Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Its Role in Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is not only a treatment related to healing injuries, but also helps in hair restoration. In fact, in the UK this therapy is commonly known as angel PRP hair regrowth or even a Vampire hair regrowth plan. Whether you are a male or a female you can opt for PRP hair treatment in Mumbai and it will help you evade all your hair loss problems. It helps you beat the hair thinning and ensures natural looking results.

The fundamental of PRP therapy in Mumbai lie on the growth factors. Many researches had been done in the past on this and are still going on. The growth factors play a crucial role in wound healing and this is one of the reasons why from 2000 onwards its application was introduced in orthopedics to augment complete healing of bone injuries and fractures. Many famous sports people such as Tiger Woods (the golfer), Roger Federer (Tennis Champion), Takashi Saito (pitcher from L.A. Dodgers), etc. have received this treatment for healing their injuries and benefitted from it. Today, PRP has become quite popular in hair stimulation and many people who have received this treatment have significant hair restoration results.

Tracing Back Its Origin

The studies on platelets for determining “growth factor” started back in 1990’s, but there was no proper exposure. A substantial research was done for the first time in 2005 by Carlos Uebel, who for the first time used platelet concentrate in hair restoration. The result highlighted an increased yield when the platelets were applied as a graft storage medium.

In 2007 a major breakthrough took place when Joseph Greco expanded the use of Platelet Rich Plasma in hair restoration surgery to improve the donor site wound healing. This observation being anecdotal required a proper study to establish that the plasma components which is platelet rich had any effect on non-transplanted hair or not.

Fortunately, in 2009, Greco and Brant received a grant to carry out the study and determined that Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) had “growth factors” and can certainly turn on the dormant follicular stem cells caused by Alopecia Areata (the inflammatory cytokines) around 60%.

What is PRP?

Before understanding PRP, it is important to throw some light on AA (Alopecia Areata), which is the main problem that causes major hair loss and PRP helps in restoring hair in this case. This is a problem where clumps of hair fall out and hair thinning with small patch baldness occur. This is a genetic or hereditary problem and hence hair growth after the loss of hair becomes difficult.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy helps in restoring hair in this AA condition. This treatment is defined as an autologous concentration of plasma where the count of platelets is more than the blood. The released growth factors from platelets ensure the therapy working or ascertaining a positive result. It has been used widely in many fields of orthopedic wound healing to hair restoration.

Here its significance in regrowth of hair after hair loss has been discussed.

Working of PRP

Human blood contains certain things that are growth factors like mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products. This therapy had shown positive results in the last decade establishing its effectiveness in the field of healing of surgery wounds and hair regrowth. It is a non-surgical process with promising results.

Firstly, in this blood is drawn from the patient’s body after having a routine testing. The blood is spun in a centrifuge and the platelets rich plasma is separated from the blood. After this it is spin down the blood cells to a high concentration. All this is done under anesthetic condition and the patient doesn’t feel the pain of needle insertion. The anesthesia block which is given to nerves of the scalp to the patient is not unhealthy and helps in carrying out the process without incurring pain to the patient. No sedation is given to the patient during this process. It is performed at an interval of three to four months for better result of hair growth.

Reasons Behind PRP Success

In the microenvironment of the hair follicle, when the concentration of platelets is more than theoretically the growth of the hair follicle increases by stimulating stem cells. The main purpose of these platelet cells is of tissue healing and regeneration of cellular growth. The inactive hair follicles enter into the active phase, thereby determining a positive hair regrowth. Glycogen, Lysosomes and alpha granules present in the platelets contain clotting and growth factors thereby enhancing restoration process.

Future of PRP

Presently PRP treatment Mumbai is appearing to be an eye catchy process in the field of hair restoration standing as a potential option of nonsurgical therapy for natural hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle. The future seems to be quite bright as many new researches are going on this field as its application is not restricted to one field of medical science but in many. The best part of this PRP treatment is that there is no scarring involved in this process. Many patients are afraid of undergoing surgeries and this provides them a good option.

PRP Limitations

This Platelet Rich Plasma therapy cannot be applied to individuals with heavy smoking, drug intake and alcohol using history. In cases of medical issues such as skin cancer, systemic disorder, sepsis, platelet dysfunction syndromes and some other types of disease which your doctor will check before you undergo this treatment.

Apprehensions Related to PRP

Many people are anxious to know that whether PRP is meant for them or not and does it have any real healing effect or not. Well, for your information, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has positive outcomes and is safe in all respects. It is a natural process as the basis of hair restoration depends on the attributes of platelets, which is a scientifically proven fact that platelets have the growth factors. The chances of getting blood infection are absolutely a myth as in this case the blood is directly injected into your scalp where the treatment needs to be done. This injection is done immediately, hence there is no possibility of any type of infection. The cells are used are not of others, these cells are your own. Therefore, it will not be rejected by your immune system and will not consider as an outsider by your body.


In a nutshell, one can say that PRP is a method of hair restoration that is safe and can be carried out easily. The chances of any type of problem to crop up during the process are quite less especially the blood infection. Many patients have experienced positive outcome and are the best option for those individuals who are not ready for therapy. The treatment is done at a stretch and leaves no scarring as in the case of FUT. But then PRP hair treatment in Mumbai happens to be the best that you can find out there.

Why Choose Us?

At Artius, we have doctors who have expertise in carrying out this Platelet Rich Plasma therapy effortlessly and impeccably. You can get this treatment done from here and we ensure that we do not apply this treatment for people who have some types of risk like the ones who are having any blood or skin related disease or the ones who are alcoholic or chain smoker. Moreover, we make sure that the patient undergoing this treatment suffers less pain by applying proper anesthesia. Results, do vary from person to person, but this is a good method in case of Alopecia Areata (AA). The result will be positive and the hair growth will be natural. Also, the overall PRP hair treatment cost in Mumbai remains low and affordable making it comfortably relaxing for all to get the treatment done.  

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