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Anti-Ageing Injections

Keeping your face smooth and supply is no simple assignment. Wrinkles shape as our skin gets more seasoned and less flexible, and the sun does what’s coming to it’s of harm as well.

Injectable anti maturing medicines are a speedy and advantageous approach to smooth out those lines on the brow and around the eyes and mouth with no requirement for a medical procedure.

Skin offers injectables with genuine items, in a clinical situation performed by very qualified therapeutic experts.

We- Artius clinic are a group of highly trained doctors who are among the best anti ageing treatment in Mumbai.

Our ranges of anti ageing injectables at the Artius clinic treat a variety of products:

Perioral lines

Wrinkles and wrinkles around our mouths regularly give individuals the impressions of being old, worn out and miserable. Peri-Oral Lines are the lines over the lip, frequently alluded to as ‘smoker’s lines’ or ‘vertical lipstick lines’. Dermal fillers can assist you with winding back the clock and accomplish a more young appearance without experiencing the surgical tool, and change what you may see to be a ‘tragic’ investigate an immaculate grin. System time 30-45 minutes and results can last up to nine months.

Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial overlap is grin lines that degree from the each side of the nose to the side of the mouth and lines that conform to the eyes and the mouth. Medicinal experts frequently allude to chuckling lines as nasolabial folds. The advancement of giggling lines shapes from long stretches of repeating muscle compressions. The muscles that lie underneath the skin reliably push the skin into a collapsing movement which draws lines into the skin itself.

As we age, the skin is more vulnerable to increasing almost negligible differences. It loses its flexibility and the tissue loses its volume and starts to disengage itself from the muscle. The blend of these variables makes the skin hang and it turns out to be progressively troublesome for it to bob again from ordinary harm. To help keep away from giggling lines, it is urgent that a man receives a decent dietary eating regimen, drinks a lot of water takes after a quality facial routine and maintain a strategic distance from visit sun presentation.

Marionette lines

As we age, the elastin and collagen around the cheeks and jaw lessen, making the skin list. The lines caused by this are known as Marionette lines, and can frequently deliver a pitiful, hopeless looking articulation.

Here at Artius Clinic, we utilize anti-wrinkle infusions to effectively decrease the presence of Marionette lines and furnish the mouth territory with a crisp, young appearance.

Anti-wrinkle treatment will be infused into the depressor anguli oris muscle ordinarily connected with grimacing. It will hinder the sides of the mouth being pulled down, bringing about debilitated Marionette lines with a far less conspicuous appearance. Anti-wrinkle treatment can likewise be infused into the button to additionally build the viability of this technique, decreasing the event of drooping skin.

Crow’s feet

Collagen and elastin are two proteins our skin relies on to remain elastic and firm. After some time, our skin’s ability to produce these proteins diminishes, meaning our skin becomes lax, it may sag and lines and wrinkles start to form.

One of the main concerns people have when it comes to wrinkles is crow’s feet; a small, but concentrated cluster of lines that form in the corners of your eyes that become more prominent with age. as we smile, laugh, talk and eat, our facial muscles contract, and the lines around the eyes become more and more static (visible even when we are not making an expression).

The Artius clinic treats crow’s feet with botulinum toxin, which is better known as botox. To avoid exhausting the muscles around the eyes, a precise amount of muscle relaxing injections are introduced, easing the tension and softening the appearance of the lines and wrinkles.

Glabella lines

Glabella lines are the short vertical lines found between the eyebrows and reaching out up the focal brow for a centimeter or thereabouts.

They are frequently the primary wrinkles to show up on the brow even as ahead of schedule as the mid 20’s. They influence the individual to look more established and marginally furious. At first glabella lines are discontinuous, just obvious when the individual glares. These are called dynamic lines. With time the glabella lines bit by bit progress toward becoming developed and more changeless so that there is dependably a static component exhibit.

Glabella lines are especially profound looking in light of the fact that the skin in the glabella is thick contrasted with the eyelid skin at the external end of the eyes which is thin and builds up the better wrinkles called crow’s feet.

Glabella lines are now and then called No. 11 wrinkles as they are line parallel lines. Contingent upon every individual’s musculature, their edge and shape can shift.

Hollow cheeks

Depressed cheeks can influence the face to look thin or seem debilitated, and can be a wellspring of reluctance for some. Hereditary qualities are for the most part dependable; as our qualities manage where subcutaneous fat is put away, your cheeks can convey next to zero fat, making an empty or depressed look. Collagen, the protein in charge of keeping skin stout and firm, crumbles after some time, which prompts hanging of the skin, adding to drunkenness and loss of skin flexibility.

Artius is one of the leading anti ageing treatment clinic in this regard. We have a scope of medications suited to remedying indented cheeks, including dermal fillers, the 8 Point Lift and laser reemerging. To book a no commitment conference with one of our exceedingly experienced clinicians and discover how we can help battle depressed cheeks.

What are Anti-Wrinkle Injectables?

Against Wrinkle, injectables are a powerful method for softening barely recognizable differences and wrinkles. They are infused straightforwardly into the muscle that causes facial withdrawals, for instance, the scowl lines between the temples and work by preventing facial nerves from sending the message to the muscle to get each time you make an outward appearance.

This enables the muscle to unwind and accordingly, the overlying skin discharges its wrinkle. Anti Wrinkle injectables and fillers can be utilized as a part of an assortment of treatable regions of the face, contingent upon where your wrinkles are.

