How to find a good rhinoplasty surgeon

Selecting the Best Rhinoplasty surgeon is One of the most important steps in assuring a satisfactory rhinoplasty. Since rhinoplasty ranks among the most challenging of all cosmetic procedures for a surgeon, one should find a
surgeon with genuine rhinoplasty expertise. A best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty is also gonna be a patient listener, an effective communicator and a compassionate caregiver. Although there are many surgeons who meet these criteria, there are many who fall short.

To the contrary, because nasal surgery is performed on distorted tissues, slight cosmetic imperfections are inevitable in virtually any nose, regardless of who performs the surgery. Even a well-meaning and highly talented surgeon cannot foresee every conceivable problem, so realistic expectations are essential. However, the time spent finding best rhinoplasty doctor with a track record of happy patients is well worth the effort.

What to Look for the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

How to find a good rhinoplasty surgeon, look for these key points:

Valid Medical License

In order to legally best nose rhinoplasty, surgeon requires a medical license. An active and unrestricted state medical license insures that the state medical board has confirmed the minimum academic training and at least one year of post-graduate training for the license holder. The state board of medicine can also be a good source of information regarding action(s) taken against a doctor for medical malpractice, non compliance or other reportable

Board Certification

Certification by a recognized board denotes successful completion of both an ACGME- accredited residency program and a comprehensive oral and written competency examination specific to the specialty. However, board certification does not guarantee surgical proficiency in rhinoplasty. To the contrary, it merely insures a minimum level of book knowledge and clinical competency at the time of the examination.

Malpractice History

Another commonly used screening tool is malpractice history. Certainly no one wants to entrust their face to a surgeon with a history of willful negligence and disastrous surgical outcomes. Therefore, contacting the state medical board for malpractice activity are wise initial steps in the selection process.

Specialty Niche

In general, the best rhinoplasty surgeon who specialize in a particular surgical niche tend to have greater interest and skill in that subspecialty. There are several different paths that can lead to credentialing in best nose rhinoplasty surgery, including plastic surgery, ofacial plastic surgery, and oral surgery. Each has advantages and disadvantages and no educational pathway has an exclusive lock on quality outcomes. Best plastic surgeon in rhinoplasty have
emerged from each of these educational pathways and in virtually every instance, their practices have been focused largely on nasal surgery.

Word-of-Mouth Endorsements

Another reassuring indicator of a quality rhinoplasty surgeon is a word-of-mouth endorsement from a trusted friend or family member. First-hand accounts of a positive surgical outcome is always reassuring.

Internet Endorsements

Recently, internet message boards and other online forums have become another source of word-of-mouth referral information to find rhinoplasty surgeon. On balance, the dialogue generated by these websites has been positive by promoting greater patient awareness among rhinoplasty patients. However, there is always another side of a story, an upset patient with no major complaints sometimes plot a fraud story over internet.

Surgical Portfolio

Perhaps one of the most effective ways of assessing a rhinoplasty surgeon’s skill and ability is to review his or her surgical portfolio of before and after photographs. Viewing patients with nasal deformities similar to your own is an even more effective way of judging a surgeon’s ability to correct your specific problems. Successful correction of badly damaged noses is perhaps the most telling indication of a rhinoplasty surgeon’s skill. A dramatic restoration of a badly misshapen nose speaks volumes.

Academic Standing

Another important indicator of a rhinoplasty surgeon’s reputation is his or her standing in organized medicine. The participation certificates indicate a willingness to serve the public interest. Teaching appointments, publications in refereed or peer-reviewed specialty journals, and all denote a surgeon of high scholarly standing whose achievements are recognized by their peers. Participating as an examiner for the oral board certification exam is also an honor
bestowed by fellow practitioners.

A Quality Consultation

Regardless of the medical complaint, the consultation visit is designed to accurately diagnose the problem, plan an effective treatment convey relevant information such as risks and anticipated outcomes. Computer imaging is used to simulate changes in the nasal contour so that patients can more easily envision the cosmetic goals. It is during the consultation that the relationship between patient and surgeon is formed and it is during this time that you will
ultimately decide whether or not to entrust your face to his or her hand.

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