Treatment Options for Hair Loss Other Than Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem and can happen for both men and women. Several research claims that maximum people suffer from alopecia or baldness while the remaining population encounter several other hair loss issues caused due to diet, stress, illness, and medication. There are certain medicines and drugs like the one to treat high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, birth control pills may also be the prime reason for hair loss.

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Alternative Treatment Options

So it becomes vital to control the hair loss issues as soon as possible. Hair transplant is one of the biggest key solutions to such problems related to hair loss. Hair transplant is a surgery that involves moving of hair follicles from the back of the head to area with thinning hair or baldness. Ultimately this technique can effectively be the most natural appearing results. However, the success rate and amount of hair coverage will totally depend on the treated area and the survival of the hair follicles.

But some prefer not undergoing a Hair transplant procedure and prefers opting for an alternative procedure that can be considered as the best alternative way:

  • Medications- Rogaine and Propecia are the only medications that can effectively treat male pattern baldness. These are FDA approved medications that can also reduce hair loss that has caused due to heredity. Rogaine is a topical solution and is used as a lotion and is directly rubbed into the scalp where the desired hair growth is needed. Whereas Propecia is used as a pill to treat male pattern baldness that may help to combat several other hair loss issues. However, permanent hair loss can be essentially treated by either transplantation or by other methods such as micro-grafting, slit grafting, punch grafting and by scalp reduction.
  • Har Vokse (Natural Hair Growth) – This is an alternative to hair transplant which has been developed to minimize hair loss both in males and females. The procedure is most common in countries like UK, Germany, Finland, Swede, Poland, Norway, North America, etc. This is used an anti-hair loss spray that must be sprayed twice a day to get the good results. To achieve the best results candidates are also suggested to use 2 pills per day as a hair growth supplement. The best part of such treatment procedure is that it does not involve any serious side effect.
  • Spironolactone- This treatment is particularly for those non-child bearing women because it consists of taking pills whose doses vary from 50-100 mg twice a day. The medicines contain potassium-sparing diuretic which acts as anti-androgen. Spironolactone is also used as a popular alternative to hair replacement for women.
  • PRP Therapy- PRP is a revolutionary hair treatment that utilizes using own blood and then centrifuging the plasma content in it. These concentrated plasma content then stimulates the growth factor that can promote the growth of hair when injected in the scalp. In recent time PRP therapy is gaining its popularity since it carries the least
  • Low-level Laser Hair Therapy- The low-level laser treatment is another best approach for male and female pattern baldness. It utilizes a low-grade laser for the treatment to the scalp which in turn revitalizes and boosts up the health of the hair. However, the procedure must be used for a minimum of 30 minutes for thrice a week. But this procedure is pretty much expensive and some people prefer to ignore it due to the potential laser side effects.
  • Laser Light Comb- The laser light comb is a brand new innovation which must be used thrice a week for 8 to 15 minutes. This is also a low-grade laser therapy might help in the regrowth of the hairs. This procedure is also one of the most expensive procedure.
  • Scalp reduction- A scalp reduction is a procedure that involves the removal of the on-hair bearing skin from the scalp so that the remaining hair-bearing skin is stretched to fill the bald area of the head. However, the procedure can reduce half of the bald area of the scalp. But this procedure is not really beneficial for people with frontal hairline baldness.
  • Miscellaneous options- Other options include wearing a wig, applying hair loss concealer powder to cover up the bald area. They can be applied very comfortably at home and both are available in a variety of colors that will match the natural hair color. People must also maintain a healthy diet and a lifestyle that may help to improve the condition.