Gifted organization of infusions implies characteristic looking outcomes, and our profoundly qualified restorative professionals will counsel with you to suggest the most reasonable treatment for your specific concerns, be it against wrinkle injectables; dermal fillers or lip upgrades, for the most stylishly satisfying and unpretentious outcomes.

What to look for when choosing an injectable treatment?

  • CQC registered
    It is important to opt for a clinic that has been registered in one of the national bodies like the Care Quality Commission in the UK.

  • Safe environment
    Being registered by a national body like CQC will ensure that you are under a safe environment. It will ensure that you are treated safe.

  • TYCT registered
    Likewise, it is important to have the clinic TYTC- treatment you can trust registered.
  • Treatment performed by qualified medical professional
    It should be a nonprofit organization which will ensure that the members of the clinic are treated by truly qualified health care professionals.
  • Medical director in every clinic
    In an unfortunate event of any complications, you need to have proper treatment and support to deal with that. Health care providers can ensure that does happen to you. At Artius clinic, there is a medical director in each department to ensure you are safe and they will provide their support in the course of any unlikely event.

Anti ageing injectables at a glance

Best results- The results of our service and your patience will be visible within a single treatment itself.

Cost- The price ranges around Rs. 20k

Procedure time- The required amount of time needed to carry out the procedure is 30 minutes.

Specialist level- We at Artius Clinic, always endeavor to stay aware of patterns and innovation, giving just cutting edge treatments and customized client benefit. Hence, rest assured our specialists are qualified enough to carry out the respective procedures. They are in a position of a prescriber (nurse) or a doctor.

Recovery time- There is no recovery period required.

Anti ageing treatment prices

The best anti ageing treatment can cost around the range of Rs. 1.5-3.5k per session. Laser therapy can start at Rs. 5,000 and go as high as Rs. 8,500 per session0 depending on the clinic and type of laser used in the process.

We generally attempt to guarantee our costs are as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. We pride ourselves on offering the most creative medications with the sole spotlight on guaranteeing you are totally pleased with the outcomes each and every time. We endeavor to offer an assortment of valuing choices to address your issues, including interest free back.


  • Will my face look solidified and will it be clear that I have had ‘work’ done?

    No. On the off chance that the counter wrinkle injectables are managed effectively by an expert, they will consider your face’s shape and structure and give a treatment that is individual to you. In this manner, the measure of item utilized ought to take into account unobtrusive and regular outcomes. That is the reason they are Ireland’s most prevalent anti-wrinkle treatment. The ‘solidified’ appearance just happens because of over-treatment. The coveted result is invigorated, recharged and more young looking skin, so it is improbable that anybody will perceive that you have experienced a method.

  • Is the treatment excruciating or will I require a lot of downtimes a while later?

    No. Against wrinkle, injectables are presented utilizing a fine needle specifically into the muscle that causes facial withdrawals in a particular territory. Most territories require a few infusions however each exclusive takes a couple of moments and you should just feel a slight prick of the needle. On the off chance that you are stressed over the agony or are delicate to it, a soporific gel can be connected in advance.

  • Are anti-wrinkle injectables risky?

    Anti-wrinkle injectables are just dangerous in the event that they are not controlled by a profoundly qualified medicinal expert. Despite the fact that the treatment has been around for over 25 years and qualified specialists ought to be knowledgeable about the method, mistaken arrangement or measurements of the counter wrinkle injectable might be risky. Thus, make a point to go to a perceived and trustworthy center and to do your exploration previously. It is essential that the individual directing the infusions has a solid comprehension of facial musculature and involvement in this training.

  • Do anti-wrinkle injectables work promptly and will they keep going forever?

    The consequences of anti-wrinkle injectables can’t be seen instantly. Everybody’s skin is extraordinary however for the most part results can be seen inside 2-5 long periods of treatment. As with nearly everything throughout everyday life, they don’t keep going forever; they briefly prevent the facial nerves from making an impression on the muscle to contract when we make an outward appearance. This enables the muscle to unwind and the skin to discharge its wrinkle.

    The advantages of anti-wrinkle injectables are that your skin will look smoother and restored, ordinarily for 3-4 months before the unwinding impact on the muscle wears off. General treatment keeps wrinkles under control.

    In the event that you quit getting anti-wrinkle injectables, it won’t exacerbate the wrinkles any than they would have been before accepting the treatment, but instead, your skin will come back to its unique state.

  • Will anti-wrinkle injectables keep future wrinkles from happening?

    As it were, truly, the muscle and overlying skin is casual after the counter wrinkle injectables and can’t contract similarly as previously, keeping a wrinkle from shaping or softening it. Normal medicines enable the muscle to remain loose and in this way keep additionally lines from framing in the treated zone.

  • Are anti maturing creams as powerful as against wrinkle injectables?

    While against maturing creams can seem to diminish indications of maturing, they just treat the surface layers of the skin and are not accordingly destroying wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle injectables target particular territories and are infused specifically into the muscle that causes facial compressions. They briefly prevent the facial nerves from enabling the muscle to contract, empowering it to unwind and the skin to discharge its wrinkle.

  • Are anti-wrinkle injectables just for ladies?

    Anti-wrinkle injectables are not as basic a treatment for men as they are for ladies, obviously, both genders can similarly profit by the technique. In fact, numerous men are picking to get against wrinkle injectables to battle the indications of maturing. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed in 2014 that there has been a 337% expansion in the measure of men who got against wrinkle injectables over the most recent ten years.

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