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Artius Clinic offers you the best hair weaving in Mumbai at affordable prices. Dr. Sagar Gundewar has been a pioneer in the field of hair transplant with 13+ years of experience. If you are looking for best hair weaving in Mumbai, Sagar Gundewar’s Artius is undoubtedly the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.


Our highly qualified and dedicated doctors have more than 13+ years of experience, and have treated thousands of patients successfully.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar

Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon | MBBS | MS General Surgery | Mch Plastic Surgery

With over 10 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplants, Dr. Sagar is one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mumbai.

Dr. Komal Gundewar

Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist

Dr. Komal Gundewar is a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist. She is Medical Director of Artius Plastic, Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Centre, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

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I started losing confidence and feeling sad about the way I would look. All thanks to the Doctor and his team for the best service that I received.
Nitin Madival

After a friend recommendation, I went to Artius Clinic for a consultation and found that the advanced PRP procedure can actually regrow my hair. I took around 5 sessions of PRP treatment and found good results.

Sneha Mandhare

I had a really good time! I almost forgot that I was having a procedure done! The staff, I mean everybody was so pleasant and nice! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Sharad Pavagi

Best quality, reasonable and very effective hair transplant.very co operative staffs and wonderful facilities.Hygenic and 100% trust worthy

Diju D


Natural Looking Result

100% Success

13+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Natural Looking Result

100% Success
20+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Artius Cosmo Clinic was established in the year 2006. Our highly qualified and well experienced cosmetic surgeons with the utilization of modern technology has led us to be one of the top aesthetic clinic in the competitive community of Cosmetology. Our aim is to provide our patients complete pleasure and increased confidence.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar ( MBBS, MS, M.Ch) and Dr. Komal Gundewar (MBBS, DDV) had taken a joint initiative in the entire year 2006 to talk about such a centre that could blend the art and technology of medicine altogether and enlighten to a level where the finest quality care and best provider can boost your appearance. The methods used and the offerings are constantly updated to provide the best to their patients. Their aim is to supply patients complete pleasure and increased confidence.

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Artius Clinic is now among the leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic found in Mumbai and it had been founded with the purpose of boosting up the caliber of life for all people struggling people. Artius clinic is completely aimed at providing wonderful treatment procedures at the most cost-effective prices. Artius clinics never fail to meet up with the ever-expanding needs and wants of various peoples.

Overall the Artius Cosmo Clinic aims in retaining the quality of the service and provide the precise requirements to the clients. There are near about 10 hottest equipment’s that are used, two procedure theatres for the surgery, ready room, special room, bathroom, counselling room. Total hygiene is being maintained in the clinic.


Do you have bald spots on your head? Or do you suffer from baldness which could be caused due to a wide variety of reasons? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we are sure that you are constantly on the lookout for treatment methods which can help in remedying your situation. All men and women love their hair and would want to have a full head of hair for as long as possible. And if you have hoped on the internet to look for some efficient solutions for your condition then we are pretty sure that you would have come across the method of hair transplantation. However, hair transplantation is not for everybody and there can be many reasons why an individual would not want to go through this procedure. And some of those reasons include that the procedure is quite pricey, surgery is involved which not everybody is a big fan of, and you might also not qualify for hair transplantation. Under such a situation, what should you do?

The simple answer to that question is that you opt for hair weaving. Hair weaving is a procedure in which a wig or artificial hair on the bald spots on your head. The artificial hairs are applied to the scalp. There are also different types of hair weaving procedures like hair bonding, hair tracking, hair fixing, and hair fusion. Each of these methods differs in terms of the steps which take place. One of the biggest benefits of going under this temporary treatment method is that there is no surgery involved which means that there is no pain involved and you don’t have to take time off your work. It acts as an instant solution to your hair problems!

