How to Know About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is such a condition that includes swollen breast tissues in males that is a result of the decreased level of testosterone in comparison to the level of estrogen in the body. This condition can affect one or both the breasts and may develop in anyone, new-borns, boys during puberty or in older men as a result of normal hormonal changes.

In infants, the gynecomastia may affect over half of the males born due to the effect of their mother’s estrogen level. The swollen breast condition usually disappears within three weeks or so after the birth. During puberty, the hormonal changes are normal and that can cause gynecomastia in the majority of cases. However, this issue resolves independently after six months to two years. In other individuals, the condition is more likely to develop between ages of 50 and 80. As in older men, the testosterone levels in them start decreasing and men tend to gain weight. The low testosterone level can cause the breast glands to enlarge and increase the accumulation of the fatty tissues under the breast glands with a larger quantity of glandular breast tissues. Most of the fat cells are estrogenic, and this additional fat can further disrupt the balance between testosterone and estrogen.

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Gynecomastia generally does not cause any major health issues but most of the men experience some difficulty to cope up with the pain and embarrassment that is related to it. This condition may resolve independently without any intervention but if the condition persists, medication or surgery may also be recommended.

Gynecomastia may be due to the effect of side effect of certain medications like anabolic steroids, androgens, anti-androgens, anti-anxiety medications, antibiotics, chemotherapy, medications for heart d drugs that are used as a treatment for AIDS. Other cause of gynecomastia also incurs the effect of consumption of alcohol, marijuana, methadone, and heroin. Certain health conditions may also be responsible for hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver diseases, malnutrition and use of certain herbal products like shampoos, lotion, and soaps.

Gynecomastia Symptoms:

  • The main symptom of gynecomastia is the enlargement of either one or both breasts. The enlarged glandular breast tissues usually occur in both the breasts but in some cases it may also be unilateral. Often the breast growth may be found uneven with a rubbery or firm nipple condition. The growth of the glandular breast tissue may also appear under the nipple.
  • Men may also experience some pain or tenderness in the nipple when touched.
  • It is very important to distinguish Gynecomastia from breast cancer because cancer affected breast does not necessarily become firm. Breast cancer symptom may also include some nipple discharge, wrinkling of the skin, retraction of the nipple and enlargement of the lymph nodes under the arms.
  • A breast abscess is also another rare condition that is related to male breast swelling. The affected individuals are found suffering from fever or chills and swelling and pain may also start appearing.

Evaluation of the symptoms:

When examining, a male patient who is suffering from enlarged breast condition, the surgeon usually finds out the exact cause of enlargement of the male breasts. Symptoms of nipple discharge or pain and presence of any genital symptom such as erectile dysfunction or lowered libido are also verified. While evaluating the condition of the patient, the doctor usually analyses the symptoms that can help to indicate the potential cause of the breast enlargement such as weight loss or fatigue which may cause as a result of kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. The discolouration of the skin which could indicate the condition of liver or kidney disease and cognitive or mood swings indicates hypogonadism and hair loss. The medical patient is also evaluated carefully to make a clear idea of the presence of any disorders that can cause gynecomastia.

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In most of the cases, the Gynecomastia resolves without any treatment. But in cases, where gynecomastia is the cause of any underlying health condition then that needs to be treated as early as possible. Medication, topical creams and gynecomastia surgery in Navi Mumbai that includes tissue excision and liposuction are used to treat enlarged breast condition in the male.