Getting a hair transplant is a tough decision to make. There are many things which comes in mind while choosing the surgery. People often think about the cost and outcomes of the process. However, it is quite obvious to have such a dilemma before going ahead for hair transplant. If the process doesn’t go well then it can have long- term detrimental effects on the patient. So, let’s check out the things to consider before hair transplant:


Do you need a hair transplant?

Again it’s your choice. If you are continuously losing your hair and it has become a matter of concern then you can talk to an expert. They will guide you about the treatment options and transplant process too.

Cause of your hair loss
There are many causes of hair loss but in a majority of men experience hair loss due to hereditary or male pattern baldness. Hair transplant surgery is a permanent treatment for it.

Your age
Your hair transplant is influenced by your age. Those suffering from pattern hair loss will continue to lose their non-transplanted hair throughout their life. So, it is an important factor to consider before hair transplant.

Alternatives to hair transplant surgery
There are medications available that provide effective results for hair loss treatment. But once you stop taking medication, your hair loss will resume.


Things to Know About Hair Transplant


Cost of a hair transplant

The cost of quality hair transplant is bit high as the process is done by a team highly skilled medical staff and technicians. If you are deciding on the basis of cost then you can choose the medical treatment instead opting for surgery. The reason is that a good surgery done by a qualified and experienced surgeon is always costly but it can be
affordable. So, if you are prepared to spend some money then you can go ahead for hair transplant with good results. Remember bad quality hair transplant can have serious, negative and long-term consequences.


Skills and experience of your hair transplant surgeon

Hair transplant is a complex process. Skills and experience of your surgeon is vital for a successful outcome. Make sure you choose qualified experienced medical professional for hair restoration as they are well-versed with every nit and grits associated with the surgery. Always do proper research to choose the best surgeon before hair transplant.


Type of surgery – FUT or FUE

FUT and FUE differ in the way the donor hair which is transplanted is removed from the patient’s scalp. However, for some, the optimal treatment plan involves both the techniques. So, before making a decision about which technique to choose, try to consult a qualified surgeon.


What are the complications or risks of the surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is extremely safe with minimal or no side effects. But make sure to choose a qualified surgeon to carry out the process for successful results.


How soon after surgery can I return to work?

It depends on the type of procedure you opted and what type of work you want to do though you can go back to work within a few days but make sure to consult your surgeon.


What is the success rate of hair transplant surgery?

The success rate of the surgery depends on the transplant surgeon expertise. Also, if you are a non-smoker then 95-98% of the grafts will grow successfully. Always consult a qualified surgeon who has adequate knowledge and skills to check for all the issues prior to surgery.


Why choose us for Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant procedure is best when performed by a proficient expert surgeon. At Artius, the team of qualified doctors is well-versed with the technique to provide you the excellent results. The surgeons are specialized in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss including many other aesthetic procedures such as eyebrow
correction, eyelash, beard and mustache implant at affordable cost.

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