Hair loss can affect the personality of an individual. However, with advance medical technology there is a technique available to overcome this condition known as Hair transplant surgery.

Hair restoration surgery is the leading aesthetic procedures that imparts severe transformation solutions for baldness and yields better results. The surgery has become the latest craze not only for those who have lost their tresses but even for those who want to change their hairlines or want an attractive style. Now the big question- Is hair transplant safe and successful? Well, the transplantation process is completely safe with minimal or no side effects. But before going ahead for the hair transplant surgery, you need to choose a qualified plastic surgeon.

Hair Transplant Success Rate

According to International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) the hair restoration surgery should only be performed by a licensed physician. The success of a hair transplant procedure depends on choosing the best hair transplant surgeon who offers the best results in terms of densely-packed hairs.


What happens during a hair transplant?

During a hair transplant,the surgeon cleans the scalp thoroughly and numb the area of head with local b anesthesia.There are two techniques FUT and FUE which involve the picking of follicular clusters of hair.

In FUT technique, the surgeon cuts the skin strips from the back of head. The incision is made which is then closed with stitches. Then the surgeon seperates the scalp portion into tiny sections using sharp surgical knife. These sections when implanted will help achieve natural-looking hair growth.

In FUE technique, hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted at the affected site. During one session, a surgeon may transplant hundreds or even thousands of hairs.It can take about four hours or more for the entire session.

The surgery involves the following steps:

1. Hair transplant Preparation: The initial step of surgery involves the removal of hair follicles from the back of the head and transplanted to the bald area.

2. Trimming of Donor area: Before the surgery is started, the donor area hairs are trimmed.

3. Removal of tissue in the donor area: Post trimming, local anesthesia is given and the tissue is removed surgically as it contains the bald resistant hair follicles.

4. Combed hair over surgical stitched donor area: The surgical stitches in the donor area are hidden from the patient’s hair. These stitches are removed after ten days post hair transplant surgery.

5.Donor Tissue cut into follicular grafts: Using microscope, the surgical technicians view the donor tissue for dissecting and preparing follicular hair grafts.

6. Preparation of bald recipient area: After giving local anesthesia to the patient, the balding recipient area is prepared for the surgical process.

7. Incisions made in the bald area: The follicular unit grafts are placed in the tiny incisions that made an irregular pattern in the recipient area.

8. Placing of Grafts: The small grafts are placed in front of the hairline and denser grafts are placed behind.

9. Post Hair Transplant Surgery: The tiny incisions with short hair would be visible on the affected area after the surgery.


What is the long-term outlook?

Once the transplant is done, people will get hair in the transplanted areas of the scalp after few weeks or months. The new hair will look more or less that depends on :

Scalp skin
No of follicles in the transplant zone
hair quality
hair curl

To get the long-lasting results, you need to make sure to take medication (such as minoxidil or finasteride) as it will prevent the hair loss and improve hair regrowth. Talk to your surgeon to know about the expected outcome and develop realistic expectations.


Why Choose us for Hair Transplant?

Hair loss problem has a detrimental effect on any individual. If someone has hair loss more than normal, he or she tends to look older than their age. Hair implantation definitely reduce the physical age which boosts up the confidence of an individual and they feel good about themselves.

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