Breast augmentation can help to achieve maximum changes in the body and it can even change your life! 

Right after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, you will definitely be able to notice certain physical changes. But the change that you won’t be able to see, is the psychological and social impact after undergoing the procedure. 

What is a Breast Augmentation procedure?

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that women undergo to increase the size of their breasts usually by inserting silicone implants. This is a form of cosmetic surgery that makes your breast appear fuller and larger to give an attractive appearance. The implants used are nothing but internal prosthetics that are silicone cases filled with either silicone gel or saline solution which can last for several years. The implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and have a very smooth textured surface. 

The surgeon and the patient decide on specific breast augmentation types, exact position, size, and type of implant. The incisions are mostly made within the natural body creases like around the areola or under the axilla. Then these implants are placed on the desired location and incisions are closed up to achieve the maximum result. 

Just because the breast implant surgery is a relatively new procedure, the long-term effect depends from person to person. If you want your result to last long, then it is very important to follow the bits of advice and restrictions that are provided by your surgeon. 

Counting the breast augmentation surgery cost:-

There is no count of how many people opt for this surgery from numerous clinics and hospitals every year. The satisfaction rate has not yet been known to us. There is no doubt that breast augmentation cost is higher and it may cost around $2000 to $3000. 

However, breast augmentation surgery prices may widely vary due to various reasons like the breast implant used, anaesthesia implemented and facilities present in the operation theatre.

 In addition to this, breast augmentation surgery cost is based on the surgeon you choose, his experience and the type of procedure that you are undergoing in a specific region. 

Remember, most of the health insurance does not cover the cost of any cosmetic surgery, but there are many doctors who offer financing to cover breast augmentation surgery cost

Benefits of Breast Augmentation surgery:-

  1. Add volume and curve to your breasts- Breast implant is an ideal way to add volume and curve to your breasts in a perfect way so that you achieve an attractive and feminine look. Overall breast augmentation can increase up to a few cup sizes to your breasts, or fill out a bikini top or just have curves, you can just achieve the new look you desire. 
  2. Even out Asymmetrical breasts- Every woman has some degree of breast asymmetry, but for some women, the differences are so noticeable that it makes life miserable and difficult. Breast Augmentation surgery is a superb way to balance out naturally uneven breasts by choosing the perfect size of a breast implant.
  3. Restore breast shape after pregnancy or ageing- Both pregnancy and ageing can take a toll on your body, especially on her breasts. At this time, women mostly experience sagging breasts and decreased volume, particularly after they breastfeed their babies. There are many women who do not have children but still have a sagging breast. However, breast Augmentation is a fantastic way for them to restore the lost volume of breasts and make them appear more youthful. 
  4. Boost up self- confidence- People who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their breasts, might sometimes suffer from inferiority complex and suffer from lack of confidence. Undergoing a breast Augmentation can boost up your confidence by making you feel more comfortable about your body. 

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