Hair Transplant Cost in Navi Mumbai Lesser Than Mumbai

A hair transplant is such a cosmetic procedure where the surgeon moves hair follicles to the balding area of the head. Hair transplant is prevalent since 1950’s in the U.S and this procedure is now considered as one of the best hair restoration procedure till now since it provides absolutely permanent results with a head full of hairs. However, the hair transplant techniques have evolved over time and changed numerous improved procedure is now in trend. Normally, the surgeons perform the hair transplant procedure in the surgeon’s clinic.

The Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure begins with cleaning the scalp and then injecting an anesthetist to numb the back portion of the scalp. The hair transplant procedure is mostly performed by two techniques-

FUT-In the follicular unit transplant procedure, the surgeon removes 6-10 strip of the skin from the back of the scalp. Then a specialized team of people divides the strip of the extracted scalp into 500 to 2000 tiny grafts each of which contains few hairs. The number and type of the hair grafts depend on the type, quality, color and size of the area of treatment that is getting transplanted.

FUE- In the follicular unit extract, the surgeon will shave the back of the scalp which is the donor area and then the hair follicles are removed carefully one by one. The donor area heals quickly with small dots, though that remains covered by the existing hair of the scalp.

However, both the procedures are same after this point. The surgeon then prepares the hair graft and then the surgeon cleans and numbs the recipient area where the hair is transplanted. Some slits or holes are made in the recipient area. Any surgeon will require four to eight hours to complete the procedure.

What is expected after undergoing the hair transplant procedure?

Immediately after undergoing the procedure, the patients experience some amount of tenderness in the scalp. Though surgeon will also prescribe some medications for pain, sleep and antibiotic to encourage a speedy and safe recovery period. Most of the people are able to return to work within a week after following the procedure. After two to three weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out but new hairs will also start growing within few months. Most of the patients experience 60 percent of new hair growth within 6 to 12 months of undergoing the procedure.

What is the probable complication of the procedure?

The potential complications that are related to the hair transplant procedure are bleeding, infection, swelling on the scalp, bruising around the eyes, the formation of crusts, scabbing, numbness, infection, unnatural result, etc. However, it is said that the complications can be avoided by choosing the surgeon very carefully and also by following the post-op instructions.

Why is the Cost of hair transplant less in Navi Mumbai than Mumbai?

Well, it is pretty obvious that whenever a candidate chooses to undergo any cosmetic procedure, the next thing that they worry about is the cost of the procedure. The price of hair transplant typically depends on various factors- the first and foremost factor is the experience and reputation of the surgeon. The more experienced and reputed the surgeon is, their charges will be more. It will always the best choice to select such surgeon without compromising the rate of the procedure.

The next important factor is the number of a total number of grafts required to cover up the balding area. This rate depends from place to place and surgeon to surgeon and the exact cost is determined by the surgeon after proper evaluation and analysis.

The other factor that adds up to the bill is the geographic location of the clinic from where the patient is undergoing the procedure. Usually, it is seen that the metro cities like Mumbai end up with a greater cost in compared to other interior location. This variation of price is quite noticeable and probably this is the reason that the cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai is higher than in Navi Mumbai. Overall, India provides the best quality services in India in contrast to any other place around the globe.