Body Hair Transplant

Any kind of hair transplantation procedure, usually the hair on scalp is utilized to accomplish this process. But, sometimes, if a donor doesn’t have a good area which can use purposely, then professionals have to take help from other body areas. In a few cases, experts use hair from the body and enhance the look of the patient.

There are some individuals termed as Chest hair transplant. But, it signifies that your chest area is used as a donor to fulfill the desires of other segments of the body. Hence, people can see some sort of difference in terms of thickness and texture of hair, which were taken from the rest body parts. Nonetheless, it can be a great benefit in various cases and provides satisfaction.

Here are some specific cases which is an advantage of utilizing your other body parts’ hair-

  • Some people have a limited scalp area which they want to cover up with hairs.
  • If anyone wants to acquire higher density within restricted grafts, it may be difficult sometimes. Generally, professionals extracted the hairs from scalp to implant the body.
  • Mostly, burn cases face troubles to get the desired benefits of hair transplant in the body.

What Kind of Individuals Opt Body Hair Transplant?

We normally examine such kind of patients that are very weak donor area. As well as, a few are already having several hair transplants and fixed some sort of alopecia. First of all, analyze the entire history of the donor and the report of grafts. If the grafts are weak, then the patient has to compromise in outcomes.

Patients have less hair in the donor area are not suitable for normal hair transplantation. In such kind of surgeries, hair is removed via special punches that hardly leave marks. Experienced professionals handle these cases very smartly and never leave any visible scars from the extracted areas of the body.

Generally, Body Hair Transplant is done via FUE Procedure. Through this method, the patient will never get any linear scars at the end of surgery.

Major Differences Between
the Body Hair Transplant, FUE & A Traditional FUE

The popular methodology of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is mostly utilized to implant the hairs. The areas of donor extend from scalp to beard, arms, legs, chest and other segment of the body. BHT (Body Hair Transplant) is basically used in such cases where the donor area’s head is not able to extract the material or lower density.

Significant Pointers in Body Hair Transplant

  • Most important thing, the experience of surgeons that can easily handle the distinct types of cases smartly. The hairs on the body are quite different from the scalp hairs; hence they have to work smoothly without creating any sort of issue.
  • As we know, the direction and texture are completely different of the body parts. Then, it is required to mixed properly without any mistake with the scalp hairs. Also, no one can identify the different textures after the surgery.
  • The way of extraction of donor hairs and storing must be accurate. As well as, the hydration of extracting grafts.
  • The direction of slits must be provided very carefully which is analyzed by professionals.

When Your Body Needs Transplant to Scalp Hair?

The body hairs are very useful to transplant the hairless scalp areas. In fact, it can also use to heal those areas that are covered with scars. It will effectively cover the donor site scars and provide optimum results. We have expertise and experienced surgeons that are popular in these surgeries.

Reasons to void body hairs on the Scalp

  • Features of different body parts hair are different
  • The scalp hair is separated from the body hair, very thin and has light color shade.
  • The scalp hair is overall from the body hair which has diverse caliber, thickness and length and density. Hence, it can be analyzed as the count of follicles per unit area.
  • The graft of body hair consists a singular follicular unit and separated the characteristics of hair in terms of density. On the other hand, scalp hair generally grows in ranges which lies between one to three follicular unites/ graft.
  • Similar Pattern Growth along with distinct Hair growth span segments

The hair growth pattern of scalp and body follows the same rule. Along with short phase of engine and long phase of telogen. The anagen phase of hair takes several years to grow on the head, whereas, body hair takes a few months to grow. This short growing duration stretched the telogen phase. As well as, describe why the scalp hair inclines to be much longer than the rest body parts’ hair.
Therefore, it is not preferable to take the body hair or scalp hair transplantation. The reason behind that, it has a distinct property length and not allowed to do it. Also, there is a strong requirement for both the things in the few instances where insufficient hair of the donor site.

Do You Know the Restrictions of Body Hair Transplant (BHT)?

Different growing time

When we talk about scalp hair transplant, body hair transplant usually not suggested. The reason behind that, the hair roots of the body have distinct growing time. It may take around 60 days or more than that to grow up to 1 inch. The scalp hair acquires only 50-60 days to make up to 1-inch length. As well as, beard hairs take four to five months to grow a single inch and chest hair is completely different. It takes an entire year to grow completely with thick hairs.

Hence, if body hair is implanted from the scalp hairs, it isn’t able to give the adorable appearance. Few experts have taken the scalp hair for body hair transplantation when donor area is not capable to provide hair.

Advantages of Body Hair Transplant

  • As hairless/ baldness spoils your personality, then such kind of grafts perfectly suits this condition. It is beneficial and enhance the appearance of a person. Just select hair from unwanted place, and then implanted wherever you want.
  • This is medically proven and planned procedure, no need to go through any other type of treatment for hair growth. The professionals said the grafted hairs grow naturally just like normal ones.
  • You are a benefit of your own to act as a donor.
  • No need to take the number of implantation surgeries, this single process can give you desired outcomes and simple as well.
  • Usually, experts take small fee or sometimes, consultation is free without taking any cost. Then, always keep in mind about body hair transplant is capable to offer everlasting effect and cost-effective too.
  • Lots of people opt artificial methodologies for hair growth. Transplantation is quite simple and great mechanism which offers services at an affordable price.
  • This transplantation process is uniform which includes minor pains or sometimes painless. Then, there is no requirement to take full anesthesia.

Most of the people are not preferring clean shaven, then it is best to undergo this procedure and experts also recommend. As we know, every surgery has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look over the benefits of hair transplant on the body-

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As we know, the advancement of science and lots of hair transplantation techniques were invented. There is always people demand Revision Hair Transplant and it increases at a fast pace.

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