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Artius Clinic offers you the best laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai at affordable prices. Dr. Sagar Gundewar has been a pioneer in the field of hair transplant with 13+ years of experience. If you are looking for best hair removal treatment in Mumbai, Sagar Gundewar’s Artius is undoubtedly the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.


Our highly qualified and dedicated doctors have more than 13+ years of experience, and have treated thousands of patients successfully.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar

Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon | MBBS | MS General Surgery | Mch Plastic Surgery

With over 10 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplants, Dr. Sagar is one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mumbai.

Dr. Komal Gundewar

Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist

Dr. Komal Gundewar is a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist. She is Medical Director of Artius Plastic, Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Centre, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

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I started losing confidence and feeling sad about the way I would look. All thanks to the Doctor and his team for the best service that I received.
Nitin Madival

After a friend recommendation, I went to Artius Clinic for a consultation and found that the advanced PRP procedure can actually regrow my hair. I took around 5 sessions of PRP treatment and found good results.

Sneha Mandhare

I had a really good time! I almost forgot that I was having a procedure done! The staff, I mean everybody was so pleasant and nice! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Sharad Pavagi

Best quality, reasonable and very effective hair transplant.very co operative staffs and wonderful facilities.Hygenic and 100% trust worthy

Diju D


Natural Looking Result

100% Success

13+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Natural Looking Result

100% Success
20+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Artius Cosmo Clinic was established in the year 2006. Our very qualified and well experienced cosmetic surgeons with the utilization of modern tools has led us to come to be one of the top aesthetic clinic in the competitive community of Cosmetology. Our purpose is to provide our patients complete pleasure and increased confidence.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar ( MBBS, MS, M.Ch) and Dr. Komal Gundewar (MBBS, DDV) got a joint initiative in the entire year 2006 to talk about such a centre that could blend the art and research of medicine entirely and enlighten to an even where the finest quality care and best support can enhance your appearance. The approaches used and the offerings are constantly updated to provide the best with their patients. Their purpose is to provide patients complete satisfaction and increased confidence.

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Artius Clinic is now among the leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Mumbai and it had been founded with the goal of boosting up the standard of life for all those struggling people. Artius clinic is totally aimed at providing the excellent treatment procedures at most cost-effective prices. Artius clinics never fail to meet up with the ever-expanding needs and desires of various peoples.

Overall the Artius Cosmo Clinic aims in keeping the caliber of the service and provide the exact requirements to the people. There are near about 10 most up-to-date equipment’s that are applied, two procedure theatres for the medical procedures, waiting room, special room, rest room, counseling room. A total hygiene has been maintained in the clinic.


Laser hair removal is a remedial framework that uses a concentrated light discharge (laser) to remove unwanted hair. 

During laser hair removal, a laser discharges a light that is absorbed by the shade (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is changed in heat, which damages the chamber shaped sacs inside the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage ruins or delays future hair growth. 

Regardless of the way that laser hair clearing effectively delays hair advancement for broad stretches, it as a general rule doesn’t realize enduring hair removal. Distinctive laser hair departure meds are required for early on hair ejection and bolster prescriptions might be needed as well. Laser hair clearing is best for people who have light skin and dark hair. 

Laser hair Removal Treatment In Mumbai

How does laser hair removal treatment work?

Laser hair ejection uses light to concentrate on the shade in individual hairs. The light goes down the shaft of the hair and enters into the hair follicle. 

The glow from the laser light crushes the hair follicle, and a hair can never grow from it again. 

Hair seeks after a unique development cycle that incorporates resting, shedding, and growing periods. Starting late cleared hair that is in a resting stage won’t be visible to the technician or laser, so an individual may need to hold up until it regrows before removing it. 

For a large number of individuals, laser hair departure requires a couple of treatment through the range of 2 to 3 months.

How is the treatment done?

Laser hair clearing is a therapeutic framework that can incorporate certain prosperity risks. Like this, before the treatment is essential to avoid waxing or shaving hair since this may impact the technique of hair removal and moreover avoid over excessive exposure to the sun. 

At the start of the process, your hair will be trimmed up to two or three millimetres. By then, the laser device is adjusted by your skin accordingly and thickness of the hair that will be removed. To guarantee your skin during the technique, the doctor will by then apply a cooling gel on the skin. 

The strategy begins with the doctor starting the laser gear and after that checking the patient all through the technique. If any inappropriate reactions identified, the doctor would stop the framework. 

During the technique, a laser beam experiences the outside layer of skin to the follicles, which is the base of the hair. The power of the light and warmth of the laser targets around these hair follicles and destroy them. Laser technology therapy is quick and profitable. It takes around a minute to remove the hair from the upper lip. Nevertheless, domains, where hair advancement is thick and dense, may take two or three hours to wrap up. 

The process is not painful. Anyway, you may experience certain shuddering or slight stinging sensations during the hair removal process. After the procedure is done, ointments, lotions or ice-packs are applied. This is to ensure that there is no searing reaction and to reduce any discomfort. 

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Lasers are useful for removing inappropriate hair from the face, leg, arm, underarm, two-piece line, and various regions. 

Favourable circumstances of laser hair removal include: 

Speed – Each beat of the laser takes a limited quantity of a second and can treat various hairs all the while. The laser can treat a zone around the size of a quarter each second. Little domains, for instance, the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and prominent areas, for instance, the back or legs, may take up to an hour. 

Precision – Lasers can explicitly target diminish, coarse hairs while leaving the including skin flawless. 

Consistency – Most patients have permanent hair loss after a typical three to seven sessions. 

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Candidates for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair ejection is a standard remedial procedure that almost anyone can benefit. The people who are equipped for this hair ejection technique are as follows: 

People who are light-skinned with hair development that is dark and thick. Hair clearing works most sufficiently with these people since the laser equipment centres around the melanin present in the hair. 

For both, men and women who need to remove the hair from their hands, legs, underarms, upper lip and back.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The cost of the laser hair treatment varying according to from person to person regarding their present hair condition.

By far, most require different sessions, so people should chat with their treatment provider about what number of the period they should work out the general cost. 

Since laser hair clearing is regularly a remedial procedure, insurance is most likely not going to cover it. 

The hard and fast cost of laser hair ejection depends upon a couple of factors, including who plays out the treatment. Talented providers, for instance, dermatologists and plastic pros may charge even more anyway are less disposed to cause harm or responses. 

Various factors impacting the cost include: 

  • how much hair regrows 
  • the Number of Treatment required 
  • the size of the hair territory requiring treatment 
  • the amount of hair which is targeted.

Removing a small amount of hair from an area, For instance, the upper lip will be less in cost than removing the hair from the entire leg.


People have compared it to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Compared to waxing the treatment has very little discomfort. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different.
Absolutely. When performed correctly by a certified, experienced laser technician, laser hair removal is both safe and effective. However, it is a clinical procedure. As such, there is a potential for associated risks. Fortunately, they are minimal and seldom dangerous, particularly when the necessary precautions are taken.
Most areas require six-to-eight treatments. Ideally, they should be four to six weeks apart. However, depending upon your skin tone, and hair colour and density, this may vary. Your technician will be able to provide you with a more precise estimate during your consultation.
Laser hair removal is a lunchtime procedure. There is no recovery time. Patients can return to work or play immediately. These lasers do not remove the skin, so the risks are very low.