Gynecomastia is a condition in which male breasts enlarge due to hormonal imbalance, hereditary, obesity etc. Often the situation becomes embarrassing and uncomfortable affecting men’s quality of life. Through various research, it has been found that the exercises or diets cannot cure this medical condition.

However, later it was found that male breast reduction surgery is the cure for Gynecomastia. An expert and skilled cosmetic surgeon can perform this surgical procedure under general anesthesia. Post surgery the surgeon will provide you the aftercare instructions to get the best results.

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to recover from the Gynecomastia surgery. However, it also depends on the recovery pace and your health condition. Usually, surgeons recommend the initial two or three days of rest for the healing process. Post gynecomastia surgery, you might face some uneasiness, pain, tightness or tenderness in the surgery area. But after sometime, it goes away and you just need to visit your surgeon to remove the stitches.

During the gynecomastia post-surgery recovery period, your surgeon will apply dressings or bandages to your incisions which are used to minimize swelling and support the chest contour that heals after surgery.

In addition, the surgeon will give you specific instructions about how to take good care of the surgical site, tell about the medications to apply or take orally to improve healing.

You can ask your surgeon specific questions about what you can expect during the recovery after gynecomastia surgery.

 Where you will be taken after your surgery gets over?

 What medication will you be given or prescribed post surgery?

 Will you have dressings/bandages after surgery?
 When will be the stitches removed?
 When can you resume normal activity and exercise?
 When to return for follow-up care?

It’s very important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and attend follow-up visits as scheduled post gynecomastia surgery.


Post gynecomastia surgery care:

To get a speedy recovery and avoid complications, you need to follow the instructions suggested by your surgeon post gynecomastia surgery:

 Diet- The patients are recommended to take clear fluids immediately after surgery and later they can switch to solid diets. Also, the patient should take a regular meal with plenty of water content in it. You need to keep yourself hydrated as well. Avoid alcohol and smoking at least for 72 hours before and after the surgery.

 Activities- You need to take good rest to recover from surgery. After 24 hours of surgery, you need to avoid doing any strenuous activity such as driving or operating the heavy machinery. Later on, you can go for a brisk walk for quick recovery. Also, try to engage yourself in moderate activities on the second or third day.

 Compression garment- During the recovery period you need to wear a compression garment. It will help reduce the swelling and bruising and therefore improves the aesthetic outcome. Usually, the compression garment is to be worn twenty-four hours for the first-week post surgery. Gradually, you can reduce it to 18 hours a day. Make sure that compression garment is clean to avoid any type of infection.

 Medication- Avoid taking medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen during the recovery period. These might interfere with the blood clotting system and can increase risk and complications.

 Be careful- Always be careful about taking already prescribed medicines. You can start them after two days or 48 hours of the surgery. On a final note, try to follow a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Keep your incisions clean and apply antibiotic ointments covering with a new dressing if required.


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