How dangerous is liposuction surgery?

People all across the world happen to be either satisfied or disappointed with the way that they look like. But then when you take a closer look at the statistics, then you will see that a majority of people might want to get some or the other kind of operation done to their body to get some sexier look that might set them a class apart. But then when you talk about doing some aesthetic surgery then cosmetic surgery has played a vital role for several years where people have gotten their wishes fulfilled and have gotten simple changes that made huge differences in themselves. Liposuction in general is one such surgery done to any part of the body where a bit of fat is removed or injected in order to get the edge over someone else in looking better. Therefore, everything might seem simple and straightforward. But in surgery, you never know what might happen and what might be the outcome of the operation or liposuction. Hence let’s take a more in-depth look into the world of liposuction and the risks that you might face if something were to go wrong in the surgery. Let ’s get started.

Risks that you might have to bear during liposuction.

Surgery, in general, is a complicated process where you never know what might go wrong and what might happen to you at any point in time. Therefore, to see how dangerous the overall procedure of liposuction is, let’s take a look at the possible risks that you might have to face. The several dangers are given below.

  •    Contour irregularities – well the overall procedure of liposuction is to remove some of the fat that might make the surface look even and not chubby. But then when there is the irregular removal of fat, then you can experience an uneven layer of skin that starts to darken and stays there permanently. Well, you can get it corrected, but then in most cases, nothing can be done for this condition.


  •    Numbness – well this depends upon where the entire surgery of liposuction might be carried out mainly because getting liposuction done in any sensitive area can cause numbness primarily due to temporary irritation of the nerve. But then if there were something to go wrong, then you can experience a permanent numbness feeling in that part and can be lifelong.


  •    Fat embolism – this is a dangerous thing to happen inside your body. Well if liposuction isn’t done correctly or during the entire phase if a fat particle happens to get loose and get stuck in one of the veins of arteries then it’s a medical condition which can cost you your life. Therefore, try to think twice before you happen to get this surgery done.


  •    Internal puncture – well this is very rare that something like this ever happens. This is when the needles go a bit too more in-depth into the organ and causing some internal damage. If any such thing were to happen then immediate medical attention is required.


  •    Fluid accumulation – temporary sacks of fluid happen to get accumulated around the operated area such that it can be removed with a needle. But if left unchecked, then it can turn into a septic condition which might be deadly in many cases.


  •    Infections – well skin infections are a sporadic condition to happen during the entire procedure of liposuction. But any allergy might result in the situation to be prolonged that might cause the affected area of the body to spread and cause some long-term defects.


  •    Kidney and heart problem – well the amount of fat that might be taken out and the amount of fluid that might be injected can cause the overall fluid levels in the body to either rise or become low. It’s a life-threatening situation for your kidneys and heart especially.