Male Breast Reduction

The enlargement of a man’s chests is a condition known as gynecomastia. There is an effective cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat and glandular tissue from the chest and restore a flatter and masculine contour to the chest. Nearly 50% of men suffer from this.


Due to the advanced liposuction technology, now it very easy to get treated for gynecomastia. It has treated many patients giving satisfactory results.

  • The procedure is treated with liposuction by using local or general anesthesia, and it involves small incision on each side of the chest.
  • Incisions are located at the edge of the areola or from the armpit depending upon the patients need and requirements and the surgeon’s preferred technique.
  • The surgery is completed.

Right Candidates

Before the surgery, the patient needs to provide complete medical history. This helps the surgeon to find the reason for gynecomastia. Smoking and drinking alcohol also leads to male breast development. However, this could be treated by the surgery.

The right candidate for breast reduction surgery are:

  • Should maintain body weight
  • Healthy
  • Emotionally stable

  • The patient should have cross 18 years of age as the male breasts still develop in the young boys.


There are very minimal risk involved with surgery. Not all patients are likely to suffer.

  • Injury to skin
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

  • Extreme fluid loss

  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Slight pain where the incisions were made


The results will be seen within three months of the surgery. As the swelling will be reduced by the time. The results are generally long lasting, depending upon the weight fluctuations as the weight increases it will move on to the chest area.


The patient should be mentally prepared for the surgery. The patient needs to be calm and have patience.

Things to do before the surgery:

  • Stop smoking one month prior to the surgery
  • Intake of aspirin or any blood thinning medicine needs to be stop .
  • Make proper arrangement for the aftercare.
  • Get complete medical health check up.

  • Schedule leave from work.

Aftercare and Recovery

  • The patient will suffer mild pain post the surgery, however doctor will prescribe medicine for the same.
  • Proper rest should be taken.
  • Loose clothes should be worn post the surgery.
  • After the surgery the patient is recommended to walk daily in order to reduce swelling and lower the chance of blood clots.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables.

Choosing Doctor

Male chest reduction is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure and excellent results are require which only comes from specialized experienced doctors. The doctors should be carefully selected who can assure for the best results. The Doctor should be

  • Highly talented and skilled
  • Experienced.
  • Board Certified in Cosmetic surgery.
  • Should have rendered successful surgeries.

  • The patient needs to feel comfortable with the doctor.