Hair Transplant for Women

Artius Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant for woman in India is quite a common procedure now, The notion that the transplantation of the hair is same in women and men, then you are wrong .Undoubtedly, in both the sexes FUT and FUE process of the hair harvesting is involved, but the choice of donor area varies. The common point of difference is that the frontal hairline in females is not preserved and the same is preserved in males after hair loss. The major problems are that:

women hair transplant cannot be carried out in case of insufficient donor region on the head, which it could be done in men.

Unlike men the donor area in women is not perennial this means that the hair will not always be present in this region even after hair loss, thereby leading to less hair growth. The worst of all is that women do not usually go for a full shave during the hair harvesting like men, thereby enhancing the difficulty in the hair transplant in females.

In comparison to men, women hair transplant surgery is quite lengthy, but the restoration takes less time comparatively in men as they have long hair to hide the thinly shaved scalp.

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When is that the Distinction between Male Phalacrosis and Feminine Baldness?

In male pattern phalacrosis, the back-area unit still lined with hair. Men following the same hair pattern opt for the hair transplant. The donor hair from the rear of the scalp survives the procedure and continues to grow within the space it is transplanted on the scalp.

DHT is the main issue for the hairless pattern. However,  it doesn’t have any negative impacts on the follicle on the perimeters and back of the pinnacle. Typically, these areas have healthy hair follicles, and the hair in these areas is great to be used in hair transplant surgery in woman’s . The hair follicles in these areas do not shrink or suffer from DHT.

Women, on the opposite hand, usually do not have these stable sites where balding-resistant hair follicles are found. All these area units of a woman’s head are suffering from DHT.

This makes ladies not a right candidate for hair transplant surgery. Since the hair follicles are essentially for a woman who suffers from DHT, any efforts to move them to the hairless areas is futile; the transplanted hair is solely aiming to fall out. Since the DHT already breaks the follicle within the 1st place, transplant them to the hairless space on the pinnacle is not seeking to solve the matter of hair loss.

Note, additionally in contrast to men, ladies usually have not got to handle receding hairlines. Instead, phalacrosis in ladies happens in a very diffused manner, with uniformly cutting everywhere around the pinnacle. The case of feminine pattern phalacrosis, the matter is about  the quantity  of hair left on the pinnacle ,wherever the phalacrosis is going on.

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Expectations and Recovery

Artius Hair Transplant Women

Post hair transplantation in woman’s, you are recommended to take medications for a few days. Your doctor will recommend wearing bandages over your scalp for a minimum of 2 days. He could advocate some drugs for a few days. recipient space can take some days to recover

Within 2 to a few weeks post hair transplantation, the transplanted hair will fall out. However, you may notice new hair growth in some months.

Most of the hair growth is going to be visible within nine months post hair transplantation. Some surgeons advocate the hair-growing drug vasodilator (Rogaine) enhance hair growth post transplantation.

Perfect Candidates for Hair Transplant Procedure in Woman

According to specialists a considerable proportion of girls are opting for hair transplant surgery in woman’s. Two out of five of girls with hair loss can have the benefit from this procedure. They are:

  • Women that have had previously undergone cosmetic surgery and the same area is involved in treatment.
  • Women that have a definite pattern of hairlessness, like that of male pattern hairlessness. This includes hairline recession and vertex cutting (on the crown or prime of the scalp).
  • Women who are suffering from hair loss thanks to trauma, together with burn victims, scarring from accidents, and chemical burns.

Total Cost of Treatment

The price of a hair transplant in women depends on the number of hair transplants. However, it usually ranges from 4, 000 to 75,000. While the cost depends on various other factors and varies from case to case.

Causes of Receding Feminine Hairline

Certain medical conditions and medications contribute for female hair loss. Several alternative factors, like the use of harsh shampoos or hair colours, may start this downside. Other relevant causes are listed below: –

  • Pregnancy

    When everything is growing because of the increased secretion of hormones [estrogen] that makes hair grow,” Since the hair growth is way higher during pregnancy. Post pregnancy the hair growth resumes to its average pace. It may start to shed all thick, or there may be the mild shedding of the luscious hair that has accumulated over the past nine months. Hair transplantation for women is widely in use among the woman’s post-pregnancy.

