Do you know what is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma? PRP is the latest exposed treatment for hair loss issues but surgeons doubt its effectiveness. This gave rise to a high rising debate among the medical professionals and Hair Restoration Specialists about it. However, it is now time to dig into the matter if PRP is really effective or not.

Do you know, what is PRP?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes the patient’s own blood to stimulate the growth of hair. The entire procedure begins withdrawing blood from the body of the patient. Then the blood is processed in a centrifuge and the platelets are separated from this blood sample. The platelets are separated because it is considered as a growth promoting factor in the blood content. After undergoing the centrifuge and separating the platelets from it, the ultimate obtained solution is called as the PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma.

Earlier, this PRP was used along with the Hair Transplant surgery to increase the thickness of the hair. But now our medical specialists are attempting to use PRP as a separate treatment for obtaining thicker growing hair.

PRP Mechanism:

The platelets stimulate the growth of the hair due to its following characteristics:

  • Growth factor
  • Transforming growth factor
  • Insulin-like growth factor
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor
  • Keratinocyte growth factor

Therefore its constituents are evident enough about its effectiveness on hair growth. The PRP contains high restorative properties that are the body’s own growth factor. We know the purpose of platelets is to stimulate the healing process and stop the bleeding whenever it comes to wounds. So our medical professionals have utilized this mechanism of platelets in increasing the thickness and density of hair.

The utilization of this mechanism was found in one the article released in the year 2013 which confirmed the use of PRP as the reason of significant hair growth thereby addressing Androgenic Alopecia. Since then, PRP was considered as a reason for the dramatical growth of hair.

Is PRP effective for everyone?

Well, even though the PRP procedure has numerous encouraging facts but the adverse factors have actually overruled it. Yes, it is evident that the PRP procedure gives pretty good results but the results are not actually that impressive.

The actual usefulness and effectiveness of this procedure has been sorted out and proved after intense researchers. Yet, the exact function of the growth factors that influence the hair growth is not been sorted out clearly to the researchers so they consider this PRP procedure as an unreliable treatment for hair loss issues.

However, taking such factors into consideration even if we consider the procedure effective, one session of PRP will not be sufficient in achieving the desired results. There will be a need to take multiple sessions which will make the procedure too expensive.

Therefore, if your question is about the effectiveness of the PRP procedure then the answer is NO. PRP is not really that impressively effective procedure than can resolve Hair Loss issues!