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Artius Clinic provides excellent treatment procedures at the most cost-effective rates. We provide the best Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai, with thousands of happy patients and consistent results.

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FUT and FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Artius Hair Transplant in NAGPUR

The team of Artius are the finest innovators of our clinic in numberless distinct techniques. In fact, they always try to find out the latest and modern technologies of hair graft and hair loss treatments. People can get best medications in the city of Mumbai. The clinic is full of latest ways and equipment. As well as, the hands are also experienced and skillful to handle the several circumstances of the patient, then treat smartly. Artius Clinic is considered as one of the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.

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Type of Hair Transplant

List of few services which are offered for the individuals in clinic who suffer hair loss or baldness issues:


We are providing both the methodologies of hair transplant that perfectly suits the patient’s condition and need. The treatment/ procedure would be recommended after the analysis of the body. Always ensure that the scars must occur from FUT/ strip procedure. Then, it carefully hides underneath the growing zones of hair follicles.


It is a creative and advanced procedure that has been formed at home itself. With this method, people can get the pioneering outcomes as per their expectations. It can be known as our Trademark Technology.

Giga Session

Mostly sufferer requires thousands of grafts due to less hair follicles. Then, we can cover around more than 4000 grafts in a single session. As well as, offering results which are beyond your expectations along with minimum sittings.

Body Hair Graft

In this procedure, no need takes stress and feel dissatisfied, if a patient doesn’t have enough donor area of their head. Our expert team will easily manage and find another location that can fulfil your hair requirements.

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Reasons to Visit Artius Clinic

  • We try to feature lots of our success stories and most important fact is the transection rate is low in the entire country as compared to others.
  • Our major goal is to provide surety for our clients, which is the main reason we charge more on the number of grafts. It simply signifies that the lower count of graft charges you less bill.
  • We know very well about the significance of your personality. Hence, we always do surgeries with lot of care and form a hairline which completely look like natural hairs.
  • As our experience, we have seen lots of cases where patients are really scared because of pain. This is the actual cause why we designed our procedures that contains minimum pain.
  • Lots of times our clinic has been cherished for the highest stands of hygiene. We work personally on the safety standards of individuals and regularly it is sanitized without forgetting.

Why People Choose Artius Clinics?

A number of reasons why individuals from entire countries opt —Clinic to come and consult for the hair transplantation procedure. Artius is the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai with hair grafting treatments and others related to it. Few of the treatments are-

Natural Hair Line

As we know, the donor hair is especially utilized for harvesting from the head of the scalp. The patient can completely ensure that their look is just natural and even they also can’t recognize. Furthermore, the grafted hair is permanent and will grow naturally and healthier as per the time. Once it correctly fit on the head, then individuals can do any styles, cut, colors as they want to do.

Painless Treatment

We already created lots of inventive techniques of anesthesia and sedation. These things provide a guarantee that a patient feel safe and relaxed during the hair transplant process. If any patient extremely scared of pain, then we offer her/ him with sedation. After that, the sufferer can easily sleep via the accomplishment of procedure with an ease.

High implant Harvest

The transection rate our follicular is very low around 4% in FUE process. This is the finest proof that we always go to unexpected lengths. It ensures the great health of follicles. Additionally, most of the time we yield the follicles only in the permanent areas and confirm that the implants spend less time from outside of the body.

Implants provided according to the numbers

We are giving an opportunity/ chance to all patients that they can count the grafts or we can say follicles. It will enhance the confidence level of patient on the clinic. One important thing is – anyone can only count practical follicles.

Price of Hair transplant procedure

Generally, the estimated hair transplant cost in Mumbai, starts from 90K to 2 Lac. It depends on the several factors and every surgeon charge according to its. The analyzation is very necessary before transplant process is planned.


We surely provide the extreme significance to the hygiene of patients. It is the most essential element, especially in clinics, home, etc. As well as, this factor prevents from the infections during the surgery. The results also depend on it.

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Hair Transplant Process

The basic methodology of hair grafting were depending on the extraction of a complete scalp patch. Then, remove the implants from scalp area. Now, the improvised version of this method is in the market. We all knew it as FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation. Another enhanced version is termed as FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUE, a patient doesn’t have any cuts in the surgery.


It is a technique where individual’s follicular units are collected from the donor harvesting region one graft at a time applying sharp circular punches. The punch hair method was initiated by Okuda in Japan during the world war II in order to help war survivors to help have their eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. back.

Strip Surgery/ FUT

This method involves individual follicular unit transplantation and determines that each graft is similar to the rest, thereby giving it a natural touch. In 1994, Limmer B. Elliptical found that natural follicular groupings of hair follicles resulted in natural-appearing outcomes.

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Hair Transplant in Navi Mumbai

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Artificial Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is a ground breaking non-operative treatment option that relieves pain by naturally promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions.

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