Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a type of Butt Augmentation procedure where the result gives much of a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks, and more of a sensual body contour. The Brazilian Butt Lift can address issues related to flat buttocks, sagging buttocks, asymmetrical buttocks, and small buttocks. This surgical procedure includes utilizing own body fat in the most natural way to augment the buttocks. People of all body types and of any age can opt for Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

  • It gives more of a natural butt appearance involving the least possible risks in comparison to the implants that is otherwise used for butt augmentation.
  • At the same time, during the fat removal process, the stubborn fats from other areas of the body are removed so it is like getting a double benefit.
  • The procedure is less invasive than butt implants or traditional butt lift procedure so this helps the candidates to recover within a short time.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure varies dramatically among plastic surgeons. However, the technique utilised by the surgeon will not just affect the surgical result but will also influence the longevity of the results. The most common method involves the extraction of the fat with liposuction, then fat processing and finally micro reinjection of the fat droplets back in the butts.

  • Extraction of the Fat- The fat is extracted from various parts of the body by Liposuction and fat processing involves decanting and centrifugation. A Tumescent liposuction is used to extract the fat with a 3mm cannula through 1mm hole. So this cannula helps to collect even the smallest fat particle which gives the best fat grafts. The common liposuction areas are back, stomach, thighs, etc. which alone can also give a more attractive appearance.
  • Fat processing- After completing the liposuction the suctioned fat from different parts of the body are carefully processed and purified by decanting and centrifugation. Just a small amount of the donor fat is finally eligible for the re-injection to the buttocks. In most of the cases, 25 percent of the extracted fat cells are qualified for re-injection. The best selected fat cells are only re-injected into the buttocks for the augmentation. So to get an adequate amount of the fat at least two to three areas of the body must be liposuctioned.
  • Re-injection of the fats in the buttocks- The fats are injected into the buttocks with a special kind of cannula and the process is called micro injection. More than 100 micro injections may be necessary to get a shapelier butt. The small amount of purified form of fat is injected into different areas of the buttocks and at various depths. To get the best desired result and a smooth, uniform and natural appearing buttocks, it is essential to implement the correct injection method.

Butt Augmentation Using Implant

Often surgeons prefer to enhance the results for Brazilian Butt Lift by using a Buttock implant procedure along with fat injections. Butt augmentation with implants gives permanent and the most satisfactory results. In this procedure first, a silicone implant of the desired size is chosen after consulting with your surgeon. The incisions are made towards the top or bottom of both the upper buttock and the gluteal crease. Typically a silicone implant is used and is either positioned in the muscle or above the gluteal muscle on each side. The implants are inserted depending on the type of the implant, the desired degree of enlargement and the body type or at least according to surgeon’s recommendations. Finally, at the end of the procedure, the layers are sutured in the buttocks and held tight with a surgical tape.


Immediately after following the procedure patients may feel groggy and disoriented especially for patients who have undergone general anesthesia. The buttocks will be swollen and bruising. The surgeon will provide the candidate with all possible list of instructions and medications that cannot be missed to enjoy an uninterrupted recovery. A compression garment will also be provided by the surgeon which must be worn for few weeks to achieve the best results. After completing two to three weeks the candidates can resume normal activities except vigorous exercises. Medications for pain can be stopped. After six months of the procedure, the patient will heal completely and the discoloration and inflammation will go off completely.


  • Risks associated with the Brazilian butt lift- Just like any other cosmetic procedures the risks may include excessive blood loss, bruising, asymmetry, infection, complications related to liposuction and anesthesia, hematoma, etc.
  • Risks associated with implants– Infection, bleeding, opening of the incisions, scarring, firmness, rupturing of the implant, fluid accumulation.

However, the temporary side effects may subside within few weeks.


The Brazilian Butt Lift typically provides people with a perkier, firmer and rejuvenated buttocks. Initially, the final results may take several months to stabilize and during this time some fat cells may get re-absorbed by the body especially if any pressure is put on the buttocks for the first few weeks of the surgery. However, the final results can vary from individual to individual. Also, the results may not last for many years unless a healthy lifestyle is being maintained.


The cost of Brazilian Butt Lift may vary from $2000 to $10,000. So most of the people consider the procedure as making a lifetime investment that will improve the appearance as well as boost up the confidence. The cost may vary depending on the surgeon’s expertise and experience, the regional price difference, the type of anesthesia chosen, medication, compression garment, etc.

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Dr. Sagar Gundewar

Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon | MBBS | MS General Surgery | Mch Plastic Surgery

With over 10 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplants, Dr. Sagar is one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mumbai.

His philosophy centers around providing excellent care and give individual attention to his patients.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar

Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon | MBBS | MS General Surgery | Mch Plastic Surgery

With over 10 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplants, Dr. Sagar is one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mumbai.

His philosophy centers around providing excellent care and give individual attention to his patients.