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Artius Clinic offers you the best PRP hair treatment cost in Mumbai. Dr. Sagar Gundewar has been a pioneer in the field of hair transplant with 13+ years of experience. If you are looking for PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, Sagar Gundewar’s Artius is undoubtedly the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.


Our highly qualified and dedicated doctors have more than 13+ years of experience, and have treated thousands of patients successfully.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar

Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon | MBBS | MS General Surgery | Mch Plastic Surgery

With over 10 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplants, Dr. Sagar is one of the best Cosmetic Surgeons in Mumbai.

Dr. Komal Gundewar

Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist

Dr. Komal Gundewar is a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Hair specialist. She is Medical Director of Artius Plastic, Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Centre, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

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I started losing confidence and feeling sad about the way I would look. All thanks to the Doctor and his team for the best service that I received.
Nitin Madival

After a friend recommendation, I went to Artius Clinic for a consultation and found that the advanced PRP procedure can actually regrow my hair. I took around 5 sessions of PRP treatment and found good results.

Sneha Mandhare

I had a really good time! I almost forgot that I was having a procedure done! The staff, I mean everybody was so pleasant and nice! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Sharad Pavagi

Best quality, reasonable and very effective hair transplant.very co operative staffs and wonderful facilities.Hygenic and 100% trust worthy

Diju D


Natural Looking Result

100% Success

13+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Natural Looking Result

100% Success
20+ Years Of Experience

10,000+ Surgeries


Artius Cosmo Clinic was established in the year 2006. Our very qualified and well experienced plastic surgeons with the utilization of modern tools has led us to come to be one of the top aesthetic clinic in the competitive world of Cosmetology. Our purpose is to supply our patients complete fulfilment and increased confidence.

Dr. Sagar Gundewar ( MBBS, MS, M.Ch) and Dr. Komal Gundewar (MBBS, DDV) took a joint initiative in the entire year 2006 to talk about such a centre that could blend the art and science of medicine entirely and enlighten to an even where the highest quality care and best service can boost your appearance. The approaches used and the services are constantly updated to supply the best with their patients. Their purpose is to supply patients complete satisfaction and increased confidence.

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Artius Clinic is now one of the leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic found in Mumbai and it had been founded with the purpose of boosting up the quality of life for all those struggling people. Artius clinic is totally aimed at providing the excellent treatment procedures at most cost-effective prices. Artius treatment centers never fail to meet the ever-expanding needs and desires of various peoples.

Overall the Artius Cosmo Clinic aims in keeping the caliber of the service and provide the specific requirements to the people. There are near about 10 most up-to-date equipment’s that are applied, two procedure theatres for the surgery, waiting room, special room, rest room, counseling room. A full hygiene is being maintained in the clinic.


PRP treatment or usually known as plasma rich treatment is the system through which the utilization of plasma can advance hair development. Plasma is one of that significant factor in the blood that aids in the blood clotting component to be started in the body. Additionally, plasma helps in the advancement of cell development in the body. Consequently, the PRP treatment is an ideal route in expanding the odds of recovering any harmed piece of the body in an ideal manner conceivable. Artius PRP treatment Centre in Mumbai happens to be the centre point for all the different sorts of PRP treatment that you may consider. 

The overall belief system of PRP treatment is to cause the blood, to recover the harmed piece of the body a lot quicker, and furthermore advance in general mending of the twisted parts of the body. Likewise, the tissues that may be influenced are mended and given legitimate recovery help by this philosophy. Also, the fundamental reasons concerning why this is an achievement is a direct result of the way that the grouping of plasma in that specific spot is expanded and takes into account quicker recovering abilities. 

PRP Hair Treatment In Pune

Cost of PRP Hair Treatment

For the most part, the expense of PRP in India and Delhi ranges from Rs. 10,000-12,000. The PRP treatment, by and large, comprises of 3 medications in a time of 6 to 8 two months with development or supported each 4-6 months. The expense of PRP treatment in India is very less expensive when contrasted with outside countries. The cost of PRP treatment at outside countries is more often between $500-$2000. 

