Medical Tourism in India for Hair Transplant

India is the land that is rich in cultural heritage, unparalleled beauty, tranquillity. People get attracted to India not just because of its world captive beauty but also to heal their body mind and soul. Yes, ancient India may be different from modern India but it is undeniable that India is the latest top destination for medical tourism.

Beauty is always associated with the inner esteem and confidence and that must always be restored and preserved. Hair is indeed an integral part of our beauty that is always been crowning the persons glory and self-esteem. So people suffering from hair loss issues or baldness are finding the best destination from where they can undergo a successful and safe Hair Transplantation method. Well, it has been studies that India is now the leading world-class hair restoration clinics that treasure the art of equipment’s and that made others the favorite destination for hair transplant surgeries for people around the world.

Recently the number of Americans and Westerners who have undergone hair transplants in India and other Asian countries counts to around 92,000. So it is clear enough that a large number of patients are seeking the hair transplant procedure in India not only because the rates are pocket-friendly but also because the FUE hair transplant is more widely performed in India than any other part of the world.

India proclaims an age-old ideology “Atithi Deva Bhava” which means Guests is like God. So just like our Indian culture, we try taking good care of our guests. When it is all about the hospitality of Indians nothing comes in no comparison with others. Our doctors and nurses are renowned over the world for medical skills and compassionate approach to the patients. They are extremely trained, experienced and updated with the latest technology and language? Language is never a barrier because our doctors are fluent in English. The best part is you get the best hair transplant technique at the most affordable price and the treatments are carried out in hospitals that are equipped with ultramodern equipment’s that is equivalent to any international standards.

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Factors that attract international patients for medical tourism in India:

  1. Safety- Since most of the clinics and super specialty hospital are located in proper cities so things are pretty sorted out and the chances of traffic accidents, theft, cheating is rare. The hotels are secured yet cheap and are available for different grades that start from $20 per day up to $80 per day. If required the clinic and nursing homes may also arrange for an attendant who will take care of the patient
  2. Flight tickets- Most of the clinics have collaboration with agents who can help to book flight tickets at normal rates or may even be cheaper rates in comparison to online booking which won’t expose the patient to stress and strain especially after undergoing a cosmetic procedure.
  3. Accommodation- As already mentioned earlier the hotels can be booked online at affordable prices. In fact, the respective clinics or hospitals may provide the patients the links/websites of hotels on request.
  4. City tour- With prior information a city tour may also be arranged before or after undergoing the procedure may also be arranged for the patient. Most of the Indian cities treasures rich historic sites like temples and other famous archaeological structures. So the patients can both enjoy and relish the beauty and hospitality of India.
  5. Food Habits- This is a most important issue when it comes to other cultures or other countries. Sometimes it becomes difficult for patients from other countries to cope up with the Indian food habit. But there is absolutely nothing to fear about because all type of foods are now available on demand whether it be Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Chinese. Moreover, the most popular joints like McDonald’s, KFC, coffee shops are close by the clinics so no more of feeling starved.

Therefore there are thousands of reasons that India is most convenient for Medical Tourism for Hair Transplant. So plan your vacations in India and get the Hair Transplant done in professional hands.