Top Hair Loss Prevention Tips in 2018

Hair Loss Prevention Tips, With the rising pollution and toxicity in the environment around us, we are breathing toxic and also healing every now and then. But what about the damage caused to the hair? Yes, just like our skin and body, our hair goes through a series of tormenting environment pollution, stress, hair styling, endures chemical dyes and end up being damaged. Now, this extensive damage caused to the hair may lead to severe hair fall issues both in men and women at any stage of their life.

Well, hair fall just does not occur for such reasons but there are numerous other reasons too that may lead to severe hair fall issues. According to the hair specialists, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyle, oily food can also result in excessive hair fall.

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Therefore hair loss is an enormous problem which needs to solve on an urgent basis. So our target is to get rid of such conditions and reverse hair loss by following a series of best options ha claims in resolving various hair loss issues easily and cost-effectively at home.

Using Topical Treatments at Home:

  • Oil massage on the scalp is a really good option for people who are experiencing light to moderate hair loss. Massaging the scalp with oil like olive, coconut increases the blood flow to the scalp and boosts up the hair follicles.
  • According to some people, egg oil is an equally effective procedure that claims in removing dandruff and moisturise the hair.
  • Hot oil treatments are an equally effective procedure in stimulating and moisturising the growth of the hair follicles. But too much hot oil is not at all recommended for the scalp.
  • Using henna is also a good option for hair health and it can make hair strong and healthy. Additionally henna leaves behind a colour to the hair. So instead of dying hair with harmful chemicals, people may also use henna for styling or for covering up the greys.
  • Several studies suggest that green tea makes hair healthy and shiny due to the presence of some antioxidants in it. These antioxidants actually prevent hair loss and help in hair regrowth.
  • Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds are also found helpful for the hair follicles and it claims in adding shine and strength to the hair with proper regular use.
  • Hair packs are also a great option for keeping hair healthy and to control the hair fall. It is said that on applying a mixture of Aloe Vera and neem paste can increase the blood flow to the scalp. It not only promotes the normal hair growth but it also hydrates the scalp making it a healthy one. Avocado hair mask contains a mixture of egg yolk and honey which is a hair strengthening mask.

Bringing Changes in Lifestyle:

  • Leading an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to hair loss issues. So according to some dermatologists, it is very important to add some high protein foods and vegetable in the diet. Vitamins and proteins are very important since that helps in maintaining an overall good health and hair as well. Besides containing some protein, vitamin B-12 and Omega-3 fatty acids are also equally effective for achieving a healthy hair.
  • People must avoid the use of sulfate free shampoos which will not over cleanse the hair follicles. Hair that lacks the presence of any natural oil is typically dry, brittle and difficult to style.
  • Sometimes the root cause of having hair loss is stress. So reducing all that stress from life may, however, help in restoring the hormonal balance. Meditation, exercising may also be helpful in reducing stress in life.
  • Another most common reason for hair loss is smoking cigarettes which negatively impact the health. This may necessarily include respiratory issues and heart diseases. In addition, smoking may also accelerate the hair loss and greying process of the hair. So quitting cigarettes forever can be the best possible option.

Now if none of this actually provides satisfactory results then the best possible option is to consult with an experienced hair specialist in Navi mumbai.

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It is only experienced and well-trained hair specialist in Navi mumbai who will analyse the physical conditions of the patients to evaluate the exact reason for hair loss the patient is experiencing and try resolving it with the most appropriate treatment option. Treatment options are available Hair transplant, PRP Therapy, Mesotherapy in Navi Mumbai.