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With the advent of technology, the hair transplant has taken a new shift and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one such process that is considered as a breakthrough in this field of hair surgery. Technically, FUE is a technique of harvesting “follicular unit” or donor hair in the recipient area which is that part of the head, where the hair transplantation procedure is carried out.

In this method, firstly a small circular incision is made in the skin with an instrument that separates this region from the surrounding tissue. The follicular unit is then pulled out carefully and this process is repeated until an ample amount of follicular units needed for harvesting is extracted.
The procedure could take more time and is executed in large sessions, which might take an approximately couple of days consecutively. As during the extraction of follicular unit small hole is left behind, unlike horizontal slits scars as in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), thereby healing easily within a fortnight leaving behind tiny white scars concealed in the hair. This is one of the reasons why many call this hair surgery as scar free hair transplantation.

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Basic Difference Between FUE and FUT

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are the most compared hair transplantation and so it becomes utmost important to discuss it here. The basic difference lies in the extraction technique of both the hair harvesting surgery, otherwise, it is more or less same as in both the follicular units are used to ensure the growth of cosmetic hair after the extraction.

Both the procedures have their pros and cons, but in comparison to FUE, FUT is competent to achieve natural looking hair transplant. FUE has its own advantages over FUT as it leaves minimal scar comparatively. It is important for you to understand the procedure of FUT as well as FUE surgeries properly before opting either one of it.

Interestingly, the recipient region creation and the placement of follicular unit grafts are similar more or less in both the surgical hair transplantation, whether FUT or FUE.The major difference lies in the extraction process of grafts from the donor region as in FUE the follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor area, whereas, in the conventional FUT, the strip of the follicular unit is taken out of the scalp tissue and eventually dissected individually with the help of stereo microscope.

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Inception of FUE

When the origin of FUE is traced then, the first two names that come into light are of Dr, Rassman and Dr. Bernstein in their 2002 publication “Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hair Transplantation”, although Dr. Woods in Australia had conceived this method which was known as Woods Technique, but it was never disclosed or shared openly.

The paper of Dr. Rassman and Dr. Bernstein is considered as the fountainhead in the field of surgical hair grafting, as it has pioneered the anatomic basis of the procedure that uses test to identify the patient variability in transplantation, which is a major challenge for hair surgeons till date. Another feather was added to this hair grafting method by Dr. Jim Harris by initiating an add on the step of blunt dissection of follicle unit in this procedure, thereby reducing the damage of follicles overall.

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Points to Consider Before FUE

The surgeon who is carrying out the Follicular Unit Extraction must make an incision on the head determining the angle of the hair below the surface of the scalp. This is the point where the expertise of the doctor could be seen as an experienced surgeon is able to anticipate the correct angle of the follicle and ensures that the punch size remains of 0.6 to 1.0 mm in diameter.

Another important thing that is essential for FUE is that the back and forth motion of a doctor’s hand must be stable as the punch requires a 360 degree rotation. Furthermore the surgeon must be aware of difference of punches in two and three step technique. In the two step method of FUE the punches need to be sharp whereas in three step method of FUE the punches are blunt. Last but not the least it is highly important the patient passes FOX test before undergoing the FUE hair transplantation technique.

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What is FOX Test?

This test is mandatory for determining whether FUE could be executed on the patient or not. The reason behind the FOX test is based on the fact that the tightness with which follicle units are held is not same for all and varies from one person to another. Therefore FUE is not meant for all individuals and this makes the FOX test indispensable for FUE.

This test involves extraction of follicular units from the donor region and then it is analyzed how many units are extracted or pulled out completely. The smoothness of pulling out coupled with complete follicular unit extraction determines that FUE technique could be applied to the patient or not. If the result is negative, then the strip harvesting method which is also known as FUT is carried out on the patient.

Basis of FUE Method

This technique is based on the principle which involves the extraction of intact hair follicle from the area of arrector muscle, which is considered as the stiffest area and needs loosening from the dermis to ensure easy extraction of inferior segment. In this micro punches are used as hair follicles are narrower at the surface, thereby reducing the size of the scar.

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Shortcomings of FUE

It is difficult to identify the bulge of hair from outside, hence this technique is a blind hair transplant method. The extraction becomes difficult as determining the angle of follicular units is not easy and the chances of transection rate are quite high. Moreover, this is a slow procedure and the execution of this procedure perfectly depends largely on the hand and eye coordination of the surgeon. This method requires larger donor region and the extraction process is quite fragile as these follicular units have less protective dermis and fat in comparison to FUT method. Furthermore, in this procedure shaving of the head is a necessity and lastly, it is more costly than FUT.

Still, the pros of this FUE hair grafting method are far too great and that is why today it has become so popular.

Pros of FUE

The best part of this technique or what you can call as FUE Unique Selling Point (USP) is that it leaves small dotted scars that ensures that the patient can keep small hair style unlike FUT where the scars are linear and makes it a little difficult for patients to have short haircuts later in life. Moreover the wounds in this method get healed faster and you will have minimal pain after the surgery. Since, the FUE procedure is carried out only after the test, so the possibility of complications is least.

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Before Signing Off

Technically, FUE is a sophisticated innovation in the field of hair harvesting surgery, opening an array of options for both the surgeon and patients, eliminating the limitations of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure (the scarring marks) by pushing forward an enticing surgery for making the life of patients normal after the invasive treatment.

We, at Artius have highly trained and experienced surgeons who can carry out the FUE surgery efficiently. Make an appointment now itself and we will ensure that you receive the best treatment. We ensure that our patients face no cosmetic problem after the surgery and the FUE procedure is executed perfectly, thereby giving you a natural looking hair. Artius believe in transforming your life, so let us give a chance to help you in getting rid of baldness effortlessly.

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Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT known as strip surgery is that technique of surgical hair harvesting, which has provided a natural looking result. It has minimized the scarring of the scalp.

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