The expense of PRP treatment relies upon various factors, including: 

  • The geographical location of the clinical centre 
  • The instruments used to perform the treatment. 
  • The addition of nutritious components
  • The fixation accomplished by the specialist doctor by following the RPM power. 

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Cost of PRP Hair Loss Treatment in India

There are so many factors that are affecting the price of PRP hair fall treatment; some of the significant factors are mentioned below:

Number of Sessions:

The number of PRP sessions you need can also identify the cost of your Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. If you require more amount of PRP sessions, then you need to pay some more price.

Geographic location:

Geographic location is one of the prime factors for cost consideration. The cost will be ranging from one area to another area. For Example, the cost of PRP hair treatment in Delhi is greater than the cost of PRP treatment in Bangalore. Delhi is the capital and important city of India, hence the price charged in Delhi is more than Banglore. In this way, the geographical location of your clinic will play an essential role in deciding the value of your PRP treatment.

Experience of the dermatologist:

Experience of the specialist doctor who is performing the treatment is also essential, this treatment deals with the scalp, so deep care and hassle-free treatment experience are necessary. The user feedback also plays a vital role in deciding the cost as they are the real critics. If the treatment is satisfied, they will spread a positive message, which will indeed bring more value to the clinic.

Why choose us?

Professional Surgeons

Artius clinic in Mumbai is the most dependable PRP centre, as it has a group of experienced restorative and Hair Transplant specialists. Dr Sagar Gundewar heads the Artius Hair Transplant Centre. The team under him are prepared professionals that help him with the treatment process. He is a well known proficient in the hair transplant process. His abilities and knowledge is the result of his dedication and profound work in his field of expertise.

As the founder of Artius Hair treatment centre, Dr Sagar Gundewar has been practising from 10+ years. His skilful hands have changed the lives of a massive number of people in minimal time. He puts his all efforts in the providing best hair transplant experience, and that is what makes Artius Hair transplant clinic a cut above the rest.

Best Facilities

Artius utilizes the most inventive and innovative strategies to develop the grafts and climbs up the survival rate and eliminates the harm speed. 

At ALCS, recovery rooms are very much manged and are pretty clean. The grafts are fixed with the latest technological system. ALCS carefully holds fast to cleanliness, and for that sterilization and Sanitizationare cautiously embraced at all the centres.

The real focus and care of most hair transplant centre is its Graft cutting room. It’s where grafts are pulled and washed. In this system of cleaning, units with follicular strands are part. This strategy requires focus and the experience of amplification. This is where Artius has gained its expertise.

Affordable Prices 

At Artius, prices are reasonable. It has confidence in quality outcomes at negligible rates. Hair transplant cost is charged after the number of grafts that were embedded. A wide range of consultation in regards to price is done at the hour of the meeting. We don’t have any hidden charges as everything is spoken frankly about the treatment, from start to end.

The problem of free involvement with Artius Hair Transplant Center is a result of the streamlined procedure which guarantees comfort during the treatment. We’ve built up a unique anaesthesia solution, which makes the procedure simple. The friendly nature of clinic staffs along with the humble behaviour of Dr Sunil Gundewar provides a feeling of a second home for the clients.


A major benefit of PRP is that it uses your own blood. After a centrifuge is used to separate the different components of your blood, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into your scalp. Another major benefit of using PRP for hair regrowth is the success rate, which is very high.
Your doctor uses PRP to stimulate the growth of follicles, thereby reversing the hair miniaturization (thinning hair) seen in androgenic alopecia (common baldness).
Platelet-rich plasma treatment is relatively new, but there is substantial anecdotal evidence that it is useful. We will be monitoring your progress with serial photographs to assess the results.
There is an individualized response to this treatment with a spectrum of effectiveness. It does not work in all cases. Patients are monitored to assess the benefits of therapy.