The Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery Reduce Male Breast Size

Gynecomastia, the condition is infamously known as “man boobs” affects men on much more than a physical level.  The social stigma that is attached to excess skin or fat on the male chest is psychologically damaging. Men with this condition are often called feminine or fat, asked if they need a bra and bullied for the way they look.

Further, “man boobs” are typically a genetic trait, and exercise and diet may not relieve the problem. Male breast reduction has become the leading treatment for gynecomastia and is extremely successful in relieving men of their embarrassment from the condition.

Having a male breast reduction does much more for a man than a typical surgical procedure would. Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing to treat your “man boobs”:

  1. Boosts Confidence & Self-Esteem
    This is an instant upgrade for a man who has suffered his whole life from gynecomastia. Having a flatter chest will allow him to wear more fitted clothing, go shirtless at the beach, and not shy away from social interactions just because of his shape. Often men may become depressed from these body insecurities that cannot be easily remedied with lifestyle changes; male breast reduction gives men back the confidence to stay fit and take pride in their bodies.
  2. Enjoy a More Masculine Figure
    For most men, being considered feminine is not a compliment, yet many who have gynecomastia are called feminine and made feel as though their body shape is not compatible with their gender. Male breast reduction removes the excess fatty tissue from the chest, allowing men to show off a flatter chest and more sculpted figure. This gives them the feeling of knowing they are masculine, something many men have always struggled with when suffering from gynecomastia.
  3. Eases Physical Activity 
    Many women may be able to relate to this one, as having a larger chest with more fatty tissue makes physical activity a lot less comfortable. Activities like running and jumping become more difficult and embarrassing if you are aware of the movements of your chest. While women have bras that combat this feeling, men do not have the same options. Reducing the size of the chest would allow men to feel comfortable engaging in a physical activity again and help them stay fit to keep their new body looking strong and masculine.
  4. Improves Posture
    Having a heavier chest affects posture dramatically, causing a rounding in the upper spine, which can eventually lead to a permanent hunch back over time. This causes pain to the spine, does not promote core strength and may make you look unapproachable or reserved. A smaller chest makes it much easier to stand straight and tall, exuding confidence and ease.
  5. Free Your Mind
    What should I wear today? Will it hide the shape of my chest? Where is she looking? Is it noticeable?We know all of these thoughts run through your head on a daily basis when thinking about your gynecomastia, and we want to relieve this. Having a male breast reduction will allow you to free your mind of any of these worrisome thoughts and allow you to enjoy your life rather than dreading your social interactions.