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Rhinoplasty or nose job is the term that is used to shape up your nose. It is one of the popular reconstructive surgery that includes bringing changes in the shape and size of the nose to improve aesthetically or to improve its function. Rhinoplasty can also correct breathing troubles or disfigurement of the nose. There are diverse reasons for people opting for Rhinoplasty and surgeons provide a customized specified treatment to resolve issues for individual patients. But then the overall cost factor of nose surgery cost in Mumbai varies from the intricacy of the work that needs to be done.

So, if you are considering to get a nose job then be sure about the surgeon you choose and discuss all your expectation and doubts with your surgeon also don’t forget to discuss the overall nose surgery cost in Mumbai. It is imperative to keep in mind that Rhinoplasty is not considered to gain perfection in the nose. But the procedure is capable of enhancing facial features and bring the most natural appearance.  The procedure progresses step by step that begins with a consultation, medical checkup and ends with post-op check-ups.

What is Rhinoplasty Capable of?

  • The shape and size of the nose finding balance with the face.

  • Altering the width of the nose considering the size and position of the nostrils.

  • Eliminating the visible humps or depressions on the nasal bridge.

  • Correcting any nasal tip deformities and nasal asymmetry.


  • The basic procedure of Rhinoplasty in mumbai begins with a thorough medical check-up to determine the overall health of the patient. Surgeons also go through the patient’s past medical reports to verify if the patient is suitable for the surgery. However, the Rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai is generally performed under general anesthesia. Surgeons may also use intravenous sedation instead of general anesthesia depending on the surgeon’s choice.

  • Nose surgery in Mumbai can be done either in a closed procedure or in an open procedure. A closed procedure is one where the incisions are kept hidden whereas the open procedures have incisions on the columella. Columella is that narrow strip that separates the nostrils. The underlying bone or cartilage that is present is usually raised or reshaped in order to gain the desired result.

  • Reducing a large nose will include removing the bone or cartilage whereas reconstructing nose also includes the addition of cartilages. In these cases, cartilage from the ear or rib cartilage may also be used.

  • A deviated septum in most of the time causes breathing troubles, nose job in Mumbai can successfully straighten the septum and that will definitely improve breathing.

  • After acquiring the desired shape and size of the nose the tissue and skins, the incisions are sutured.

  • The nose may be supported for few days with gauze packing to support the nose and to stimulate the recovery.

Right Candidate

Anyone who wants to get a nose job in mumbai should have an overall good health and whose face have matured completely can be considered as an ideal candidate for the procedure. But surgeons prefer candidates not to be addicted to smoking or drinking alcohol as that increase the chances of complication. Finally keeping a realistic goal from the surgical procedure would help you through this entire procedure. Also nose correction without surgery in Mumbai can be done if the candidate happens to be the right person with the right kind of defects to get the surgery kickstarted.


The decision to undergo a Rhinoplasty must be personal but make sure that discuss every little thing with your surgeon. Before undergoing the surgical procedure get a closer look at the benefits and risks of rhinoplasty. However, Rhinoplasty if done from any skilled surgeon then it is a safe procedure, but the risks involved may be like:

  • Post Anesthesia risks.

  • Infections

  • Late recovery of the incisions.

  • Loss of skin sensation in the operated area.

  • Difficulty in breathing.

  • The unsatisfactory appearance of the nose.

  • Swelling and permanent scarring.

Preparing for the Surgery

  • Your surgeon will more likely go for all the medical tests.

  • Certain medications may be recommended prior to the surgery.

  • People addicted to smoking are not at all recommended for the surgery.
  • In the taking of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements is restricted prior to the surgery as they can increase the bleeding..

Results of Rhinoplasty

Surgeons prefer performing the surgery on matured faces so that the results are permanent. But aging may give rise to certain changes in the appearances. Immediately after the surgery, pain and bruising are observed which will go away within a week. But the final results may be observed after a year or so. Surgeon recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle to make the results long –lasting.