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Hair Transplant has come a long way from the days of “mm punches”, introduced in the 1950s by Dr. Orentreich, the pioneer of Punch Hair Transplant to Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).
FUT, also known as strip surgery is that technique of surgical hair harvesting, which has provided a natural looking result. It has minimized the scarring of the scalp, thereby revitalizing the whole process of hair transplantation.
This technique of FUT is considered as an advance way of applying older hair surgery technique. The older version was more of a rough and unrefined way of hair transplant using larger grafts, thereby giving a “pluggy” result or “doll-like hair”. One can say that these small grafts transplanted in a single session have replicated normal hair look and growth simultaneously. This is one of the reasons why Follicular Hair Transplantation is so popular because it is virtually undetectable.
In the FUT method of hair transplant, the follicular units were taken from the donor area usually consist of 1-4 groups of hair with oil glands also known as sebaceous gland and a small muscle to ensure that this way would determine the healthy growth of hair once transplanted.
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Flashback of FUT Inception

Hair transplant has evolved a lot from the past and has introduced many innovative ways since 1960, but the most important is the development of the Follicular Graft Unit. Earlier, the surgery used hair follicles of 4mmm grafts or plugs. Today, the FUT is perhaps aesthetically more pleasing and free the patients from the mockery of society. It has wiped out the traumatic experience of individuals and has virtually eliminated the artificial look of the hair.

Earlier there was a “mini-Micro Grafting” procedure which is now obsolete or redundant after the introduction of FUT. In mini-Micro Grafting, the graft sizes were randomly decided by the surgeon who is carrying out the surgery. In this process the donor tissue was cut into different size pieces. These larger grafts were bulky and gave a tufted appearance due to heavy hair plugs.

With FUT the integrity of the follicular units is preserved and enables the surgeon to keep all of the growth elements of the hair follicle intact. The survival of the grafts is maximized and, as a result, both the hair and the underlying skin will look completely natural when the transplant matures. In FUT hair transplant, thousands of grafts can safely be transplanted in one session, allowing the patient to complete the hair restoration as quickly as possible.

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Contemporary Strip Harvest Technology

Interestingly, the strip harvesting has paved way for simplifying the process of hair transplant and has minimized the innumerable procedures related to hair harvesting. In this way very small incisions are made with the help of ultra refined tools, thereby aiding the surgeon to transplant the grafts even closer. In fact, FUT is also famous as “Gold Standard” due to its highly successful hair restoration capability.

In this type of hair surgery, hair is transplanted from the permanent zone, which is basically that part of your head that is resistant to balding such as the sides of your scalp. First the patient is anesthetized, then the surgeon removes a strip of tissue from this donor region and after the extraction, this strip is separated into individual follicular units by applying microscopic dissection method. While these unit grafts are prepared, the surgeon makes very small holes in the head in the recipient area.

Strikingly, many of you think that scalp hair grows as individual strands, but the fact is that it grows in tiny little groups of 1 to 4 hairs and this is known as follicular units. Imagine that this myth prevailed for a long time and even after knowing the truth hair doctors were not able use them in hair transplant, but after Dr. Robert Bernstein’s publication of “Follicular Transplantation” in 1995, a new way was introduced.

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Graft Dissection

The best part of FUT hair harvesting surgery is the stereo-microscopic dissection. In this type of dissection the follicular units are allowed to get isolated from the donor strip without getting damaged. A doctor needs to take care that while carrying out graft dissection the whole follicular unit remains intact as this is needed to maximize the growth of the hair. Furthermore, it will also give fullness to hair restoration and gives a natural look to your hair.

Precautions to be taken

While proceeding with the Follicular Hair Transplantation it is important for surgeons to take care of the following areas:

Donor Area

Usually the back or side of the scalp the donor region is an important region of your scalp and the surgeon must make sure that while carrying out the surgical hair restoration procedure, the hair bearing skin or tissue must be removed carefully by minimizing the scar, so that in future you can have options to keep short hair as well.

Recipient Region

As you already know that recipient site or area is that part of your scalp where the hair follicles are placed and this is done by making slits in the scalp. This process of making slits is equally crucial and during surgery the doctor must ascertain take care that the slits are made laterally or horizontally, as it helps the hair growth mimic with the natural hair. Hence, the angle and the direction need utmost care while making slits for perfect results.

Graft Numbers

Like every surgery, this one too requires proper planning and study of the patient. Firstly the hospital which you are opting must be clear with your health status like you are in good health or not, you have any other diseases or not, any bleeding or healing disorder is there or not, what type of hair fall you are facing and how much quantity of hair is needed. The ultimate cosmetic goal is attained only if all these points are clear and then the selection of donor and recipient sites should be done.

Designing of hair transplant is another thing that must be given enough importance for determining maximum aesthetic effect. Furthermore, knowing the number of unit grafts needed in the procedure and in how many sessions it will be completed are some fundamental things that must be crystal clear in the head of the surgeon, so that no loopholes are left in the surgery thereby executing it in an impeccable manner.

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After Hair Transplant

The healing process is fast in this type of surgical hair restoration method. Within a day or two you can start your normal life. The tiny crusts might get formed around the recipient region, but that can shed in less than a week. The normal hair sheds within two to three weeks and within less than 12 weeks you can have permanent hair growth. After six months your cosmetic hair will be fully grown giving a natural look to your hair.

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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is one such process that is considered as a breakthrough in this field of hair surgery. FUE is a technique of harvesting “follicular unit”  in the recipient area.

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