For how long does a hair transplant last?

Hair is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body that happens to be everyone’s pride. Well for a few having no hair might be the way to live, but then for almost all the people all across the world hair is everything that they have for themselves. But for a few, it might not be the same scenario. Due to various reasons, they might not have hair growing, or due to some reaction in their body or physical factors, all of the hair growing on their heads happens to come off and never grow back again. Well in the past you never had a chance of getting your precious hair back. But in the 21st century due to modern advancements in sciences and technology, we have several different ways of getting that hair back. And one of the most popular types of hair growth is hair transplant. Hair transplant is one of those permanent solutions that a doctor can give you such that you might not need to worry about baldness ever again. Several hair fall treatments in Navi Mumbai happen to be on the top of their league mainly because of the way they can help you regenerate your hair back. All that is well and good, but the central question comes to picture whether or not it might last a lifetime. To answer that question, we have some few points to share with you that are given below. Hence without further ado, let’s get started.

Hair fall treatment for a lifetime?

There are so many questions about how long can a particular hair transplant can last for, and there are many reasons for which it might last longer, or it might not last at all. Basically, in a typical hair transplant, the individuals will get to see new strands of hair growing in close to six to nine months after they get the overall transplant done. During this phase, you happen to be under a lot of medication that can either help you grow more strands of hair or be dormant regarding growing new hair. But then can it last for a lifetime? The answer to that question is uncertain as there are many factors involved. Every patient who might want to have hair growing correctly on their head might have to get a hair transplant every once in ten years to ensure that you have proper growth of hair.

Hence most of them happen to lose hair quickly while others might not and have healthy growing hair for more than ten to fifteen years. But in the long run, it’s not feasible to have a hair transplant to give you new strands of hair all over again. It’s a laborious process, but due to some of the factors, some people might not be able to get any success in the long run. Few of which are given below. Take a look.  

  •    Hair is thinning – well in a hair transplant, not the entire head might be drafted with hair follicles. But then only the smooth part of it. But then hair thinning happens to be a severe condition which can make the entire hair on your head to thin down and give you an awkward looking bunch of hair in the end. Several hair clinics in Navi Mumbai happen to provide you with a proper consultation before you go ahead for hair transplant about all of these conditions.


  •    Age – age plays a vital role. If you have had natural hair fall, then it’s tough for even hair transplant to do anything. When your body can’t support the existing hair, then there is not the point of a hair transplant to also occur. Hence till the age of sixty everything should be well and fine. But after that, if you happen to get any hair fall, it might be a permanent solution to remain bald. Hair specialist doctors in Mumbai have some greater insight over how hair works and how you can maintain them for a more extended period.