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Artius Clinic offers you the best hair treatment in Mumbai at affordable prices. Dr. Sagar Gundewar has been a pioneer in the field of hair transplant with 13+ years of experience. If you are looking for hair treatment in Mumbai, Sagar Gundewar’s Artius is undoubtedly the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.


Our highly qualified and dedicated doctors have more than 13+ years of experience, and have treated thousands of patients successfully.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar

Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon | MBBS | MS General Surgery | Mch Plastic Surgery

With over 10 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplants, Dr. Sagar is one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mumbai.

Dr. Komal Gundewar

Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist

Dr. Komal Gundewar is a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist. She is Medical Director of Artius Plastic, Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Centre, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

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I started losing confidence and feeling sad about the way I would look. All thanks to the Doctor and his team for the best service that I received.
Nitin Madival

After a friend recommendation, I went to Artius Clinic for a consultation and found that the advanced PRP procedure can actually regrow my hair. I took around 5 sessions of PRP treatment and found good results.

Sneha Mandhare

I had a really good time! I almost forgot that I was having a procedure done! The staff, I mean everybody was so pleasant and nice! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Sharad Pavagi

Best quality, reasonable and very effective hair transplant.very co operative staffs and wonderful facilities.Hygenic and 100% trust worthy

Diju D


Natural Looking Result

100% Success

13+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Natural Looking Result

100% Success
20+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Artius Cosmo Clinic was established in the year 2006. Our incredibly experienced and well-experienced plastic material surgeons with the consumption of modern technology has led us to get one of the top aesthetic clinic in the competitive world of Cosmetology. Our goal is to provide our patients complete pleasure and increased confidence.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar ( MBBS, MS, M.Ch) and Dr. Komal Gundewar (MBBS, DDV) expected a joint initiative in the whole year 2006 to bring up such a centre that could blend the art and research of medicine completely and enlighten to a straight where the finest quality care and best products and services can boost your appearance. The tactics used and the product or service are constantly updated to provide the best to their patients. Their purpose is to provide patients with complete delight and increased confidence.

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Artius Clinic is currently among the leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic found in Mumbai and it turned out founded with the purpose of boosting up the type of life for all those struggling people. Artius clinic is totally aimed at providing wonderful treatment procedures at the most cost-effective prices. Artius treatment centres never fail to meet up with the ever-expanding needs and desires of various peoples.

Overall the Artius Cosmo Clinic aims in preserving the caliber of the services and provide the precise requirements to the sufferers. There are near about 10 most up-to-time equipment’s that are utilized, two procedure theatres for the surgery, holding out room, special room, lavatory, counselling room. Entire hygiene is being maintained in the clinic.

What is Hair Treatment?

Hair treatment means to treat the hair for various hair related issues like hair fall, dryness, dandruff, bunched up hair, curly hair, hair thinning, etc.

The treatment is dependent on the various issues you are experiencing and how much treatment is required to make things normal. Different types of reasons can cause these issues. 

for example, 

  • Your Hair Type,
  • your daily lifestyle,
  • your eating habits,
  •  current products which you are using for your hair.

The kinds of items that can be utilized for hair treatment extend from hair masks, serums, shampoos and conditioners, and hair oils. They are altogether implied for various issues and, when utilized suitably, they are very useful. Hair shampoos and conditioners are accessible in a wide range. Some are intended to add dampness to your hair, while others are intended to remove overabundance oils. Some can be utilized to battle dandruff and lice while others can be used to make your hair to grow quickly. 

Hair Treatment In Mumbai

Certain shampoos likewise help to transform fuzzy hair into smooth hair, disposing of split closures, and adding sparkle and gleam to dull, dead hair. Contingent upon the issue you are confronting, the right cleanser must be utilized consistently alongside it is going with conditioner. 

Hair oil, then again, adds dampness to your hair and causes it to develop. Anyway, specific sorts of hair oil, for example, tea tree oil or peppermint oil can be utilized as powerful medicines for dandruff and lice as they have antibacterial properties that can battle with them. Hair masks and serums come in as vast an assortment as shampoos and can be utilized to fight specific hair care issues, as required. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Heredity is the prime reason for hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone, also known as male sex hormone is the prime factor for hair loss.
There are also some other common causes. We will discuss them below.

