Precautions For Better Curing and Optimum Outcomes

The surgery of hair transplant is coming under the delicate surgeries. The loyalty to the essential post hair transplantation care will surely give you great results. There are various things which are mentioned below and doesn’t need a huge time to allow in their daily routine. It means the patient can do the extra care outside and make your appearance and health in better condition. Just prepare yourself and little bit conscious of the fact that you have suffered a surgery.

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Follow the Instructions that are Undergone the Hair Transplantation

Discharge Day

When a patient discharge from the hospital, experts provide a headband that covers the area of the forehead with a surgical cap. They have to wear this cap on a regular basis. But, remove it at the time of spraying. Professionals recommend that after surgery wear the headband for 5 days without careless.

During discharge, surgeons will give you a spray bottle which is filled with normal “Saline Solution”. Then, they have to spray over the grafted area from the day of the surgery. In starting stage, spray this solution over the transplanted area within one hour for 2 days. After that, from day 3 to day 5, spray it within the intervals of two hours. Most of the people think that they have to spray at night and also break your sleep. But, it doesn’t require in this surgery. During sleeping hours, you can stay relax without worrying of spraying. Use sterile water which is also known as Bottled Drinking water.

Once, this saline solution is finished, then take it another one from the surgeon. The reason behind that, this solution is capable to prevent from the scab formation and preserve the hydrated grafts. On the discharge day, patients have to start the message of forehead, which is the best technique to feel relax. Generally, people are advised to sleep over a flat surface or they can use a pillow which is thin. This rule is same for five days and they have to follow it to protect from swelling. As well as, no need to wash your forehead for 5 days after the transplantation surgery.

Day 1 – Day 3

  • On the first day after the transplantation to the day third, just spray the solution within the intervals of half hours. This procedure follows during the waking hours, not in sleeping hours. People can simply sleep normally and leave all the worries of spraying and others.
  • If the saline solution is finished, then tap water is also good to in place of it.
  • Spray is essential for survival of hair transplantation, which helps to keep the donor area hydrated and safe.

Day 4 – Day 14

  • A regime of Tea Tree shampoo is also good to start on the day 4.
  • Take a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water along with 10 mil of tea tree shampoo. Then, mix it well to make a soapy appearance. Pour the entire solution over the transplanted zone and donor area. After that, rinse it thoroughly and remove every particle of soapy solution. Pat the area gently via utilizing the clean and soft towel.
  • This procedure will be follow once in a day from the day 4 to 14.
  • A important note – no need to put your head under the powerful shower or wear hat. As well as, don’t use any hair product. Leave the wet hair until it dries naturally. Usually, people use drier or towel to dry the hair, but this would be harmful for the hair grafts.
  • Keep the spray saline solution in the fridge to store perfectly and spraying the stitched area up to the day 14.
  • The hair transplant stitches are eliminated between the day 7 & 10. Just go to the expert and removed it. Don’t forget or delaying this thing, otherwise, it can create huge troubles.
  • A dissolvable junction is present under the skin of every person; hence it can start self-dissolve feature between a few months after the surgery. Sometimes, individuals feel lumpy, but as the days go, it will back normal with an ease.

Day 14 and later on

  • After finishing the tea tree shampoo until the day 14, then back to the normal shampoo regime without any fear. We all wash our hair with both hands. After the surgery, people think it is not possible to wash vigorously, but it is possible. It will simply eliminate the crusts which are fixed on the area. Then, you can start using gels, haircuts, hair sprays as like before and live your life as you want.
  • Avoid energetic physical activity for four weeks after the hair transplant. Don’t go gym, swimming, tennis, cycling, golf and various other heavy lifting exercises. It will give you large and visible scars due to the stretching of skin.
  • After 4 weeks of rest, start physical activities with light weights and build up these slowly and return back to your previous workout level.

Essential recommendations for the Donor Area

  • Instructions during sleeping hours

Generally, people feel uncomfortable to sleep due to the bandage covered over the donor area. It makes slightly uneasiness. The best way to sleep after the surgery puts you back on the surface side along with a thin pillow under the neck. Patients can also put a dark colored towel over the pillow which can prevent from the reddish fluid. It may be flowing from the donor area sometimes. Most of the individuals think that blood coming out of the donor area, but it is just a fluid. This is a normal process, there is no need to worry about it.

  • After the Surgery

As we mentioned in the above paragraph that the donor area would be bandaged. Survivors can eliminate this bandage at the 3rd day of surgery. First of all, damp bandage with the saline solution which makes it soften. Then start removing it smoothly without any pain. May be some sort of discharge coming out of the area of the donor. The patient gets some pieces of gauze bandages after the implant surgery. Therefore, use these pieces during discharge coming out by clean it. Then apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on the donor area. Don’t take too much, just a coin sized quantity and gently using your fingers to spread over the affected area. Follow this process twice in a day for upcoming five days. Due to the crusts, patients also feel itchiness on the transplanted area. Then, apply aloe Vera gel to remove the itchiness and remove via the bandage which is given to you.

  • FUT (Follicle Unit Transplantation) or Strip Surgery

In this technique, patients have to go back to the clinic after 6-7 days of surgery to eliminate the sutures.

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Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT known as strip surgery is that technique of surgical hair harvesting, which has provided a natural looking result. It has minimized the scarring of the scalp.

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