PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Mumbai

Hair thinning has been the leading issue for everyone around the globe. There are numerous hair thinning issues including stress, pollution, stress, pollution, heredity, etc. Male and female pattern baldness are some of the leading issues that affect a large number of women and men which may also give rise to lack of self-confidence. However such people may wish to undergo a PRP hair treatment procedure.

PRP is the latest hair treatment procedure that is a groundbreaking hair treatment which encompasses using the patient’s own blood platelets to enhance the growth of the hair follicles.  This is a unique hair treatment procedure that is in use recently. It is a least invasive procedure that both men and women can undergo. The procedure includes using a concentrated plasma solution as an injection into scalp which then stimulates the growth factors within the blood cells that naturally stimulates the growth of the hair. The blood plasma of the body (PRP) contains a remarkable amount of growth factors that can promote the growth of hairs, thus helping patients to restore a head full of the healthy head full of hair.

Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment Procedure

The surgeon first identifies and evaluates the area on the scalp. Then some amount of blood is drawn from the patient at the clinic. This extracted blood is given in a centrifuge to segregate the concentrated plasma from the blood. The centrifuge is performed in a closed sterile system where the platelets are concentrated up to three times than the normal blood value. This system helps to eliminate the granulocyte which may hamper the regeneration and wound healing capacity of the solution.

After preparing the treatment the area of the scalp is cleaned and some anesthesia block is given so that the patient do not feel any pain or discomfort. The highly concentrated platelets rich plasma solution is then injected into the scalp and the patient’s hair is then washed. After undergoing this procedure the patients can easily drive back home without any discomfort or uneasiness. No medications are required after undergoing this procedure. This procedure may take one to two hours for its completion and the best part of the procedure is that it includes no downtime or recovery time.

The Science Behind PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma contains numerous factors that are responsible for stimulating the hair follicles of the scalp. This special platelet cell helps to promote the healing and accelerates the rate and degree of tissue healing and regeneration of dormant hair follicles. The PRP treatment has been established as one of the effective and safe procedures that can help patients to enhance the growth of the hair follicles.

But even after knowing everything about the procedure, it is very important to know if this procedure is actually effective or not! Well according to the surgeons, the results of PRP highly varies from person to person. But the surgeons also mentions that there is no guarantee for the success of the PRP procedure which means that not all patients will respond to the procedure. The results are mostly found within three to four months after undergoing the procedure. One treatment session will not be enough to obtain the best results. Patients will require four to five sessions to actually observe a good result. It has been found that the patients who are related to smoking, drug abuse, and alcohol consumption use are not at all recommended for the procedure. patients who lead an overall healthy lifestyle are found suitable for this procedure.

Cost of PRP in Mumbai

There PRP treatment for hair loss is a unique procedure where a concentrated solution of the patient’s own blood plasma. The cost of this treatment procedure depends on the type of skin, the volume of the hair, depth, etc. So it is hard to estimate the exact price of the procedure. To get a clear knowledge about the price of the procedure the candidates must first go for a consultation to an experienced surgeon. The rates may, however, vary on various factors like the experience of the surgeon, geographic location of the clinic, area of the treatment area, etc.