Limitations of the hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant is one of the best solutions for those people facing hair loss problems. It is the process that can transform the bald area into the attractive one causing hair growth in the particular region. Though hair transplant is a good option for restoration of hair but it evokes the thoughts of disappointment and frustration in some people. It may be due to hair transplant limitations or the following reasons:

  • They may not achieve the desired results.
  • Expensive repeat sessions 
  • Hair loss continues after investing so much money.

What are the Limitations of Hair Transplant?

  • Limited amount of hairs genetically resistant to hair loss in the donor area.
  • In FUE surgery, the donor hairs can be taken from outside the genetically resistant area, this will continue to thin and eventually be lost.
  • The transplant cannot cover the large bald areas to full coverage.
  • The insufficient density of transplanted hair.
  • Due to continued hair loss, there occurs the need for repeat hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Surgery Does Not Stop Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure to restore hair but it does not treat the cause of hair loss which is one of the limitations of hair transplant. Hair fall is not the result of hair disappearing suddenly; it first grows thinner and enters the growing phase. The cycle continues every time; the hair sheds and then disappears.

The factor responsible for male pattern hair thinning which leads to hair loss is caused by the conversion of the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). However, female pattern hair loss occurs as a result of inflammation which leads to dysfunction of the hair follicle and causes hair thinning in women.

The surgical process of hair transplant does not have any effect on the hormones or the cells that cause hair growth and they do not treat the cause of hair thinning which leads to hair loss. The benefits of a hair transplant also depend on the pattern of your hair loss. 

Also, hair transplant should be supplemented by appropriate medication such as Finasteride,, Minoxidil (topical, hair growth cycle extender topical) to prevent hair thinning or else it will be lost altogether. 

Some Real Benefits from a Hair Transplant Procedure

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves implanting the hair follicles from a donor area the recipient site where the hair is thin. This means the follicular units or various strips of hair follicles are extracted and are transplanted in the balding areas. Thus, the benefits of surgery suppress hair transplant limitations.

  1. Improves Appearance

People seek out for a hair transplant process as the baldness makes them feel disappointed with the way they look. Through the surgery, the balding areas get filled with the natural hairs and thus it improves the appearance. This also boosts their confidence and they feel attractive too.

  1. A permanent solution

Though there are some topical treatments and holistic methods available that can help with hair thinning issues but hair transplant is the permanent surgical procedure for the treatment of baldness or severe hair loss. It is a reliable and long term solution for treating hair loss issues. 

  1. Does away with balding

Hair loss problems in men and women can easily be treated with the effective surgical technique Hair transplant. The procedure ensures that the affected areas will never have hair that will fall out. Thus, there is no problem of receding hairlines or bald patches anymore. Statistics show that hair transplant procedures have a very high success rate.

  1. Low maintenance

Hair transplant requires minimal maintenance after surgery. This is because the transplanted hair works just like regular hair. No need to use special chemicals or shampoos to maintain hair density.

  1. Affordable Cost

Though many hair restoration procedures tend to bit costly but hair transplant is very affordable. The process is one-time and there is no need to spend money on additional trips to see a doctor.

Why choose us for hair transplant?

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