Mesotherapy and Its Effectiveness

The Story of Hair Loss

When every passing day your hair loses its volume and the quantity of strands entangled in your comb increases, then it compels you to look for hair growth options. It is not an easy thing to watch your hair fall here and there, from the bathroom floor to the bed pillow. It is stressful and your whole life starts revolving around seeking ways to cure your hair loss. Everyone becomes an expert and start giving you solutions. It is not that you do not take these suggestions seriously.

In fact, even a nonsense advice from a layman becomes a verbatim for you. The shampoos get changed from non-herbal to herbal, you start applying varied color hair oils from yellow to white to green. The beauty parlor experts get ready with the tariff card of hair spas and you start spending your money. Sadly, all this time coming to a hair specialist for a proper treatment never even once occurs to your mind. When you find all the doors are close now, then the only savior that appears in front of you is a hair treatment doctor.

How Artius Comes to Your Help?

Artius is a place which believes in bringing back the light in your dark and gloomy story. Here we make sure that you avail the best therapies that bring back your healthy hair days, when you were carefree and lived life to the fullest without the stress of hair fall. We provide an umbrella to different types of hair restoration methods and allow you to have your beautiful tresses back. From hair transplantation to hair treatments we are competent to help you choose the best option. One such option of hair restoration is Mesotherapy. Have a glance at this write up and then go for it to regain your lost hair.

Mesotherapy Introduction

In 1976, Dr. Michel Pistor coined the term Mesotherapy. It is a treatment that is applied in many conditions like tinnitus, joint pain, and eczema. In a hair transplant, it has been a successful treatment with positive outcomes. When, DR Mitchel, the French physician started his experiments on superficial injections of procaine, then he introduced this term for the treatment of mesoderm. His first experiment was to a patient to treat asthma and then he found that his hearing improved. He tried these medications directly into the skin and found amazing results.

Recently, Mesotherapy has grabbed the interest publicly in the treatment of myriad cosmetic indications like aging skin, body contouring, and hair loss. The efficacy of Mesotherapy is quite high and that is why many people want to learn a lot about it just like you. Mesotherapy could be defined as the administration of a highly localized procedure of hair treatment carried out by micro-injections. Also, the overall mesotherapy for hair cost is relatively low from all the competitors out there.

Importance of Mesotherapy for Hair

This treatment, although involves injecting of serum still falls in non-evasive category. Interestingly, this process is virtually painless as the needle inserts only to mesoderm region of your scalp. That is why in this you do not need any local anesthesia or even dressing as there is no spilling of blood. This is a side-effect free recovery treatment and the results are amazing. Your hair thin patches get covered with natural hair within a few weeks of treatment. Wondering about the overall mesotherapy cost, then its relatively low and quite affordable with us.

There are three vital functions of this localized stimulation created by the serum injection. They are:

  • The hair follicles survival potential is enhanced with the help of serum as its strength gets increased. The follicle size also increases and the serum also stimulates collagen.
  • The blood circulation is improved in the thinning region of the scalp thereby providing enough nutrition to your hair.
  • The DHT or dihydrotestosterone hormone that triggers high hair fall is inhibited.

The best part is that it only takes half an hour to complete this therapy. Furthermore, you do not have to take any precautions before or after the treatment.

How does Mesotherapy work for Hair Loss?

The serum that is injected in Mesotherapy to your scalp consists of poly-vitamins, Biochanin A and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3. It has been successful in about 90% people and the sessions are held at a gap of two to three weeks from the last day of the therapy. The sessions could vary from patient to patient, but at least ten sessions are needed.

Results of Mesotherapy

The results have been significant and the responding time could vary depending upon the patient. The good thing is that it is highly effective in cases where the patient responds well after two to three sessions. The hair growth is quite healthy and natural after this treatment. Mesotherapy could be carried out efficiently in both men and women. Strikingly, it does not involve shaving of hair and can also delay male pattern baldness impeccably. But then mesotherapy can be effective and really helpful but the overall mesotherapy for hair cost in Mumbai happens to very from where you are going to get the treatment done.

Who Must Opt for this?

Any who is facing hair fall, especially male pattern baldness and is seeking for hair loss treatment could go for Mesotherapy. All the hair falls symptoms like thinning of hair from the center of scalp; baldness etc. is a result of alopecia. Also look into the cost factor as mesotherapy might not be for all. Mesotherapy for hair cost in India happens to differ in many different states so choose before you get the treatment done. Hence it is important for you to see the common signs of alopecia, so that you can opt for the treatment as soon as possible instead of wasting time. The symptoms of alopecia are:

  • Patchy hair loss
  • Balding
  • Continuous thinning of hair

  • No hair growth in the thinning region

How Artius Execute Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is known as one of the best options for those who do want to go for hair transplant surgery. The limitation of this therapy needs to be kept clear in the mind that it works best when toxins are eliminated from your diet and this depends on a lot on how judiciously you follow your health exercise program. There are many dermatologists who even believe that this method has the power to eliminate the need for hair restoration surgery.

At Artius, we offer effective Mesotherapy for hair loss and this is carried out by highly experienced doctors having the expertise in Mesotherapy. In this baldness treatment, our expert injects an appropriately calculated solution of vitalizing compounds at the root of your hair thinning region. This is a perennial solution to resolve the hair loss problem by initiating new hair growth with the help of injected revitalizing serum.

We recommend it to anyone who is experiencing chronic hair fall as a result of nutrient deficiency. The reason could be anything like the change of place or water used for hair wash or weather and many other reasons like stress. If you want to know more about Mesotherapy before undergoing treatment, then you can make an appointment here at Artius, the best destination for all types of hair fall solutions.

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