Beard Hair Transplant

As we know, Hair loss is a common and major issue which is spread across the worldwide. It may be occurred due to various causes like – anxiety, stress, medical treatment, injuries in face head and much more. Hair is a significant segment of our human body. A huge reduction in the density of hair directly affects the entire personality of a person.

It is a sign of medical troubles, hence as soon as possible, take an assistance of any professional. Nowadays, hair transplantation is simple via plenty of good and experienced experts.

A few years ago, there was is no one who knows knew about the beard hair transplant. That time, the techniques to solve such kind of issues were not invented. But, now science has improved a lot and we have got the treatments of hair loss via transplantation.

With the help of Beard Hair Transplantation, a man can get a beard as per his their desires. This treatment is possible because of scientists’ hard work, latest equipment, and their research. As well as, Also, it is safe for people. Hence, no need to take stress about it.

Generally, men love their beard face, but sometimes hair growth issues occurred. Then, they can opt Beard hair transplant and fulfill the needs. This surgical methodology helps to have a thick beard more than a normal beard.

  • Specifically, the beard hair transplant is now common between the youngsters across the globe. Mostly, surgeons use FUE process to enhance the density of beard when the hair count is mild and hide the facial scars.
  • Like other transplant methodologies, the surgeons also need skills and qualification to become an expert. Then, work in this field.


The procedure of Beard Hair Transplantation is almost same as Scalp Hair Transplant. We can say that this completely corresponds to the traditional treatment. It involves the hair removal of donor area from the back or sides of the scalp. Then, with the assistance of surgeons, the hairs will be implanted carefully on the site of the recipient. Nevertheless, small kinds of slits are perfectly made at the recipient site via the surgeons.

Always select concerned surgeons that can handle skillfully after analysis of color and quality of beard. There is some sort of diversities between the slits. In the beard case, professionals use small incisions. For beard restoration process, surgeons can select body hair or particularly chest hair to implant. Hence, if you are going to consult an expert regarding this transplantation, then be sure that your chest hair may be utilized in the procedure.

In some cases, those patients don’t have donor hair on the face, then it is being extracted through the FUE process. This process is coming under the hair transplantation treatments.

FUE Procedure

The most advanced and popular procedure in the stream of Hair transplant (especially in beard) – FUE. It is a latest offensive technical treatment that replaces the traditional strip methodology. With this modern technique, the hair implant depth is around 3-4 mm from the surface of skin.

The main aim of FUE is to impersonator hair growth naturally. I know it sounds impossible to differentiate the rest of the face area.

Essential Points Need to Know Before Opting Beard Hair Transplant

In recent years, the beard hair transplant procedures increased around 40-60% percent. If you are considering this kind of transplantation, then there are some pointers that are necessary to know

  • Cost of Procedure:

    The medical surgeries of transplantations worth more than expectations. It will help them to get the full and lustrous beard and satisfy the beard challenged individuals. Around  $7,000 is a starting price of Beard Hair Transplant, higher than the normal procedures. Such as LASIK eye surgery worth approx. $1,000.

  • Get desire beard:

    Similar to the haircut, you will get nice beard on the face. The reason behind that, you can easily dictate which kind of beard you want on your face. Everyone has a dream to look like someone. Here is an opportunity to change your look via Beard hair transplant.

  • Compromise with some hairs

    In the case of Beard hair transplant, your new look with beard is made from scalp hair which is located at the back side. Hence, you need to sacrifice some hair to get a finest appearance. Then, this hair is exactly looks like the hair grown round the chin. On the other hand, where you want to grow your hair around the chin.

  • Transplanted hairs fall within two weeks

    If you already had an assistance of beard hair transplant, then it will fall out within few weeks. But no need to take stress over it because they can easily grow back after two months. Patients have to put a faith in science. It works very well just to keep some precautions and follow recommendations directed by the surgeon.

  • Patient have to suffer sickness a day

    The procedure of Beard Hair transplant takes around 2-5 hours to accomplish. Sometimes, take a second round to improve little things of procedure. But, feel sickness in an entire day after the surgery.

  • Really works

    In a few cases, people need lots of implants to get full beard such as 2000 grafts. After a few months, a person will successful to get a thick beard on face and look awesome as they want.

  • Finest outcomes boost the confidence

    This treatment helps to remove the scars on the chin. Those individuals suffer hair loss issue wants the best technique that can completely eliminate the marks and scars of the face via transplant. Few men said, it helps to boost their confidence and ability to approach women.

  • Free to get the required hair

    When you go at any clinic for hair transplant, then you can select the hair of your beard. Professionals offers an opportunity to look according to your wish. Then, you can enhance your appearance as per the desires. No need to bother your dreams as all the expectations can fulfill with an ease.

  • Take hours to complete the surgery

    Similar to other surgeries, beard hair transplant also takes few hours to finish successfully.  Usually, the duration of surgery varies from one person to another. As well as the areas are also different along with the size. The patch size is diverse and that is the main reason why time duration is distinct.

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