Hair Weaving In Mumbai

Treatment of Hair Weaving

When it comes to providing hair weaving solution to customers then we at Artius Clinic are one of the best options you will ever come across. We firmly believe in providing all our customers with a unique and customized approach to effectively meet all their hair weaving requirements and needs. We make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with all our services and believe that they have got more than their money’s worth. Before proceeding with the treatment, we make sure that our customers go through an evaluation by our experts. During the evaluation, we determine different aspects like the thickness, amount, and numbers of hairs available. This allows us to determine the best possible solution to our customer’s hair related issues.

We believe in making long-term relationships with our customers and that is why our customers continue to come to us to help them maintain their hair after the weaving procedure. We also ensure that our hair weaving procedures are 100% safe for our customers. This allows our customers to have a non-surgical option to deal with their accelerated hair loss issues which they might experience irrespective of their gender. In this procedure, a medical thread is used to weave the hairs through the base. The artificial hairs are also ideally of the same color, length, thickness, and density. Once the entire fixing procedure is done then we finish off by giving our customers a final look with the help of a haircut. Hair weaving is more of a trend now which is also easy to maintain as you just need to visit the clinic only once in two or three months.

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Candidates for Hair Weaving

There are certain requirements which you must fulfil if you wish to be considered an ideal candidate for this procedure. And those requirements are mentioned below.

  • You could be suffering from premature baldness
  • You could also be suffering from male pattern baldness, abnormal hair loss, or any other medical condition related to accelerated hair loss
  • You could be losing your confidence because of your hair loss
  • You look older than your age and wish to get back your youthful appearance
  • You do not want to take the risk and expenses of going through a surgical hair restoration procedure like a hair transplant
  • If you believe that this procedure can help you gain a new outlook on life and achieve better results

If you check all of these boxes then you are the ideal candidate for our hair weaving treatment method which we perform with extreme precision and control. We start the treatment by first evaluating the quality of your hair. Once that is successfully done then we send the design and dimension of your hair sample to our laboratory for the fabrication to take place. Once the hairs are to your liking then we attach those hairs to your scalp by using a medicated gel which is made with the help of the best technology.

This gel ensures that you are perfectly able to keep wearing the hairs on your head for an extended period of time. All of this is done in such a comfortable manner that you feel as relaxed as possible throughout the entire procedure. On top of that, we make sure that even the exact styling of your hair is done according to your taste and preference.

Advantages of Hair Weaving

Do you know now everything about the hair weaving procedure? Do you strongly believe that this procedure can help solve all your worries and issues related to your accelerated hair loss? If the answer to both these questions is yes and you are still on the fence for some reason then we have just the right points to present to you which will help you make the final decision. There are certain benefits which you can get by opting for the hair weaving procedure. And those benefits are:

  • You get complete control over the volume and length of the hair which you want to receive during the end-product
  • You can also pick the style, colour, and texture of your hair
  • This process does not involve any kind of surgery which means that you can add hair to your bald spots without any pain
  • Larger bald spots or areas can also be covered with ease
  • You do not feel any kind of pain during the procedure and you can get it done whenever you want
  • If you do not have a hair donor area left then you are still eligible for this procedure
  • This procedure is not invasive
  • You can easily achieve high-density hair
  • It is cheaper than many other options

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your hair weaving procedure done now by the Artius Clinic in Mumbai!


After your initial consultation and template fitting, we expect our bespoke, handcrafted systems to return to us within 12 to 14 weeks of completion. Within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should start to notice new growth within a few months.
You can use all these except oils. Oil is not good even for your natural hair. Normal shampooing and conditioning can be done. Instead of oils you can use gels recommended by the company.
Hair weaving is not a permanent solution. As these hairs are without bulb (the growing centre of the hair), it never grows. Moreover, they tend to loosen and fall with times; they are glued to the scalp or hairs.
Hair loss has been a common concern for many people, being victims of current fast paced life style. The common hair loss issues, right from thinning of hair shafts to visibly bald scalp have been more dramatic, irrespective of gender categorization.