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Skin Treatment

Skin is a reflection of how we feel inside. In case we’re worn out, pushed, inadequately supported or essentially capitulating to the maturing procedure, our skin demonstrates it.

At Artius Clinic, our prepared skin experts will evaluate your skin necessities, helping you pick the treatments that have greatest advantages for your specific concerns.  We have a table of few of the best skin specialists in Mumbai.

We utilize restorative review hardware for clinically demonstrated strategies. We stock just best quality healthy skin items with the best of fixings and are focused on helping you look and feel your absolute best.

We can enable you to treat an assortment of skin concerns, for example, scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles, skin break out, pigmentation marks, string veins, scarring, collagen exhaustion and that’s just the beginning.

Find underneath our rundown of skin treatments:

Laser Treatment

The laser systems incorporate a great laser beam to vaporize delicate tissues in our body. While the customary medical procedure forms incorporate a surgical tool to cut tissues, the laser treatments provided by our best skin specialists in Mumbai will give you the benefit of laser for vaporizing or expelling the tissues which mean minimum or no pain!

Various substantial issues discover an answer with laser treatments. Laser medical procedure encourages you with skin revival, skin break out scar treatment, undesirable hair evacuation, undesirable mole expulsion, extend marks expulsion and hostile to maturing treatment.

Laser treatment for stretch marks:

For such a large number of ladies, stretch marks are an unavoidable and disagreeable reaction of pregnancy. They can likewise influence muscle heads and in addition, any other individual who has picked up or lost a lot of weight in a brief timeframe. A few people are even sufficiently unfortunate to secure them amid the development spurts of adolescence. They posture definitely no wellbeing hazard and don’t trade off your body’s capacity to work soundly; they are absolutely a restorative issue and should be dealt with in like manner.

Stretch marks speak to a lasting change in the dermis (the more profound layer of skin underneath the surface layer known as the epidermis), there is no measure of restoring that can eradicate them. Corrective lasers are another strategy for evacuation of stretch marks. Lasers are utilized to invigorate new collagen development.

Stretch marks shape when the skin is stretched too firmly. The skin comprises of layers and if the best layer loses its versatility or is quickly stretched, it can break and the under layers show up through the skin.

Laser Stretch Mark expulsion can decrease the presence of the stretch marks with the goal that they are not as discernible on the skin. It works by disregarding beat light the territory, which will make little openings in the skin. This will empower the skin to deliver collagen and henceforth new skin with the goal that the stretch marks decrease after some time. The laser can likewise expel the redness of the stretch marks, which is caused by broken veins on the surface of the skin. The laser follows up on these and shuts them down with the goal that the redness will vanish.

It is an exceptionally compelling technique for stretch check evacuation and there is little torment related with the methodology. More than seventy five percent of patients are happy with the outcomes and there are little hazard factors included. You will require between 4-6 medicines yet the outcomes are conspicuous after the primary couple of rounds.

Acne scar treatment

A typical reason for facial scarring is serious juvenile or grown-up acne. In spite of the fact that these scars continue long after the acne has died down, they can frequently be limited by utilizing laser reemerging.

Laser Acne scars treatment alternative enhances general skin tone and radiance. For profound set scars boring is finished with our high tech laser on limited regions and secluded scars to level skin from top. Promptly full face treatment is finished with the laser, which initiates a procedure of collagen recovery.

This brings about filling of discouraged scars and skin fixing. Treatment with the laser additionally lessens pigmentation and enhances surface of the skin. In this way bringing about the more attractive shining more youthful look. Where the scars are profound prompting skin laxity, which thusly brings about more seasoned look notwithstanding the laser couple of sittings with AFT-ST are required.

Laser Acne scars treatment is additionally prescribed other than Acne scar for Sun harmed skin, Irregular pigmentation including sun spots and melasma, Irregular and unpleasant appearance and Stretch marks and gentle wrinkles.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the second commonest corrective system performed over the world and has likewise ended up being the most secure and best methods for disposing of undesirable hair. Once viewed as extraordinary and open to a special few, it is currently at the highest priority on the rundown of each specialist rehearsing corrective dermatology or even clinical dermatology. Laser hair removal process is extraordinarily reliant on the ability and experience of the laser administrator, the decision of the gadget and additionally the choice of the gadget parameters and the correct applicant. We at Artius utilize the best hair lessening frameworks accessible. The lasers are appropriate for all skin composes and convey exceptional outcomes.

Anti aging treatment

Anti-aging is the new trendy expression and the reason it is ending up greatly prominent is that new restorative advancements demonstrate genuine outcomes. Likewise ageing children of India, who make up an expansive percent of the populace need to look more youthful however are bypassing the more established innovations of plastic medical procedure for more up to date, non-intrusive systems that give more common outcomes.

As we age, it is our skin that mirrors the most noticeable changes. These progressions are realized by inner and additionally outside causes.

TEXTURAL CHANGES Ageing makes us lose collagen which prompts the loss of flexibility of the skin influencing it to thin. It likewise turns out to be less equipped for holding dampness there by getting to be dry. Both these progressions prompts the presence of conspicuous facial wrinkles and vast pores.

