Who does not love to have a head full of strong and healthy hair? What not we are trying to make our hair look good. The market right now has flooded with tons of hair care products that we use on a daily basis to make our hair look stylish. But are we really successful in achieving that? Can hair products cause hair loss?

Let’s face all these questions at once. Hair fall is a tremendous problem in our life and we all want to get rid of this condition. Now hair fall can happen for many reasons like illness and medication, or even as a heredity trait. Often hair fall is a result of using too many hair care products daily. Now there must be a question, do hair products cause hair loss? Come let’s find out and have a look at the hair care products that cause hair loss. 

Hair Products that cause hair loss:-

  1. Shampoos- Did you check the ingredients section of your shampoo? You must take a look at it now. Your shampoo may contain some harsh ingredients that cause hair loss like polyethene glycol or even Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). These chemical products can stress out your hair strands and make it brittle. SLS is not at all mild for your hair, and it is usually used in shampoos to get rid of excessive oils and dirt in your hair. 
  2. Hair spray and lotions- Alcohol is another most harmful ingredient that might be present in any of your hair care products. Several types of research have been conducted out to find out that Alcohol can make your hair strands dry and weak. It is best to go for “alcohol-free” products and go for water-based products.
  3. Hair relaxers– A hair relaxer is mainly chemical hair straighteners that are horribly harmful to hair. They break down the keratin protein bonds to straighten the outer layer of the hair. With the breaking of these bonds, the curly hair soon transforms in straight and weaker hairs. It is not only present in chemical hair straighteners, but chemical dyes are also equally harmful to your healthy hair. 
  4. Hair dyes- Chemical hair dyes are also very harmful to your hair as that chemical agent being used in such products that cause hair loss are harmful. Chemical components like Paraphenylendiamine are usually present in such products and can cause irritation to the scalp and lead to dermatitis. Now the worst thing is this allergic reaction is linked to acute hair thinning.
  5. Hair conditioner– Do you love your fruity smell in your conditioner? The chemical fragrance used in most of the shampoos and conditioners is far from creating a positive impact. Studies have shown that these chemical fragrances are responsible for changing the hormone levels that can cause severe hair loss and prevent the growth of new hair.
  6. Protein packs– Proteins may not be always good for your hair health, it has been reported that certain protein hair packs actually catalyzes hair fall. Why protein cause hair loss? Basically, protein increases the testosterone level in the body which gives rise to DHT in our body. This DHT if gets exposed to the hair follicles, blocks hair growth and causes extreme hair loss that can contribute to baldness. 

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