to consult a doctor who can help you with the treatment plan that can end your itching issues and prevent hair loss.

3. Receding Hairline
Hairline recession is a major sign of balding. Many people ignore it thinking it’s normal to lose hair. However, when you notice your hairline is receding while brushing your hair causing hair thinning around your temples then it’s time for hair loss treatment program.

4. Visible Scalp
Did you have a scalp covered with a thick set of hair? A few years back, you could barely see your scalp. But now the scalp is clearly visible. The reason is that you might have lost a significant amount of hair on your head and losing more hair over time start developing bald spots. Moreover, if your scalp is getting sunburned due to hair loss is
a sign that you need a treatment for it.

Are you ready to prevent hair loss?

Now, when you know about the signs of balding, it’s time to be aware of the ways to stop spreading male pattern baldness. Firstly, don’t become much stressed or upset about hair loss as it’s something that can be treated easily.

The biggest issue about male pattern baldness and hair loss isn’t following the effective treatment plan but it’s the ignorance towards it. Many people find signs of baldness as a traumatic situation and start looking for homeopathic or herbal remedies to cure baldness. However, it won’t help in the long term.

With medical advancement, there are viable solutions available to treat baldness. The popular ones are the treatment of baldness with minoxidil and finasteride. Both can be used together and can help prevent hair loss in the majority of people. The important thing is to have patience while starting a treatment regimen as the results will take time. You need to wait for few months to get the optimal results.

In the majority of men, going bald is a slow and long process that can happen anytime in their life. The best way to stop hair loss problems is to notice the early signs of balding and start treatment as soon as possible.


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