Identical Twins May Not Have the Same Identical Hair Type

Most people when hearing the word twins, they think twin have the same skin, hair texture, hair color; also they will have the same traits and personalities. Let’s first tell you that there are two types of twins, first identical twins and second non-identical twins. Now the question is that what is the difference between identical twins and non-identical twins. So the answer is identical twins essentially develop from a single egg fertilized by a single sperm cell. When an egg is fertilized by a sperm but then the zygote ultimately splits into two embryos, these two embryos become identical twins. On the other hand, when there are two eggs in the womb and they are fertilized by two different sperm cells, two different zygotes are made from the beginning which produces non-identical twins or fraternal twins.

Now, let’s come back to identical twins. So the question is do they have same hair type. For answering this question, you will have answer another question that, do their DNA are of the same type.

Well, most of the people have believed that identical twins have the same type of till date. And it also makes sense as they are part of the same zygote. But, contrary to common belief, recent studies have revealed that though twins start developing with identical DNAs as they grow out of the same zygote, actually their DNA become slightly different by the time they get mature in their mother’s uterus. This happens because the actual zygote divides once or more, managing to make two clusters of cell splits, each one of which goes on to become one of the identical twins. As these masses of cells develop to form the new fetus, they split over and over again. In this situation of exponential division, DNA differences and even mutations can occur which will lead to the difference in the type of the identical twins.

In most of the cases, this difference in DNA is rather very less and doesn’t affect the way these identical twins look. Also, most of the identical twins have similar eye color and skin and even similar hair type, but, this doesn’t happen always. Because with the division of DNA, each identical twin may be offered with different genes that can influence a lot of physical features. So, it is not something to worry about if you have twins who look the same but have different skin colors or hair quality, or eye color or anything like that, it is quite normal.

Recently, in 2016, there was a case of twin birth proving the above-told theory. In the case, one identical twin was born with black hair and brown eyes and dark skin, on the other hand, the other identical twin had blue eyes, and fair skin and mousy curls. This was a very striking difference in the case of the identical twins, two of them were looking almost as if they are not twins or non-identical twins. So, in these type of cases, it is often clear that the twins have different skin colors as well as different types of hair, and they possess the different type of DNA. In fact, this difference is up to the extent that the hair problems they suffer from can also be different. This is possible that one of the identical twins may have thick and long hair, and on the other hand, the other twin baby might show constant hair fall, so much so that it gives access to the need for hair transplant.

There is another reason also for the difference in identical twins. In some of the cases, it was noticed that these differences in identical twins may also occur due to the difference in their environmental condition and change in their climate, location, etc. In this case, it may be possible for one identical twin to donate a graft in hair transplantation to the other identical twin who is experiencing balding. But, if you have an identical twin and you are thinking of having a hair transplant, always consult a good hair specialist before going for a hair transplantation or reaching any conclusion.