  • Changes in birth control

    Frequent use of contraception pills can result in hormonally caused hair loss. Which may happen at the start, at the end or any frequent changes of brands can result in hair loss. “

  • Protein deficiency

    Eating protein is essential for the growth of new hair cells. The scarcity of which may restrict the growth of new hair when the old ones shed.

  •  Certain medications

    Sudden shedding of strands can be due to medications. Blood pressure medications is among the top of the list later joined by antidepressants and HIV medications. Take help from your doctor if you notice any hair loss within months of drugs.

  • Dandruff

    When the skin on the scalp becomes itchy, and you tend to scratch a lot thereby, chances of hair loss increases. Dandruff is the most clear cause of hair loss. However, it can be treated. Similarly, you can take help of the dermatologist to cure your scalp’s health for the healthy hair growth.

  • Going through intense emotional or physical stress

    Anything which is stressful or traumatic like divorce, a significant job change, or any considerable move can halt hair growth temporarily. Hair grows in a different pattern. Some are increasingly active other are resting, and the rest are being shedded. The same thing repeats when you are going through physical stress and trauma.

  • Wearing tight hairstyles often

    Tight hairstyles can cause hair loss this usually happens when people wear tight ponytails. It can cause progressive thinning of the hairline, and if you do it for long hours, the hair loss may become permanent.

The life of Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Surgery

 Various reason can be responsible for hair loss post-surgery. Some them are listed below: –

  • Transplanted hair post hair transplantation in women is taken from the donor region area unit which is usually permanent and therefore the hair already on prime is vulnerable to hair loss. Over the long run if someone suffers from hair loss and opts for hair transplant there is a high probability that they may suffer from thinning of hairs.
  • Refusal of patients to complete the prescribed medication. Hair transplant surgeons should invest time educating patients regarding the purpose of drugs and the negative impacts that may follow if the same is not taken on time.
  • Wherever the donor hairs area unit extracted from a FUSS patient can typically have the following proportion of grafts survive for a long time as compared to an FUE patient. The explanation for this can be because of all grafts are extracted from the central band of the donor. Hairs taken from the highest third or bottom third of the donor area can shrink as someone ages. Thus, FUE which often takes several hairs from these sections can lead to the next proportion more vulnerable to hair loss.
  • Losing hair shaft diameter with age is common where a seventy-year adult can notice that their hairs are not as thick as after they were in their 30s.Therefore although all the transplanted hairs area unit still growing on prime, the result won’t look as dense as it was before.

The causes of hair transplant are many some are listed below:-

  • Hair Loss concentrated in one place

    This type of hair loss can be diagnosed as scarring as well as non-scarring, depending upon the reason of hair loss. For instance, in Alopecia Areata which as aforementioned is a hereditary or what you can call as a genetic condition, the non-scarring is the most common while scarring hair loss is a result of Lupus or local radiation. The best part is that all this hair fall problem can be resolved easily with the help of hair harvesting.

  • Hair Loss in a Pattern

    This type of hair fall or loss pattern is similar to that of men as the baldness develops in the frontal hairline of the scalp leaving hair on the sides of the head. Surgical grafting is the best solution in this type of baldness and brings back the natural hair of the women.

  • Diffuse Thinning of Hair

    hair transplant in woman’s is the most common among women and results in the deterioration of the diameter and depth of the follicular unit shaft. Medically, it is known as “Diffuse Unpattern Alopecia,” and the worst part of this hair loss condition is that it involves the thinning of donor area, thereby making the hair transplantation process difficult.

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Baldness in men has always been related to lack of physical attractiveness and is considered as a part of aging. It is more of an impediment to attracting the opposite sex.

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