  • Poor nutrition:
    Most of the common causes of hair loss is poor nutrition, especially in India. Iron deficiency (anaemia) rank top of the list, which is then followed up by protein deficiency. Poor diet is also due to the improper absorption of food.
  • Crash dieting:
    Excessive dieting, mainly mono dieting, which involves completely eliminating a particular type of foods, these completely disturb the protein balance, fats and carbohydrates, which eventually lead to hair loss. Sometimes the hair fall is unable to reverse, even though the patient is consuming a normal diet.
  • Oral contraceptives:
    Oral contraceptive contains synthetic progesterone, these impact the hair loss in females and can also result in baldness. Even though their consumption is stopped, the hair loss cannot be reversed.
  • Poor circulation:
    A recent study on the men suffering from male pattern baldness found that the blood supply to the scalps is 2.6 times less than the control group. Follicles which are deprived of the blood also lack the proper amount of nutrition. Hence they lead to specific hair loss.
  • Smoking:
    tobacco contains nicotine which negatively impacts the hair scalp; this leads to hair loss for those who consume tobacco daily.
  • Mental stress:
    stress is the enemy of hair; ultimate stress opens the door for the uneven hair loss.
  • Dandruff:
    Dandruff does not allow proper nutrition to the scalp, which brings hair loss.

Treatment for Hair Loss

If an illness causes hair loss, then to treat that illness is the best solution to stop the hair loss. The decision to treat the androgenetic alopecia depends upon the mental and emotional condition of the patient. There are many such therapies in the market which promote the best treatment for hair loss, although to be sure about which treatment to be considered, you should always consult your hair specialist for their validation.

Treatment types for androgenetic alopecia include wigs and hairpieces, grooming techniques, surgery and medications.

  • Styling hair to cover up the hair loss areas is effective for small cases. Washing and styling the hair should not cause any further hair loss.
  • For more severe hair loss, hairpieces and wigs can provide good results if you are willing to try them. Either of these options can be used in combination with surgery or medications if the result of hairpiece or styling is not worth.

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Cost of Hair Treatment

The cost of a hair treatment can be highly varied. These expenses are mostly out of budget. Most insurance companies consider hair transplant as a cosmetic procedure. Different factors are responsible for the cost of hair treatment.
These include:

  • Where you live: Number of surgeons and your residential place often affect the costing of hair treatment.
  • The type of procedure you choose: Hair treatment can be done in two different ways:
    (FUT) Follicular unit transplantation and (FUE) follicular unit extraction. Each remedy has a different cost.
  • Skill of your surgeon: If your surgeon is an expert in this field, it is obvious that he is going to charge you more. The more the skilful your surgeon is, the more you are going to pay him.
  • Amount of hair you want to be transplanted: adding some patches to hair, will cost you less than doing the entire hair treatment. If your requirement of hair treatment is low, then you can save money.
  • Travel costs: This cost is not chargeable by your doctor, but yes, you should include this cost in your budget as there will be frequent rounds to the clinic, and the process can go from weeks to months. Also, if the clinic is far from your residence, then it can include your travel expenses, which will indirectly increase the budget of hair treatment.

When to see a doctor?

In many cases, thinning of the hair is not connected with overall health problems. If anyone is concerned about hair loss, or if it affects their mental and emotional well-being, they can consult the doctor.

If an individual is encountering lot of hair loss without any reason, they should see their doctor. This is very important if they have recently made changes in their diet or started consuming health supplements.


The average person loses between 50-100 hairs a day. If you’re noticing more significant hair loss, one of our trained professionals can help you determine your level of hair loss and what you can do about it.
Yes, Hair treatment offers only safe and proven solutions for hair loss, including FDA-cleared laser technology and the only FDA-approved, clinically proven ingredient that can regrow hair and slow further loss.
Surgical hair transplantation involves moving your own growing hair follicles, usually from the back of your head, to your thinning or balding areas. Surgically restoring your hair offers permanent, natural-looking results because it’s your own growing hair.
Yes. Hair removed from the safe donor area regions in the back and on the sides of the scalp is genetically programmed to continue growing over the course of a lifetime without being affected by pattern baldness.