Is Laser Acne and Scar Removal worth it?

Acne scarring is the result of body’s effort to heal the wounds that have been caused by the acne. Basically, scars are the excess accumulation of collagen that is built up in the dermis. Thus the collagen stays in the place permanently and gives rise to acne scarring. However, in some cases, not all scars are true scars some are simply an excess of pigmentation. This pigmentation may sometimes fade away over few months or years but generally are not permanent like the acne scars.

The best way to remove acne scars is by utilizing laser techniques which specifically emphasizes on the affected area and not the surrounding tissues. However, laser acne scar removal is a very sensitive procedure and must be done very carefully and only by qualified experts who uses FDA approved laser technology.

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Laser Acne Scar Removal

In laser technology, the laser produces intense monochromatic light of high-intensity that may affect others. This laser light is usually being absorbed by the water in the skin that causes instant destruction of the damaged cell by vaporization. These laser beams enter deep into the skin as much as required. So it has to be made sure that the treatment must be performed by expertise practitioner to avoid complications. Now the intensity of the laser treatment would depend on the variety of scars. Laser treatments also vary according to various skin tones. After removal of the damaged skin, the growth of new skin starts immediately. This fresh skin is smooth and brings the youthful and rejuvenating appearance on the skin.

The laser treatment involves running a laser beam that over the acne prone areas that can effectively destroy the bacteria that is responsible for the formation of acne. The laser also deters the growth of collagen that prevents the scarring. However, the laser treatment may not give the final result for acne in one session. So it is vital that the patients must keep realistic expectation from the procedure after consulting with your dermatologists.

The Post-Procedure Effect                                           

The time required to heal the Laser Acne Scar Removal is dependent on the treatment depth, the area of treatment and the body’s ability to heal fast. However, on an average, the results will start showing up within few weeks (around two to three weeks). Healing may take longer like few months or so. It is very crucial for the patients to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon.

Complications Associated with Laser Acne Scar Removal

The laser acne scar removal is almost a safe technique. However various people react differently to the laser treatment. The recommendations of the surgeon must be followed to minimize the chances of complications. The most common side effects may include redness, swelling, itching, and peeling of the skin at the site of treatment. Fortunately, none of these are permanent side effects and will subside within few days.

Laser if mishandles may also cause a thermal damage to the skin and they can induce hyperpigmented patches on the skin. There is always a chance of skin discoloration to Indian skin.

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After undergoing a laser treatment to remove the acne and acne scars the skin remains tender and a bit sensitive too. The newly treated skin must not be exposed to the sun. Surgeons recommend the application of sunscreen before prolonged exposing the skin to the sun.

Cost of  Laser Treatment in India

The cost of laser treatment per session is near about Rupees 1500 or $30. However, the rates may vary depending on the location of the clinic. One session will never give the desired results so these laser treatment sessions may be done once in every week or two. To achieve satisfying results five to six sessions are necessary.

Is Laser Acne and Scar Removal Worth It?

The answer is YES and NO because there have been a variety of reports that prove the effectiveness of the laser treatment for acne. The results of laser treatment are no doubt rapid but the results are not permanent. So if anyone is seeking for a long-term result then may be a blue light therapy is actually worth it. But anyone intended to receive a rapid remedy then laser treatment is somewhat the best option available.