Hair loss is traumatic that every man and woman undergoes at least once in their life. For the last few years, there are numerous methods being tried to get back the healthy growth of hair. But thanks to the advancement of medical science that has successfully found out an effective solution for Hair Loss by transplantation method. Among all the other hair transplant method, FUE is the most common one.

FUE Hair Transplant:

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is one of the latest methods of Hair Transplantation which gives the best results giving you a natural appearance. The Follicular Unit Extraction is also popular as follicular unit transplantation. The FUE hair transplant procedure is one of the least invasive surgical procedures which are performed under a general anesthesia by any highly experienced surgeon. The procedure involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area from the back and side of the scalp by using a special extraction instrument which is less than 1mm diameter.

These follicles are finally transferred to the recipient area on the scalp and the grafts are being implanted using a powerful stereo microscope. A group of two to follicles is considered as a graft. The recovery time required for this procedure is low and there are hardly any chances of complication. Post surgery the patient will be provided with a clear schedule of all the instructions on aftercare and necessary medications in order to get the best possible results.

Side Effects of FUE Hair Transplant:

There are very few side effects involved in this procedure, among them some are common while are might be rare. Most of these side effects last for a short time unless it turns out to be long-term complications. So have a look at the following side effects:

  • The shedding of the transplanted hair after three days of the procedure is a common thing to occur after the procedure. These hairs will grow back again after four months.
  • The cuts and bruises must be dressed u properly to avoid bleeding and also to reduce the chance of infection.
  • It is very normal to endure pain after FUE surgery. But generally, surgeons prescribe medication like pain killers.
  • It is very normal to have an itchy sensation in the transplanted areas due to the formation of scabs. Surgeons prescribe medicinal spray to be applied on the transplanted area. However, the itchy sensation will disappear after few days.
  • Formation of boils on various locations like forehead or around the eyes is also a common side effect of hair transplantation.
  • The FUE procedure often leads to numbness due to some damage to the nerves.
  • The FUE surgery will leave some scars that will gradually vanish after few weeks or months.

Is FUE a Safe Procedure?

Well, even crossing the streets is not completely safe. However, FUE if done in the right hands then it can be the best available option for hair transplant. Yes, it might leave scars, it might be painful, but maximum of these side effects will go down after few weeks. It is a fact that FUE is not that effective as FUT and this procedure is best for candidates with minimum balding. Basically determining the safety of the FUE hair transplant procedure will need to determine the candidate opting for the procedure. The health of the candidate and the power of recovery is the key factor.  Well, though the role of the surgeon also plays a significant role in the procedure and this is why it is very imperative to get the FUE procedure done from an expert skilled cosmetic surgeon!