Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? : Myth Or Reality?

Very often we have heard a lot about masturbation. There are urban legends that says masturbation can cause hair loss and men may also experience a receding hairline. Like any other myths, the concept that masturbation will cause hair fall is pretty much debatable. According to studies, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that can link masturbation with hair loss. So the real scientific data totally contradicted the claim that masturbation has no effect on the DHT level and male hormones.

Masturbation causes the body to produce DHT:

But there is so many research that equally claims that excessive masturbation causes baldness and hair loss. Science has shown some more truth to this idea that it was initially thought. We know that the hormone testosterone gets converted to a more potent form inside the body which is called a dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It has been widely accepted that DHT can cause miniaturization of the hair follicles that can eventually result in hair loss in men especially those who are genetically predisposed. The hormones are in general essential for controlling the vital body functions like stimulation and inhibition of the growth, immunity, body metabolism, reproduction, sexual arousal and so on and so forth.

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The most significant theory about masturbation and hair loss disclose that excessive ejaculation of the seminal fluid may lead to some protein deficiency in the body and this protein deficiency may result in hair loss. This may occur because the seminal fluid is composed of 90 percent water and 10 percent protein and ejaculation of this protein content through semen may result in impaired growth and repair of many body tissues including hair. Thinking why? Because hair is composed of fibrous protein and it makes a sense that depleted protein levels may affect the growth of the hair.

Contradictory theory:

However, according to another group of scientists and researchers, only 50 percent of the dry weight consists of protein so the ejaculation of excessive protein through the seminal fluid will actually not reduce the overall protein levels for most of the men. Although protein has many roles to play in the body and the hair generally gets the amount of protein it requires to maintain an overall healthy condition through proper nutrition and a supplement of hair growth. It is also true that sexual activities and masturbation increase the testosterone level but not always high testosterone levels aren’t the root problem that can initiate hair loss. It is mostly because of the genes. DHT is also responsible for making the scalp oily since it stimulates the sebaceous glands. The DHT thus is responsible for the production of the increased level of prolactin and simultaneously reduces the production of testosterone.

What is the solution?

Combating hair fall caused due to excessive masturbation can be done in numerous ways-

  • People may take a break from masturbation for a few days as that may not use up the protein level and the DHT levels.
  • People may also start taking medications to cover up the deficiency that can also largely inhibit the production of the DHT along with some dietary changes.
  • Consulting with a sex doctor can be a good option.
  • Often there are many surgeons who suggest yoga and exercise keep the body active and healthy and also to maintain the DHT level.

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So stopping to masturbate is definitely not a great idea because masturbation is indeed a rejuvenating exercise which is a part of a healthy sex life. There are numerous researchers, that shows several health benefits such as preventing cancer, increased immunity, boosts your mind, helps in managing sex for a longer period, improves the sperm motility, manages stress and depression. Additionally, Hair loss is also a common phenomenon affects 8 to 10 men at some point in their life and male pattern baldness. So not all hair fall is due to the lack of protein in the hairs, but it may also occur due to various nutritional deficiency or numerous other factors but it also can be managed by reducing and controlling the course of masturbation.