CHANGES DUE TO LOSS OF FAT OR VOLUME LOSS The subcutaneous fat or the fat layer quickly beneath the skin is essentially decreased prompting the skin drooping or hanging down in folds. There is emptying around the eyes and the cheeks look compliment. Neck folds wind up serious and hands go up against a hard look.

PIGMENTARY CHANGES The extent of a portion of the melanocytes increments and this expanded measure of color turns out to be more unmistakable from underneath the diminishing skin and appear as age spots and sun spots.


  • What is the cost of laser treatment?

    On a normal, per session cost can run between Rs.5,000 to Rs.30,000. The cost of laser reemerging in India shifts radically relying upon the power of the scars, the influenced territory, and the thickness of the skin, and furthermore the sort of laser treatment the customer is choosing.

  • Are there any side effects of laser treatment?

    Regular side effects incorporate redness of the skin, swelling of the treated zone, and direct bothering like the inclination delivered by a gentle sunburn. In uncommon cases including laser skin resurfacing, reactions, for example, burning, scarring, or an adjustment in the pigmentation of the skin have happened.

  • Do I feel any pain during the process?

    The pain is relatively negligible almost. Be that as it may, when exceptionally delicate patients feel more torment, it is subsided down effortlessly with pain drug as endorsed by the cosmetologist/dermatologist

  • Who is qualified for the treatment? (At the point when is the treatment done?)

    The qualification for a specific kind of laser medical procedure relies upon different elements like age, sex, wellbeing and way of life and in addition the cost of treatment.

  • How is the treatment done?

    Before experiencing Laser Treatment one needs to guarantee that they comprehend the ramifications of the treatment. Questions and inquiries ought to be cleared with the specialist before experiencing the treatment. Pre-treatment arranging ought to be done to guarantee that somebody is accessible to drive you home and you have enough time to recuperate from that point. In this regard the well known services of our clinic Artius is worth mentioning for the best specialists in Mumbai in our clinic will assure your safety and well being.

    Certain pharmaceuticals might be stopped a couple of days preceding the beginning of the treatment procedure. This is done to keep the impact of blood thinners.

    The system of laser treatment that is utilized for treatment for the most part relies upon the issue that is being dealt with. For example, on account of laser treatment to treat a tumor, an endoscope is first embedded into the body to see the tumor. The laser is then gone for the tumor and focused light shafts are utilized to devastate or shrivel the tumor.

  • Who isn’t qualified for the treatment?

    Laser treatment ought to be picked after nitty gritty discussion with the specialist. Contingent upon your age and wellbeing, he might possibly suggest the treatment. For instance, youthful grown-ups underneath the age of 18 years are for the most part not qualified for a laser eye medical procedure.

  • What are the post-treatment rules?

    Post laser treatment, the rules for recovery are very like other conventional types of medical procedures. Rest ought to be taken for the initial couple of days after the treatment. Pain and swelling are normal. Painkillers are by and large recommended to assist manage the uneasiness.

    Recovery time, by and large, fluctuates as per the system. Specialists’ recommendation ought to be entirely taken after. On account of skin laser treatment, the treated region ought to be cleaned with water. The balm ought to be connected appropriately. Ice packs can be utilized for help from distress and swelling.

  • What is the treatment?

    A moderately new type of medicinal treatment, laser treatment makes utilization of concentrated light. The full type of LASER is light intensification by animated outflow of radiation. In this sort of treatment, the light is adequately tuned, utilizing particular wavelengths to make controlling beams.

    As a type of restorative treatment, the laser is utilized for exactness, wherein particular zones of the body are subjected to the shaft keeping in mind the end goal to keep the encompassing region from harm. When contrasted with customary types of medical procedure, laser treatment brings about less pain and speedier recovery. Yet, it can be costly and various sessions might be essential.

    Laser treatment is likewise a prominent corrective technique, used to evacuate warts and skin pigmentations and additionally sun spots. Laser treatment for hair expulsion is likewise exceptionally famous. Numerous people additionally choose laser treatment to dispose of tattoos and wrinkles on the face.

  • What number of laser treatments will I require?

    The quantity of required treatments differs from individual to individual, contingent upon a few variables. These variables incorporate a man’s skin compose, skin shading, the region being dealt with, and additionally the coveted outcomes. While a distinction in the skin’s appearance will be perceptible after only one treatment, it might take more time to evacuate profound tissue staining or potentially pigmentations.

    Body Details is the main laser skin restoration focus utilizing our laser method, which is the blend of a few key variables expected to give clients the most secure and best outcomes in the briefest measure of time. Since the quantity of treatments can shift from individual to individual, Artius offers both per session and bundle valuing and has numerous financing alternatives to meet your budgetary needs.

  • To what extent does it take to recover?

    Laser treatment by and large includes numerous sessions; in this manner it requires a significant lot of investment for recovery.

  • Are the consequences of the treatment lasting?

    The consequences of the treatment are not exactly lasting and various sessions might be required.

  • Do I have to stay at the hospital for a few days?

    Laser treatments enable you to restore your skin in a delicate and effortless way. Besides, the Artius Clinic specialists of Mumbai are dependably there to examine your case with them

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