Did you always wanted a beautiful smile and have that perfect set of teeth? If the answer to this question is yes then it can be said for certain that you care a lot about your dental health. However, sometimes that is just not enough as we all can suffer from various dental issues throughout our lives. And the best way for dealing with those dental issues is to get a corrective cosmetic dentistry procedure. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are aimed at providing every individual with the perfect set of teeth and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the smile of an individual. There are various procedures that fall under the domain of cosmetic surgery like tooth-colored filling, braces, veneers, crowns, and enamel shaping. In this article, we will look at some of those cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The Beginning of a Smile Checklist

Before proceeding to discuss various cosmetic dentistry procedures, it is important to judge whether you truly qualify to get these procedures done or not. To judge that, you can simply perform a smile checklist test at home. Begin by going in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, and give your best smile. Now, think about the answers to the following questions while looking at yourself smiling.

  • Are you satisfied with the way your teeth look?
  • Is there any color on your teeth that does not seem natural? Do you dislike that color?
  • Are there any spaces present between your teeth?
  • Do you have any cracks or chips present on your teeth?
  • Are you missing any teeth? Would you want those teeth back?
  • Are your teeth crooked in their appearance?
  • Do you believe that your teeth might be too short or too long than normal?
  • Do you think that the shape and positions of your teeth are okay?

If the answers to any of these questions reflect that you are not satisfied with the current appearance of your teeth then you qualify for a cosmetic dentistry procedure and the best thing for you will be to directly talk with a reputed cosmetic dentist. This cosmetic dentist will be able to guide in a better manner regarding any question you might have related to the cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Another thing which we often recommend is that before going to a cosmetic dentist, one should learn about different cosmetic dentistry procedures as much as possible. This will give that individual a basic idea of what to expect and how the cosmetic dentist can help that individual achieve a beautiful smile. There are various cosmetic dentistry procedures that one can get to improve the appearance of your smile and teeth. And some of those cosmetic dentistry procedures are mentioned below.

  • Tooth-Colored Filling

If you have cavities in your teeth then the dentist can correct that condition by using materials that are similar to the color of your teeth. This gives your teeth a very natural appearance. There are also various options available when it comes to the material which is used including composite materials such as resins and porcelain materials made in laboratories like onlays, crowns, and inlays.

  • Teeth Whitening

It is common for teeth to become stained and lose their natural coloring. Different factors can result in staining of teeth like drinking coffee, smoking, or even aging. This is why teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures which thousands of people get from all across the globe.

During this procedure, the primary aim of the dentist is to restore the natural color of the discolored teeth which means that they make it white. This is done with the help of bleach. There are at-home and in-office teeth bleaching kits available which an individual can use. However, it is best to consult a dentist before using either of these kits since one kit might not suit everybody and might not also give the desired results.

  • Dental Veneers

Veneers can be defined as tooth-colored shells that are thin and can be bonded or cemented to the front of an individual’s teeth. Dental veneers are always custom made and can be made out of different materials like ceramic or composite resin. Dental veneers can be used to solve many dental issues including stained teeth, crooked teeth, poorly shaped teeth, chipped teeth, or even broken teeth.

  • Braces

Braces are another popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that is used for correcting the condition of crowded teeth or an uneven bite which can be present in many people. Due to the improvement in science and technology, braces have become smaller and less noticeable over the years. Some techniques used to make braces appear less visible are attaching the brackets to the back of the tooth, clear colored brackets, or using brackets which are similar to the color of the teeth. Clear and removable aligners can also be used to correct these conditions in less severe cases.

  • Enamel Shaping

Teeth can be artificially reshaped by contouring the teeth enamel, which is the outer layer of the teeth. Enamel shaping helps in improving the appearance of teeth in case if the teeth are too crowded, uneven, long, or short.

  • Dental Crowns

If a drastic change is required to improve the overall appearance of the teeth then dental crowns are considered to be an option. In this procedure, the outer part of the teeth is removed and it is replaced with dental crowns. It can be considered a fresh start that is given to your teeth.

There can be many other cosmetic dentistry procedures that your dentist can recommend apart from the ones mentioned above. Apart from all that, the only thing which you need to remember is that your smile and teeth are very precious. Hence, you should not compensate or make compromises in that department and only find the best cosmetic dentist to help you out.

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