Τhere are two main types of hair transplant techniques, which represent two latest hair transplantation techniques 

FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation

In FUT, a strip of skin from the back side of the scalp is removed surgically. This donor area is used and sent for preparation under microscopes in small pieces, or grafts, each containing 1-10 hairs.

Then, the grafts are implanted using forceps to the bald area. After the procedure, the donor area is stitched up. Usually, it needs 10 days until the stitches can be removed and 20-30 days in the recovery phase.

FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

This type of hair transplant technique uses small sections of skin with 1-4 hairs together in modern hair transplant technique , known as follicular units.

These are extracted from a donor area on the back side of the scalp, then under a microscope, it is split into smaller sections and finally implanted by forceps to the bald area.

By the end of the procedure, the donor area has rounded spots. Usually, after the process the patient needs at least 10-15 days for recovery.

In expert hands, both techniques produce average to excellent results. Like with all medical techniques, they still have scope for improvement and development.


Hair transplantation is not at all a painful procedure, because the area is operated under local anesthesia when treated, this blocks the nerves responsible to cause a sensation in the scalp area.
A professional experience is always required for this type of anesthesia; before going for the procedure, patients should know about the scientific qualifications and how good is the experience of the doctor.

Some of the  things one should take into consideration are their CV, the length of time they have been working as a specialist and their record of involvement in microsurgery. A reputable doctors should always be more than happy to share these details.


Deciding on the New Hair Transplant techniques

At the end of the day, the choice between having a FUE and FUT procedure is up to you and your physician. Any physician will help you while selecting the process, based on few characters like the size of the thinning area, classification of hair loss and the quality and quantity of your available donor hair And what is the latest hair transplant techniques and also about the new and different hair transplant techniques. A single technique can’t be right for everyone. Our surgeons have extensive training in both advanced hair transplant techniques and are therefore are able to offer either one in an unbiased fashion. 


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