Hair loss is a major problem faced by people in the 21 st century. Earlier, hair loss or alopecia was seen a common sign for ageing. It was natural to have some amount of hair loss. But in today’s time hair loss is not just confined to the people of old age. It’s seen to be dispersed among people of diverse age group. Stress, lifestyle and increased pollution serve to be the major causes that trigger hair loss at alarming rates. Generally speaking under normal conditions, an individual at least loses a hundred strands of hair every day. This is because the follicles of our hair keep on producing new cells each and every day. As such the old hair cells are constantly pushed out by the new ones. This explains the hair loss. So if you find a few hair strands after combing your hair, you don’t have to freak out that you suffer from alopecia.


What causes hair fall?

Yes its true- men suffer from more hair fall problems compared to women. This is because men suffer from male pattern baldness. This however, doesn’t mean that hair loss is exclusive to just men for anyone can suffer from hair loss. There are certain common reasons for hair fall to occur. Few of them are as follows:

Trauma: Certain physical trauma may lead to hair loss. By physical trauma, we just don’t mean physical injuries. The common cold may also be included in this category. This type of hair loss can create a condition called telogen effluvium. In this case, the balance between the three stages of hair cycle is disturbed. The three stages are growth, rest and shedding stage. In the event of stressful conditions, the shedding stage is accelerated resulting in increased hair fall. But this condition is temporary and the hair will grow again after the phase ends.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy related hair loss is hormone driven. The loss in hair is seen after child birth rather than in the gestation period. This, however, is normal and the hair will grow back in due time on its own.

 Overdose of vitamin A: Vitamin A supplements can at times trigger hair loss too. The optimum level of required vitamin A dosage for adults is 5,000 International Units (IU). Vitamin A supplements contain around 3-10,000 IU. Surplus amount of vitamin A in the body serves as a major cause for hair loss according to The American society of Dermatology.

Protein deficiency: During protein deficiency, our body tries to ration and save protein. In order to do this, our body shuts down hair growth (since hair is made up of a protein called keratin). In such a scenario, patients are advised to increase their intake of protein. Food like fish, egg, meat, kidney beans, etc. Are known to be rich in protein.

Hereditary: If there’s a previous family history relating to hair loss, then it’s likely to go across generations.

Stress: Stress and anxiety cause as much as hair loss as physical stress.

Hypothyroidism: The lack of required level of thyroid in the body is called hypothyroidism which is critical in accelerating hair growth metabolism. Lack of which results in hair loss.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy hinders new cell growth in order to control cancer cells which may in turn cause hair loss.

Over styling: Chemicals and heat used during styling can also damage the hair follicles.


What to do?

Hair transplant is one of the solutions to cure this problem. The patients who have had hair treatment in Mumbai swear on it. It is a surgical approach supervised by few of the best hair doctor in Mumbai. However, if you don’t want to opt for clinical assistance straight away there are other natural remedies as follows:

1. Onion: Apart from its strong smell, onions contain sulphur which boosts collagen production in hair. It also manifests re-growth of hair. The juices of the onion are to be massaged onto the scalp gently and then rinsed with a mild shampoo.

2. Apple cider vinegar: the pH of the vinegar helps in cleansing the scalp. The vinegar (75 ml) is supposed to be diluted in 100 litres of water and then massaged onto the scalp.

3. Egg mask: Eggs have a really high level of protein that accelerates the hair growth. It also contains zinc, sulphur, phosphorous, etc.

4. Green tea: Green tea is well known for its antioxidants content. The used tea bags can be used on the scalp when warm.

5. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables: Vitamin C rich food like the Indian gooseberry or amla is very efficient in hair loss control. Amla juice when mixed with lime juice in equal proportions is known to control hair loss.

6. Oil massage: Massaging the scalp with essential oils like castor oil among others are known to boost hair growth. Massaging helps increase blood circulation in the scalp thereby boosting growth of hair.

7. Heat protection products: While styling, applying a layer of heat protector serums will form a layer which will protect the underlying layer of keratin protein of hair.