Revision Hair Transplant

As we know, the advancement of science and lots of hair transplantation techniques were invented. There is always people demand Revision Hair Transplant and it increases at a fast pace. The mechanism of hair transplant has established itself for a long time in the stream of Hair Restoration. Nowadays, plenty number of individuals are undergoing this hair grafting techniques via stripe or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Lots are also taking the assistance of a Revision Hair Transplant.

Let’s move on towards the requirement of taking help from Revision Hair Transplant. The individuals have to experience few conditions-

  • Patients feel happy to get lots of implants.
  • Sometimes, earlier implants are not able to give satisfactory outcomes.

Most of the required individuals search on the web and write several questions to clear their confusions. For instance, is a revision hair transplant provide 100% optimum results? The best answer of various experts – “No”. We can say that; Hair transplantation is similar to other surgical techniques where results and success vary from patient to patient.

There are few professionals/ surgeons’ claims that they are capable to offer 100% results. Then, please make an inquiry about them and after that select for such kind of delicate surgeries. Even, the Medical Council of India (MDI) also prohibits the doctors that they have no right to claim such sort of things.

We have already seen various types of cases and patients where they got fewer results. Then, experts improve their methodologies and reduce the failure rate. The accurate results will be evaluated after a year, hence it is quite difficult to give optimum answers. Usually, experts recommend their patients that, if they get grafted growth of hair 70% less than they can do the revision hair transplant. Just charge the price of consumables without any extra or hidden charges. Yet again, they promised to use 100% ethical and accurate technique in spite of results.

If someone doesn’t want to face the failures of such surgeries, they can take help of non-surgical techniques. Like – Wigs, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, patches, fibers and much more. The procedure of this revised grafted hair technique is done similarly in an under-mentioned manner-

The Revision Hair Transplantation’s Process Consists Two Major Steps

Implant Elimination

This procedure starts eliminating such kind of grafted hairs that were implanted in an incorrect way. The hairs were wrongly grafted so it looks weird and unusual. After removal of such hairs, they initiated again implanting process with the new grafts that has a natural texture and pattern. They know how to close the sites and its actual way. Hence, after implantation of new hair, they close the slits smartly.
The eliminated implants are fixed in a slit which is just created by experts. Similarly, each and every unit of follicular is beautifully fixed in the hairless or no hair area of the scalp without wasting a single one. Most of the cases in revision technique, the mechanism is repeated again and again until all the incorrect implants are improved and cover the area of required grafts. They implant the grafts in a natural way and texture that provides appealing results of the process.


It is not easy to remove all the wrong transplanted hairs and then new grafts are extracted to implant into the scalp. But, this is a technical and right procedure to eliminate those ones. Every procedure’s result depends on the person’s body type. Likewise, this is proven customized technique but differs as per an individual. The hair transplantation restoring process is accomplished by camouflaging when the area of the donor is not exhausted. In a few cases, the second session of transplantation is needed. It will be performed after a year when the growth of hair from the first session has been done without a single doubt.

The estimated price of this revised implantation is depending on the number of implants that are utilized in the surgery. As well as, to meet the main aim of hair growth, a density which is a basic need of various patients. When we talk about hair restoration procedure in India, so it is an affordable option along with the finest amenities and benefits of American Standard. Few popular places are well-known for these surgeries – Kota (Rajasthan), Delhi and Jaipur. These places are providing reasonable and cost-effective surgeries for hair restoration conscious patients.

What are the Main Reasons for Bad Results in the Procedure of Hair Transplants?


Experts said this is very common in hair transplant technique which is used that visible and large scars. When they used FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE technique, this issue may occur sometimes. If the fixed punches are very close to each other, poor punching, different shape of the incisions (oval shaped), acute hair angles are the frequent causes. FUE is known to create scars of dot-shaped, but the surgeons are not experienced can increase the mistakes quantity. As a result, the large scars may occur which is visible clearly.

More extraction of Hair follicles

An experienced and well-known surgeon tells how many hair follicles needed during the transplant procedure. The capacity of required follicles is also altering from person to person. The most significant fact is to fill the large area which is affected by the hairless issue. As well as, no need to consider for over-harvesting process. A normal/ regular harvesting mechanism must be completed to ignore the faults.

Consider a few points before undergoing the Revision Hair Transplant Procedure

The revision process is defined to make the scalp perfect and appealing. Hence, an experienced professional is necessary to be consulted. Initially, starts with the first step which is analyzing the wrong things and the ways to prevent such mistakes.

Experts do the entire inspection of the scalp and then follow a specified process.

At what stage, Revision technique is needed and essential?

  • The results are not appearing natural, especially in the temple zone.
  • The growth of grafted hair follicles is extremely poor.
  • The Frontline is overloaded.
  • After surgery scars is visibly large in FUE method.
  • Few individuals grafted hair is growing in a wrong direction
  • The appearance of the head is not looking good due to punch size which is large.

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