Ten Comman FAQ about Hair Transplant Cost, Technique in Navi Mumbai

It is fully furnished with modern and advanced technologies that meet the international standards. There are well-known and experienced professionals/ surgeons along with skills of hair transplantation. We are providing the finest hair grafting treatment at a reasonable price.
Usually, the requirement decides upon the analysis. There are lots of individuals troubling from the hair fall and baldness, few are not treated by the medications. Hence, they have to undergo this process. Before undergoing this treatment, patients have to close all the current medications.

People have various numbers of hair follicles, a particular pattern of hair fall, emotional pain, thick and retreating hairline and the last density of hair. These all factors regulate the possibilities of this process. In this treatment, age also plays a significant role in all the circumstances. Lots of diseases related to hair such as Alopecia – in which the immune system of a person damages the hair follicles. This condition can be sorted out only with hair transplantation treatment.

If any sufferer doesn’t find help of professional, treatment and advice, then it can create lots of problems. Like – allergies, scalp infections, big and visible scars, bump formations, hair follicles wastage, uneven growth of hair, swelling, bleeding and so on. The growth of hair is poor due to hair transplantation of an inexpert and untrained professional which looks unnatural.
Usually, professionals said around 6-10 months are enough to analyze the actual outcomes of this process.
Hair grows in a natural way in several follicular units such as one or two hairs. This kind of group is known as implant, which extracted and grows very naturally.
Hair transplant/ implant is a process in which the follicles of hair from the donor area are extracted through surgical method. With lots of care, experts removed the hair follicles from the back side of the head. Then, removed hair follicles are returned and implanted in the hairless area via our expert. They always analyze correct angle and orientation during implantation so that the hair grows normally and healthier. With such a great car, the grafted hairs look and grow like natural ones. We can say hair grafting is a slightly offensive surgery, which need to be performed by our highly qualifies and skilled surgeons. Before starting this procedure, our specialists first do complete diagnosis. The local anesthesia is provided to reduce the pain and anxiety of treatment. During the procedure of hair implant, the patient remains active and conscious. Generally, surgeons give antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications which prevent any sort of complications and infections.
Hair Graft is a transplantation of skin tissues which are living. Specifically, dermis with the follicles of hair. The hair follicles are extracted from the site of the donor. Generally, donor sites exist on the back side of head at lower levels. The implantation of active and strong follicles of hair in the hairless area is termed as Hair Graft.
The donor area is a segment of scalp zone from where the follicles of hair are extracted. On the other hand, recipient area is another segment of scalp where hair follicles implant into the bald area.
Well, there are no sort of side-effects of the hair transplant process. Just a use of little medications has been necessary.
The price of the hair transplant process varies from person to person. It depends upon various aspects like the hairless area, count of follicles, which need to be grafted, hair follicles availability that are healthier and body part types with an implant. Such as Head scalp, Eyebrow, Beard and much more. Hence, specialist can take the estimated price of hair implantation that differs as per the individual.
Absolutely not, LASER doesn’t play any specific role in this procedure. The low-level usage of LASER is beneficial in the circulation process and protect from the blood capillary blockage.
No, the transplanted hairs grown naturally from hair follicles that are tough to the effects of genetic and androgenetic. It is also termed as DHT (Dihydro Testosterone Hormone).
This is a surgical method and those people suffer from baldness, sometimes select wigs and patches as an alternate thing. But, it is not very much effective as the hair transplant procedures. As we know, usually wigs become loose and cause various kinds of infections and allergies. Medicines are not effective all the times like baldness. Few medications help in thickening the hair and growing it via eliminating the troubles. In various cases, the hair transplant procedure becomes unavoidable and has no exemption.
It completely depends upon the transplanted area and process. Within two to four days, a patient can able to do their work and return back to the office.
Generally, the surgery takes 1-2 days to accomplish the entire procedure. In fact, it depends on the area of baldness.
There is no need to stay in hospital or clinic. Mostly, patients go home on the day of surgery, which is the best thing in hair grafting procedure.
Most of the surgeons used local anesthesia, then there is no sort of pain during the procedure. After that, the utilization of syringe along with fine and short needles is able to decrease the injection’s pain. In fact, patients can simply read a newspaper or watching television and much more. At the starting stage of the procedure, the patient slightly feels uneasiness.
When you see the transplanted hairs, so it is not recognizable and appear as natural ones. As well as, these hairs are permanent and never lose when it is in normal and healthier conditions. The grafted hairs need healthy and active conditions to grow naturally. Further, there is no effect on the hormones and other hereditary aspects after the implantation. In a few circumstances, patients can lose their transplanted hairs like – scalp infections, fungal disorders, dandruff, allergies, mechanical injuries and so on.

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As we know, Hair loss is a common and major issue which is spread across the worldwide. It may be occurred due to various causes like – anxiety, stress, medical treatment, injuries.

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