Differnce b/w FUT & FUE

Artius Differnce between fut fue

The major difference of the various hair transplant process is simply judge in a technical way. It is categorized into two sections –

  • FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation
  • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

The variances of hair graft procedures are in the mode of extracting the hairs. The implant process involves lots of steps such as dissection, slitting, implantation. These few steps are common in both the techniques. The FUT consists the strip harvesting of skin from the secure area of the donor. On the other hand, FUE provides the extraction of single hair root at a sole time. This process is done via utilizing the punching machine both from the secure and insecure area of the donor.

Describe FUT process:

It is a hair restoration process which suggests the unstable groups of natural occurred hair follicles or grafts. These hair follicles have sebaceous gland and good values hairs. The hairs are fine because of their actual place of secure donor areas. Generally, these are present on the back and sides of the scalp and known as a resister of DHT hormone. Through this process, extraction of back side hairs implanted in the bald area by using the strip excision of the skin.

Now, let’s discuss about the FUE process:

FUE is a modified or we can say advancement technique of hair transplantation. It directly applies the punching machine, used to extract the single grafts of hair, step by step set both the targets – safe and unsafe area of the donor. These are frequently used for the transplantation of body hairs. Such as – Beard, Chest, Eyebrows and much more.


  • It has removal of strips along with stitches and closing of trichophytic.
  • With the help of FUT process, completely heals the affected area and simply hide the under hairs.
  • The transplanted area completely heals within one week via FUT.
  • No need to shave to see the donor area, no one recognizes the stitched area.
  • This process is very fast and implant 2000 grafts within four hours.
  • It is more specific because of its microscopic dissection procedure.
  • It has a minimum damage to hair roots known as grafts.
  • The site of operation is completely hidden on the surgery day.
  • The large sessions are possible for those people who undergone FUT process.
  • The price of FUT is reasonable.
  • Around 80% experts use this process to do hair transplantation.
  • To accomplish this process, experienced and skillful professionals of plastic surgeons are required to handle the various circumstances.
  • FUT requires large setup which takes time to finish.


  • This process extracts the single unit step by step via small holes of punches. The alternate unit of hairs is removed. As well as, no stitches.
  • It heals by giving the small size dot scars, which lies in between the hairs.
  • Similarly, it also heals within one week.
  • Here, patients can see visible scars after shaved.
  • This is a slow process which takes seven hours to graft the 2000 hair units.
  • It is less specific due to the units which are pulled out in a manual process blindly.
  • It has higher damage to hair roots.
  • After shave the operation site, it is visible for experts.
  • The large sessions are not possible; hence, small and medium size bald areas are good.
  • The price of FUE is really expensive due to its prolonged process.
  • Around 20% professionals use this methodology. The reason behind that, it is suitable for small areas.
  • Any medical expert/ doctor can perform this surgery.
  • FUE needs a single room to perform the surgery.

Implant Damage while extraction in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is really good in various aspects. It is able to explain the reasons of root damages via the punching process. As well as, the way to get disturbed the roots directions and angles.

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Why is the FUE Damage Rate More than the FUT Process?

  1. Spreading
    This problem occurs when double or triple hair transplants cases. In these instances, experts try to extract single roots of hair from the other roots. But, it gets damaged due to the punching tool that has 1mm diameter. Hence, it is really difficult to harvest an implant that consists various hair roots. As well as, without damaging a single hair root, how is it possible. The reason behind that, roots act as spreading things and hard to graft.
  2. Inaccurate direction and angle
    The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is also termed as “Blind Technique”. The removal of hair units through punching is decided via the professional’s assumption. Hence, sometimes, it may not correct and the chances of damage increases. Every single angle in a small rotation need lot of care specifically. Then, it prevents or avoid the damages of implants. If any medical professional missed the angle of 5 degrees, then the roots get injured.
  3. Dynamic modifications of Hair
    As the punching pressure puts on the skin during surgery, the structure of hair roots dynamically changed. Due to the shifting, the roots will damage at the time of the extraction.
  4. Variety of hairs
    The variants of hair play a major role in the treatment of hair transplantation. Lots of hair types are exists – curly, straight, wavy. Every kind of hair contains different varieties of hair implants which perfectly suits the hair. In case of curly and wavy hairs, experts trouble seriously to find out the count of hair roots. It leads to the damaging issue during the punching process of FUE.

    • No implant damage during the strip harvesting
      At the time of strip harvesting process, the slits only made from the skin’s upper layer and then separates. This separation of the strip from the skin is finished via the assistance of hooks. Through this way, the implants will never ever be injured.
    • Just one percent implant damage during dissection
      In this dissection process, significant to utilize the microscopes which are better for higher enlargement the hair roots from the strips. It helps to ignore the injuries of hair roots. The expert doctors and professionals along with skills and advice for dissect the grafts are good. It will easily see the single hair roots clearly and create the possibilities of protecting the hair implants singularly.
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Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT known as strip surgery is that technique of surgical hair harvesting, which has provided a natural looking result. It has minimized the scarring of the scalp.

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