What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery which primarily serves the aim of breaking up and ‘sucking’ the fat which is present in the body. This cosmetic surgery is quite popular and is known by its other names of lipo, lipectomy, and liposculpture suction. The liposuction surgery can be performed on different parts of the body including neck, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, chin, back of the arms, the upper portion of the arms, back, and calves. In the liposuction surgery, a hollowed-out tube is used to remove the excess fat from the body and that hollowed tube is known as a cannula. During the liposuction surgery, the cannula is inserted inside the skin. After that, a high-pressure and powerful vacuum is applied within the cannula. 

According to different statistics, liposuction surgery is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgeries in the United States of America. The popularity of liposuction in India has also been growing exponentially since the last few years. This is why a large number of people opt for liposuction in India every single year. This is also evident from the growing numbers of liposuction surgery before and after photographs which have been becoming on different social media platforms. In this article, we won’t just be discussing what is liposuction but we will also be looking at the liposuction surgery cost and how to know if you are the right fit for the liposuction surgery.

Candidate for Liposuction:-

It is important for you to first consider the fact that liposuction is a surgical procedure. This means that you should be in the best possible health if you want to get this cosmetic procedure done. Most reputed cosmetic surgery clinics will not even tell you about the liposuction cost unless you fit the criteria by being within 30% of your ideal weight, not being a smoker, and have firm and elastic skin. It is also important for you to not suffer from diabetes, a weak immune system, any heart diseases, or have an obstructed blood flow.

When to know if you are ready for Liposuction?

Do you have a healthy lifestyle and do you try to get some exercise done regularly? If the answer to these questions is yes and if you are still unable to get rid of that stubborn fat then the liposuction procedure is the option for you. But how do you if you are ready for liposuction or not? In this section, we have listed some of the requirements which any reputed cosmetic surgeon will ensure before telling you about the liposuction cost.

The list of requirements is mentioned below:

  • The Myth of Weight Loss:-

One of the biggest misconceptions about liposuction is that it is ideal for people who want to lose their extra weight. This is a myth as to even be considered for liposuction you should have a stable weight. It is also important for you to take extra care of your body after the procedure is done because the fat can always return! Hence, the liposuction treatment method is not the option for you if you are looking for a permanent weight loss treatment.

  • The Setting of Expectations:-

There are many important facts which any individual should know about before going through with the liposuction procedure. For example, this process is performed under general anesthesia and an overnight stay at the hospital can also be expected. It is further important for an individual to have somewhat realistic expectations of the process even after seeing a number of liposuction surgery before and after photos. One should also consider the overall liposuction cost before moving ahead with the procedure.

  • Considering Swelling, Bruising, and Numbness:-

It is common for people to feel some numbness after going through the liposuction procedure. The numbness, bruising, or swelling which the individual might be feeling usually goes away after a few days of going through the procedure.

  • Going Back to the Routine:-

Every individual has a different pain level or pain threshold. And this is why it can be hard to decide how painful a liposuction process can be for any given individual. However, it can be said with fair certainty that the first three or four days can cause you the worst pain. The pain then slowly goes away and the individual can join back work or his or her daily routine again.

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