Remedies to stimulate natural hair growth.

In today’s modern society, everyone desires to be the best and look and feel the best. Well, the most abundant part of you that the entire world might notice if your hair. Well, the human hair happens to be delicate but yet strong enough to withstand a whole lot more than imaginable. But despite all of this, the hard part is when it comes down to maintain it and keep it in proper shape. Many factors revolve in to maintain it in top notch condition. Several of the best hair doctor in Mumbai might have their ways of suggesting what they might think is the best way that anyone can stimulate natural hair growth. Therefore, in this very article, we have rounded up a few of the best ways through which you can encourage hair growth and have that thick natural hair that you once sorted. Let’s get started.

Natural remedies for hair growth.

Therefore, millions of different ways that anyone can have naturally growing hair and can maintain it that very same way. But then out of those several options, we have provided few of the best ways through which you can stimulate hair growth all over again.

  •    Massage – massaging your hair scalp and proving it with the right kind of nutrients and masks can give you the essential nutrients that you head might need to grow new strands of hair. Not only this but then stimulation of blood flow all across your hairline can elevate the overall growth nature of hair and can give you some fantastic looking hairlines. Also massaging can reduce the total stress levels in your body and also can provide some thicker looking hair as well.


  •    Aloe Vera – it is known to be the best remedy in increasing the overall growth ratio on your head. Mainly because Aloe Vera happens to soothe out all the rough spots on the surface of your head and then cleans out the dandruff levels in your head. Not only this but then unblocks all the pores on the head which might have hair growing follicles as well. Excess oils and other unwanted things are removed and acts like a naturally occurring shampoo that can give you long-term benefits on a weekly basis application.


  •    Coconut oil – well coconut oil, on the other hand, plays a vital role in helping the hair retain the overall protein factor in every strand of hair. Well if your hair happens to be rough then you can apply it overnight or throughout the day that can retain the overall rigidity and also the shape of your hair. Or if your hair happens to be dry, an overnight application of coconut oil or a few hours before you take a bath is more than sufficient to give you back the original shone that you once sported. Also, other than this, coconut oil promotes hair growth and gives you the fighting chance of having lush thick hair all over again.


  •    Fish oil – well fish oils, in particular, have several benefits to the hum body and can reduce many diseases that might affect your body. Not only this but then fish oils have proven to promote hair growth and also provide a fuller surface area for more hair follicles to grow and also eliminate any other condition that might affect your hair.


  •    Onion juice – well onion juice might not be the favorite for all the people out there, but then if you can tolerate the overall smell and fragrance factor of onion factor later its proven to be a high supplement which you can apply on your head that happens to promote keratin and blood flow on your head that gives your head a considerable chance of having that lush think hair. Also, you can apply onion juice for 15 minutes before you happen to take a bath and you will see the results immediately for sure.

Hence if nothing helps, then you can always check out several hair transplant clinics in Mumbai where they can assist you in various ways to get hair growth kick-started in the right way.